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KGB Incorporated, Part 2

Friday, 04 January 2002 12:00 AM

The VChK, a predecessor of the KGB, was founded on Dec. 20, 1917. Until recently, this was a kind of professional holiday, especially during 1991-98. Now, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it a national holiday, equal to the Soviet/Russian "Army Day" on Feb. 23. Does anybody need better proof that that the FSB/KGB is ruling supreme in Russia?

Speaking at the Kremlin's Palace of Congresses on Dec. 20, 2001, during a ceremony commemorating Security Services Day, Putin told a group of Russian intelligence officers and KGB veterans: "Your most crucial task today is to protect the country's economy against foreign industrial espionage. Another vital role of the Russian services is combating terrorism. You must sustain the trust of your compatriots by protecting their civil rights freedoms."

Ridiculous and disgusting!

By the way, in the former Soviet Union (FSU) of 1953-91, the KGB was generally restrained by the Communist Party, the Red Army and the Interior Ministry (police). Soviet leaders could not forget the terrible purges of the 1930s and early 1950s, carried out mainly by the MGB, another KGB predecessor.

Now, however, nobody and nothing limits the FSB/KGB, at least inside Russia and Belarus.

Some uninformed person might ask: "Maybe FSB/KGB rule is necessary in present-day Russia? Maybe the FSB/KGB can clean up crime, end the chaos, and provide an environment for sustainable development?"

Let's look again at the results of the Nezavisimaya gazeta investigation, generally supported by data in other newspapers and magazines, mentioned in

When Boris Gryzlov became interior minister about a year ago, he initiated a campaign of "struggle against corruption inside the police system." During this campaign, the Interior Ministry fired over 20,000 officers, most of whom were engaged in a direct struggle with organized crime. The Russian mafia could not have received a better gift!

The "almighty ghosts" have a lot of compromising material on every Russian businessman of middle rank or higher ("The KGB knows everything," as they used to say in the FSU). Instead of using this information for legal purposes, however, the "ghosts" have transformed it into a huge source of income.

The "ghosts" regularly milk their clients: "These several hundred thousand [or maybe even several million] dollars will be used for the new election campaign of President Putin, who will directly help your business!" Among these clients are the leading Russian organized crime groups – some of them, such as the aforementioned "Solntsevo" group, making fast, big bucks on the international black market for arms.

In modern society, no "supreme rule" is guaranteed without absolute control over the mass media. The Kremlin, i.e. the "ghosts," controls five of the six Russian national TV channels. The sixth one, TV-6, will evidently be silenced before long.

As for newspapers, not more than 10 percent of the people in impoverished Russia read them, and the circulation of the "serious" periodicals mentioned in Part 1 is not greater than 50,000 copies. Also, note that in Nazi Germany some remnants of the free press managed to survive up to 1935-36.

There are many other similarities between Germany after 1933 and Russia after 1999. During the last few weeks alone, several people, including Islamic Committee party head Geidar Dzhemal and media mogul Boris Berezovsky, have once more accused the Kremlin and FSB of blowing up apartment houses in Moscow in September 1999, an act that parallels the deliberate burning of Germany's Reichstag on Feb. 28, 1933, by Adolf Hitler's supporters.

Finally, it would be senseless to make a distinction between the "almighty ghosts" and Putin. The "ghosts" are merely his "fingers."

It is truly ironic that Russia – controlled by the FSB/KGB, a terrorist organization in essence – has become an active participant in the global war on terrorism. Moreover, this KGB-based regime is, by definition, antagonistic toward Western democratic nations, headed by the U.S.

And Moscow understands this perfectly. It should be no surprise that Russia is eager to cooperate with – and profit from the actions of – any rogue regime or terrorist movement fighting with America and the West.

On Dec. 26, Putin proudly announced that in 2001 Russian arms exports increased by 20 percent, to a level of $4.4 billion. The real export value, if nuclear and missile technologies and some other sensitive items are included, is much greater. Most of these exports went to China and Iran.

Now it is clear (as indicated in the author's article

During the past four months, the author has accumulated some documents relating to the Sept. 11 terrorist strikes, and is ready to confirm the above accusations.

What is most essential in this case? Al-Qaeda, Cuba, Iran and Iraq are the open enemies, who have engaged in a struggle against America for many years. But Russia is the only one among the aforementioned "unholy forces" having official relations with the U.S. Some Washington officials are even inclined to consider Moscow a "friend and ally."

How many more harsh lessons and scandalous facts are necessary to see the truth in this matter? Remember, a false friend is more dangerous than a dozen open enemies lumped together.

In any case, the situation remains tense. The latest terrorist attempt shows that the international terrorist community and its nation sponsors are not scared by recent events in Afghanistan; to the contrary, now they want to "get even." New operations by ""sleeper cells" of al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations are probably being planned.

Right now, Russia is "lying low." In the author's opinion, the reasons are as follows:

One of the most sensitive points: Russian secret services – mainly the FSB – have hundreds or even thousands of agents of all kinds in the U.S. and Canada. At some moment – say, just before a U.S. attack on Saddam's regime – these agents could be activated and cause incalculable harm and losses.

As shown above, the "ghosts" and the FSB have enormous assets at their disposal and have no special problems in financing their foreign affiliates and supplying them with dangerous weapons of all kinds.

Swift measures against the "Kremlin-FSB underground" in the U.S. are urgently needed. Nobody knows how many days are left before "Day X."

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The VChK, a predecessor of the KGB, was founded on Dec. 20, 1917. Until recently, this was a kind of professional holiday, especially during 1991-98.Now, however, Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it a national holiday, equal to the Soviet/Russian Army Day on Feb....
Friday, 04 January 2002 12:00 AM
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