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Keep the Hate Mail Coming

Thursday, 02 May 2002 12:00 AM

Once again my e-mail assistants tell me that we have received quite a few "You're a Jew lover" and "You work for Jews and you have to do what your Jew bosses tell you to do" e-mail messages.

Here's my reply: Keep 'em coming. Up until the last six or seven months I wasn't all that interested in the conflict between Israel and the Arab world. Too many other things to think about, I guess.

But the reading I have done lately, including your mindless and hate-filled e-mail messages, has convinced me that morality and my love of freedom and common sense demands my support of Israeli Jews in their fight for their very lives and their nation.

Go ahead and wallow in your ignorant hate. One of my hobbies is observing the antics of pathetic people. You're making it easy for me.

There's been a bit of a firestorm on Capitol Hill over student loans. There's a shortage of money in the pool for Pell Grants.

Pell Grants are not loans … they are outright transfers of wealth from taxpayers to certain undergraduate students. They are only available to students from middle- and lower-income families.

As the tax burden gets shifted more and more to the high-income earners, we approach a point where most of the money will come from families who are ineligible for the grants. If you earn more than the limit, you are only permitted to pay money INTO the Pell Grant system, through your taxes, but you can't take any out. That fits anyone's definition of income confiscation and redistribution.

Now, here comes the Bush administration with a suggestion on how to put more money into the Pell Grant program. It's a simple idea, really. Change the interest rates on student loans to graduate students from fixed interest to variable interest. The money that is saved would be used to boost the Pell Grants.

The Democrats aren't going for it. Here they see an opportunity for some class warfare. It's a chance to exploit class envy. Daschle and Gephardt are bellowing that the money would be there in the budget to fully fund the Pell Grants if it hadn't been for Bush's tax cut.

Predictably, Class Warlord Ted Kennedy starts screaming about middle-class families having to foot the bill through higher interest rates so that rich people could have tax cuts. Same old stuff (so to speak).

You see the pattern here, don't you?

The socialist Democrats scour the budget … page by page, line by line … looking for any program that benefits the Democratic constituency that could use more funding. They then hold a news conference to decry the lack of "adequate" funding for that program.

A Democratic socialist big-government icon like Teddy Kennedy will then get in front of the network news cameras to announce that the people who would benefit from this particular government spending program are hurting because of "tax cuts for the rich."

Now – the fact is that tax cuts for higher achievers have been proven time and time again to actually increase rather than decrease federal tax revenues.

The reason is simple. When tax rates are reduced, the reward for economic activity is increased. When you increase a person's reward for a particular behavior, the tendency is for that behavior to increase.

Tax reductions for high achievers cause these people to increase their economic activities. They then earn more money and pay more taxes – though at a lower effective rate.

Democrats realize this – they understand the true dynamics of a tax decrease – but they also realize that their core constituents, those in the middle- and lower-income groups, aren't really bright enough to grasp the concept. The Democrats know they can sell their constituents a "static" view of the economy, that being when you lower tax rates you get less in tax revenue.

For the economically great unwashed it's easier to understand the simple-minded math of a static view than it is the accurate, though more complex, dynamic view.

For your further edification ... here's an article from Bruce Bartlett about dynamic scoring of our economy. Read, learn and amaze your friends! http://www.townhall.com/columnists/brucebartlett/bb20020502.shtml

Now … a bit more on this Pell Grant and student loan situation.

CNN's Judy Woodruff was on the Emory University campus here in Atlanta yesterday. She was talking to students about rising college tuition and the struggle of getting the student loans they need and the difficulty in paying those student loans back.

It became clear that the purpose of this little segment was to promote the concept that the taxpayers of this country are somehow responsible for the cost of educating these kids at this liberal university.

Woodruff talked to a student named Jeaneen. OK, maybe she spells it a different way ... it's not about her spelling, it's about her attitude. Jeaneen is about to get a degree in political science. Judy asked Jeaneen to what extent the taxpayers should help subsidize her education.

So, there you go. Jeaneen thinks that she has some right to use the police power of government to reach into the pockets of hard-working Americans, grab some of their money, and then use that money to pay for her education because SHE is going to be one of the leaders of the future.

What is she saying? "I'm going to do great things for you someday, so pay me now!" Maybe Jeaneen doesn't even know where the money is really coming from?

OF COURSE it's not an imposition on the federal government to subsidize loans, Jeaneen! It's an imposition on the TAXPAYERS! All the government has to do is take the money from them and give it to you! How hard can that be when you are allowed to use force?

Woodruff then talked to Andrew. Andrew is graduating from Emory Law School. Andrew looked resplendent with his jeans and his shirt hanging out. He was the very picture of a future lawyer. Andrew owes $66,000 in student loans. Woodruff asked him to what extent it is the responsibility of the American taxpayers to subsidize his education.

Ahhh. Another fan of legalized plunder heard from. Andrew wants to be a lawyer and he needs the money for school so it is the "responsibility" of the taxpayers to fork over the money that he needs because, after all, Emory Law School is expensive.

When Andrew leaves school he'll start out earning a minimum of $80,000 a year. If he works at it he'll soon be earning in the hundreds of thousands. Will Andrew then look to reimburse the taxpayers for the money they spent on his legal education? Suuuuuure he will.

Are these two Emory students typical? Probably more than you think. They both think that they have a superior claim to the money earned by other Americans.

Superior to what? Superior to the taxpayer's need to spend that money on their own retirements, health care, vacations, children, food, clothing, shelter, transportation or other needs.

They have not one pang of guilt, not one second of remorse for their use of the government as an instrument of plunder. It just comes naturally.

Much news yesterday that there is no real evidence that Saddam Hussein can be tied to the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. So what? He damned well can be tied to the development of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction. I'm looking forward to seeing his troops run like hell when the first U.S. tank crosses the border.

This one happened in Atlanta. A man took his small daughter to the restroom. When she was in the stall he noticed that a man in the next stall had a video camera ... and was holding that camera under the partition, aimed up at his daughter. This man then took his daughter and left the bathroom and reported the pervert to management. The pervert was apprehended and arrested.

I have a better idea. Leave the stall ... stand in front of the stall where the pervert is hiding. Haul back and kick in the door as hard as you possibly can. The door should crash into the pervert ... momentarily stunning him. That will give you a chance to stick his head in the toilet for a good "swirlee." Then you take his video camera and beat him to within a half-inch of his worthless life. THEN you report him to management.

Just yesterday we were talking about the idiocy of zero-tolerance policies in government schools. A kid spends the night in jail because he leaves the tools from his landscaping business in the back of his pickup. The tools included a machete. One of the callers yesterday correctly pointed out that a simple pencil makes a very effective weapon. Why not ban them?

Well ... now it's happened. In Anthony, Fla., a 7-year-old has been charged with felony aggravated battery after he stabbed four elementary classmates with a pencil. He apparently became upset when he was asked to share his crayons.

I will bet you five bucks to a donut hole that this kid is on Ritalin or some similar drug.

Anyway – clearly it's time to ban pencils in classrooms.

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Once again my e-mail assistants tell me that we have received quite a few You're a Jew lover and You work for Jews and you have to do what your Jew bosses tell you to do e-mail messages. Here's my reply:Keep 'em coming.Up until the last six or seven months I wasn't...
Thursday, 02 May 2002 12:00 AM
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