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Let Us Show We Have the Will

Wednesday, 19 September 2001 12:00 AM

Part II of his interview follows.


Mr. Netanyahu, in the Jerusalem Post you wrote about a comparison with Nazism. As we all know, that phrase is thrown around, but you wrote an interesting paragraph: "the only way to fully understand," you write, "is to recall the effects of another hateful ideology, Nazism, which also started as a local movement and which in just a few years became a world force." But there is a difference. The Germans were not willing to blow themselves up with munitions, were they?


Well, that's correct, and this is what makes this even more frightening. The fact is that there is a particular pathology, a pathological string here, that these people foster suicide bombings. By the way, a lot of credit should go to Yasser Arafat for that, because his PLO-controlled areas, the areas under his control, foster this. They actually have summer camps, believe it or not, Michael, summer camps for Palestinian children to teach them to become suicide bombers.




They even have films to show them this technique, and it is obviously infectious and Osama bin Laden has borrowed from this very liberally. Just as Arafat pioneered the art of bombing aircraft and kidnappings and hijacking. He bombed the first aircraft in the Jordanian desert in 1970. He's gone to Americans, including two weeks ago in Jerusalem, he bombed Americans and killed them. All of this doesn't stop him, and you see him donating blood for America. It's extraordinary.


OK, the last question for you is this: We knew that in World War II the kamikazes were also willing to die for their cause, the Japanese kamikazes, and they did not stop until two atomic bombs were dropped on their homeland. And those who supplied them, who trained them, who gave them the weaponry stopped supplying the weapons and the plans. That's when the kamikazes stopped. Is that a similar analogy to today?


Well, I think that the kamikazes were defeated when you sent the aircraft carriers in to the Battle of the Coral Sea. It turns out the problem was of the home states fighting it out, you're right. I think your question about the suicide bombings is important, because whatever you say about the Communists, they didn't have Communist suicide bombers. You never had that. The question is, will deterrence work here? Will deterrence work to dismantle the home states that make the aircraft carrier, that make the launching of these attacks possible? I believe that in the final calculation we cannot rely on deterrence alone. You could with the Soviets, you couldn't with the Nazis. Even though they didn't have suicide bombers, as long as the Hitlerian doctrine lived, and Hitler lived, nothing would have stopped them. Nothing until he was crushed, which was in fact what finally happened.

I think the same thing is true of this militant branch of Islamic terrorism. Unless its forces are crushed, its weapons of death, especially its weapons of mass destruction, are dismantled, we cannot, and this is the great challenge that lies today.

The enemies of freedom, the supporters of dictators and tyrants and terrorists are celebrating. They're dancing in the Palestinian areas, in Gaza and Ramallah, they're dancing on the roof tops in Beirut and Baghdad. And the champions of democracy are grieving, they are grieving in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, they're grieving in Washington and New York, and in Rome and in London and Madrid. So now what we have to do is have all the citizens of democratic countries rally behind a global effort by the United States to lead the free world in defending its lives and protecting our future against this terror network. It must be taken apart. If we don't take them apart, they will destroy us. We have the time. Now we must show we have the will.


So unity is the ultimate message. Unity, and we must stand behind President Bush – ultimately, that's the best thing we can do.


Unity of purpose and determination not to allow terrorism to exist in the world. We have to eradicate terrorism the way that the great civilized powers eradicated piracy in the 19th century and Nazism in the 20th century. We have to say terrorism is out. Anyone who practices terrorism or supports terrorism or who gives them a safe haven, we are going to take them out. And unless we do so, given the advancing development of nuclear weapons, we will not be able to do so tomorrow and our civilization is in peril.

I have no doubt that this is understood in Washington by President Bush. I have no doubt that given the backing of the American people and the free people around the world, that the United States will achieve the dismantling of terrorism.

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Part II of his interview follows. SAVAGE: Mr. Netanyahu, in the Jerusalem Post you wrote about a comparison with Nazism. As we all know, that phrase is thrown around, but you wrote an interesting paragraph: the only way to fully understand, you write, is to...
Wednesday, 19 September 2001 12:00 AM
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