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Lamentations of the Left

Sunday, 25 September 2005 12:00 AM

It must be unadulterated hell being a Democrat anymore. And to think: Just a few decades ago it was loads of fun, an exhilarating experience.

Back in the New Deal days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrats were easy to spot in a crowd. They might be in tacky togs, but they always seemed to have an optimistic smile on their faces. FDR, himself, was their living icon – hat brim turned up, moose jaw jutted forward, and protruding jauntily from that irrepressible smile was his trademark cigarette holder.

All right, so he couldn't stand without iron braces clamping his polio-shriveled legs. So infectious was his cheer that no one seemed to notice or mind.

What a mournful contrast are Democrats of today, a whining, bitter, carping lot.

No mistaking them in a crowd, either. They're the ones with jaws sagging to their ankles (John Kerry), Halloween scowls mendacious enough to scare little children (Maxine Waters), brows furrowed like basset hounds' (Harry Reid), lips curled in a sneering snarl (Chuckie Schumer), Barney Google eyes bugged out in resentful disbelief (Hillary Clinton), jowls puffed in perpetual disapproval (Teddy Kennedy), mouths convoluted to accommodate a scream of rage befitting a denizen of Dante's

And today's Republicans? To look at them, one would think they, too, had nothing to feel good about. Not as Gloomy Gus as their Democratic counterparts, but close – and drifting closer.

How utterly stupid! Republicans are the ones today who should be turning cartwheels and buying drinks for everyone at the bar. Instead, they're shuffling through the peanut hulls, crying – well, at least muttering – in their beer.

Republicans are the ones with everything to be exuberant about. All they have to do is take one look at the left generally and the Democratic Party in particular – the worst disarray any political movement's been in since FDR had New Deal-era Republicans on the ropes.

Somebody ought to buy today's Republicans

The temptation is to make a list of little black bullets points and tick off all that Republicans have to be filled with optimism about. But if that has to be done for you, then you're close to being sunk too far into the Dismal Swamp for rescuing.

So, before it's too late, go ahead and jot down your own list of reasons you have to be grateful, to be forward-looking, to be optimistic. You might well begin with mentioning that you have a president, at long last, who has brains, decency, honesty and courage.

If you can't think of any reasons to be upbeat, then go sit in the seat of the scornful and hold up an airport arrivals-terminal recognition sign that reads "Democrat."

If you can't in good conscience find reasons to be thrilled to be a Republican in 2005, then you have in all likelihood been hornswoggled by that wholly owned subsidiary of the American left known as "th'media."

If you buy the tripe they are peddling, then you will believe that George W. Bush is an idiot, the world's biggest terrorist, the enslaver of the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to benefit the oil industry, a bigot who hates non-whites, the evil Merlin who conjured up the ravages of two super-hurricanes to oppress the poor, the bumbler who lost the support of the American people.

What the leftist "mainstream" media – newspapers, magazines, television and Hollywood – have done is to create a fictional America in the image they would like to have it be.

They spread the illusion that anything that doesn't fit the mold they have created doesn't exist. To try to certify it, they blame on Bush anything that goes even slightly awry for longer than one 24-hour news cycle.

Within the amoeba-shape, ink-blot culture that comprises the West Coast and the Washington, D.C.-New York-Boston axis, that's largely the way America is perceived.

The rest of this country is still here, though, and so are the every-day, decent, bright, patriotic folks who actually make up most of the population.

These people aren't nuts. They haven't gone goofus. They are perfectly capable of making up their own minds. They can see what's going on around them – and around the world, as well.

These are the people who don't "statistically" wind up being polled by social scientists who think they are so smart they can "weight" the answers to come out like the reality the leftist media keep telling them it is.

Remember how Bush was not supposed to be elected or reelected? And how startled, then furious, the journalistic frauds were when the votes didn't add up the way they had convinced themselves they should have added up?

Remember how the Republicans were supposed to lose all those seats in Congress in 2002 because it was a mid-term election? Well, the opposite happened. Now the leftists are blowing that same mid-year smoke in everyone's eyes about the 2006 congressional elections. Don't buy it.

Instead, line the parakeet's cage with the Daily Blat, find some good music on the radio, turn the TV to Brit Hume's newscast on Fox, drop by here on the Web from time to time. Clear your head with some fresh air.

Then stick it out the door and take note of what your own eyes see and your common sense tells you. Ask yourself whether this is the America you know. Or if it is the America that the leftist propagandists are depicting as the real America.

And when someone tries to convince you how hopeless everything is, say you know better. Then turn the brim of your hat up and give a great, big, honest George W. Bush smile.

Leave the grimaces and lamentations to the leftists. They're the ones who've earned the hemorrhoids.


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It must be unadulterated hell being a Democrat anymore. And to think: Just a few decades ago it was loads of fun, an exhilarating experience. Back in the New Deal days of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrats were easy to spot in a crowd. They might be in tacky togs, but...
Sunday, 25 September 2005 12:00 AM
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