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Johnny Taliban Will Be Charged as Terrorist

Wednesday, 16 January 2002 12:00 AM

Easily the big news this morning is Attorney General John Ashcroft's announcement that Johnny "Taliban" Walker will be turned over to the Justice Department for disposal.

Immediately we learn that a federal grand jury has indicted the Mullah of Marin of conspiring to kill U.S. citizens, providing material support to terrorists and engaging in prohibited transactions with the Taliban. No death penalty, but the possibility of life in jail.

I particularly like the conspiracy to commit murder charge. I'm ready to vote guilty right now. He was an eager and committed member of a gang of thugs that attacked Americans and managed to kill one. That's about all you need … off to jail.

If, by chance, Johnny Taliban doesn't get life prison ... or in the event he is paroled ... I would like to see one more thing attached to his sentence. He should be stripped of his American citizenship.

As soon as he walks out of prison, he should be picked up by the INS and removed from this country, never to be allowed to return again. If we could find a way to do it legally, we should send his parents with him.

Now – for those of you who think he should be charged with treason. Sorry, I just don't think the evidence is there to make that stick. Where are you going to get two independent witnesses to the actual act of treason who are ready to testify honestly in a trial?

Just convict him, lock him away – and send him out of the country for good if he's ever paroled.

Look for me at about 5:30 p.m. today on MSNBC to discuss Ashcroft's decision on Johnny Taliban. I'm the one without all of that TV hair.

The Republican delegation of the Georgia Legislature recognizes a severe problem and is trying to solve it – the wrong way. The problem is the City of Atlanta's ownership of Hartsfield International Airport.

For decades this airport has been nothing but a vehicle for graft, corruption and handing out political favors. Hartsfield is the single most important economic entity in the state of Georgia, and it is run, poorly, by a governing body elected by less than 5 percent of the population of the state.

The Republicans want Hartsfield turned over to a regional authority. The Democrats, naturally, are opposing the idea. Democrats control; Republicans are going to lose.

Now, here is a better idea the Republicans should have tried – and Republicans across the country can learn from this, too.

Instead of making a speech proposing the regional authority, what if a leading Georgia Republican had made the following speech:

Second, federal law prohibits the city of Atlanta from using any of the profit generated by Hartsfield airport anywhere but at the airport. Not one penny of that money can be used to cover Atlanta's budget shortfall.

Third, the City of Atlanta has a history of mismanagement, graft, corruption and political favoritism at Hartsfield that would make a Mafia godfather envious.

So we would like to propose the following solution. A solution that would not only clean up the management of Hartsfield International Airport, but also go to great lengths to solve Atlanta's financial problems, a solution that would eventually provide much needed property tax relief to the citizens of Atlanta.

We are going to introduce legislation that would require the City of Atlanta to lease Hartsfield to a private company experienced in the business of managing large international airports.

Federal law would permit the proceeds from such a lease arrangement to be used by the city as it sees fit. Potholes could be filled. Budget shortfalls could be covered, essential city services could be improved, and those who make their homes within the city limits will receive relief from the hideously high property taxes they have suffered under for so many years.

I'll tell you, these Georgia Republicans need help.

Two nights ago on ABC's "World News Tonight," ABC claimed that the CIA has decided that Osama bin Laden has escaped Afghanistan by sea (a pretty neat trick in itself ... look at a map). Well, shortly after the broadcast, the usually quiet CIA began calling other news outlets claiming they had decided no such thing.

The truth here is that the CIA probably doesn't want us to know what they think about the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden. Just let them find him and deal with him as they see fit. When we don't hear from him for a while, we'll know that the matter has been taken care of.

… and, sure enough, he's going to propose a tax increase for high-income earners.

Oh yeah, Kennedy won't call it a tax increase, but a tax increase it is. We covered this yesterday … but since the speech is today, I want to repeat one important point.

First … people adjust their economic activities when tax rates are increased or lowered. The higher your income, the more likely it is you are in a position to adjust your economic activity – your earnings levels – with changes in the tax rates.

Right now it is law – on the books – that tax rates for high-achievers will go down in a few years. It's only by a percentage point or two, but down they will go.

Kennedy wants that law changed. He wants another law. Another law to be passed by the House and the Senate and signed by the president. A law to change the tax rates for high-income Americans down the road. It's a law to make those tax rates higher than they are now. That, my friends, is a tax increase by any definition.

Typical Democratic behavior: The solution to budget problems is NEVER to cut government spending. The solution is ALWAYS to increase taxes.

Remember … Democrats don't gain and maintain political power by promoting freedom and liberty.

They gain and maintain political power by taking money from high-income Americans whose votes they don't need and can't count on, and spending that money on lower-income Americans whose votes they do need, and can count on. That will be the essence of Kennedy's speech today.

I don't exactly think I'm an old fogey – I just don't like this new fashion craze among teenaged girls. Wearing your pants so low that you actually have to shave your ... ah ... stomach. I call it "slut wear."

They'll deny it, but some of the sleazier Democrats and leftists out there are pushing the idea that President Bush was drunk when he passed out. Typical.

If the NAACP was as worried about the anti-achievement mentality that pervades black culture as it is about South Carolina flying a Confederate flag on capitol grounds – something meaningful actually might get accomplished.

Georgia Republicans are proposing the elimination of the state income tax for senior citizens. Excuse me, but aren't we paying enough to support the wizened class right now with our Medicare and Social Security taxes?

OK, I know that Alan Iverson is a wonderful, marvelously talented basketball player. I just can't get over how hideous the man looks. He's a running, jumping, dunking, poorly done highway billboard.

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Easily the big news this morning is Attorney General John Ashcroft's announcement that Johnny Taliban Walker will be turned over to the Justice Department for disposal. Immediately we learn that a federal grand jury has indicted the Mullah of Marin of conspiring to...
Wednesday, 16 January 2002 12:00 AM
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