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Judicial Fiat Legalizes Homosexual Marriage in Canada

Wednesday, 18 June 2003 12:00 AM

A ‘couple’ for 17 years, Minnesotans Clay Schotzko and Ivan Nunez plan to be married in Toronto on Friday, this according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s June 17 edition.

Yes, two homosexual men are to be legally betrothed, due to a Canadian appeals court ruling last week stating that Canada’s ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional.

It will happen in the U.S., and sooner rather than later.

You won’t have asked for it, will not have voted for it, may not have wanted it! It will arrive on the heels of a simple court decision. That which was untenable to the voters will be force-fed to all from the bench.

No wonder the left has fought so fiercely to stop sensible center-right judges from their ascension to the bench! It’s called the ‘Orwellian restructuring of society,’ and it’s based on the very real, very workable principle of judicial fiat, or writing and enforcing of law through judicial decisions.

Here’s the left’s modus operandi.

Let’s say a particular leftist group is so possessed of pure evil that it is plotting a national holocaust a la ‘prenatal infanticide,’ the legal killing of babies right up until birth.

What politician could get that level of barbarity pushed through the body politic? NONE, because no matter how personally debauched, they all unendingly seek re-election.

So they, along with their demonized buddies, go through the only non-democratic avenue available to them in our constitutional republic, the judiciary.

The result? 1973’s Roe v. Wade. ‘Enlightened’ by a prior court decision in Griswold v. Connecticut, Justice Blackmun found protection for all … all but the unborn, that is.

Here we are, 40 million dead babies later, unable to figure out how to maintain our legalized national Ponzi scheme known as Social Security. Not enough people paying in! Imagine that. The great irony here is that the generation that legalized abortion can’t retire in peace due to the negative effects brought about through human extermination.

A second example.

In spite of its best efforts, the left has clearly not been able to kill off all babies. What plans have been in the works for the survivors of our present-day holocaust?

Why not assassinate our children’s moral base of virtue, thereby causing generational self-destruction?

Perhaps, they surmised, we’d gather up our other Luciferian cohorts and hole up with a case of Jack Daniel’s and a box of Churchill’s, and make plans to take prayer out of public schools.

Far-fetched? I give you 1962’s Engle v. Vitale, the lopsided 8-1 decision that took prayer out of public schools.

I still remember Morning Prayer time led by my second-grade teacher. Prayer time inserted a moral code in my age group that America continues to enjoy to this day. In my 1971 high school graduating class of 580 there were no pregnancies that I know of ... no suicides to that point ... you heard about drugs, but rarely saw them ... none of my friends had divorced parents, and I frankly don’t know about STD rates, though I suspect incredibly low numbers.

The last graduating class exposed to any of this earlier state-allowed religious liberty would have been in the middle 1970s.

So, what’s happened since then?

Traditional social stigmas are kaput! Divorce is up from near nonexistent to 1 in every 2 marriages. Teen pregnancy up from zilch to national epidemic. Teen suicide up 258 percent. Sexually transmitted diseases a national epidemic as well. Murder, rape, robbery, all violent crime up since then.

Not able to fully defeat us through mere democracy, the left must work outside the bounds of electoral propriety. Common sense, the least common of all the senses, is still too prevalent in America, at least for the present time. So, to its credit, the left’s radically implemented judicial fiat.

"We’re just looking for our commitment to be recognized," the Star Tribune quoted Minneapolis resident Schotzko as saying.

Yep ... and the check’s in the mail, I’ll still respect you in the morning, I don’t usually do this on first dates either – and trust me, I’m from the government.

Former heavyweight wrestler & corporate CEO, Minneapolis radio talk show host Tom Marsland is the U.S. correspondent on New Zealand's Radio Rhema. Tom writes cultural, political and religious commentary for the Assist News Service, NewsMax.com, Minnesota Christian Chronicle and others.

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A 'couple' for 17 years, Minnesotans Clay Schotzko and Ivan Nunez plan to be married in Toronto on Friday, this according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune's June 17 edition. Yes, two homosexual men are to be legally betrothed, due to a Canadian appeals court ruling last...
Wednesday, 18 June 2003 12:00 AM
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