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Jintao's Propaganda Machine

Friday, 28 April 2006 12:00 AM

In China, Hu Jintao said (and was quoted by the Chinese press) that democracy is a blind alley. But as I watched CNN on April 20, I heard Hu Jintao repeating the word "democracy" respectfully several times and explaining that it would come to China. In 10, 100, or 1,000 years? Well, what's the hurry?

Hu's presentation of democracy was far weaker than that of Stalin, who proclaimed, after his introduction in 1936 of "general election with secret ballot and universal suffrage," that true democracy existed in Soviet Russia, in contrast to pseudo-democracy in the bourgeois countries such as the United States.

As an example, Stalin would take freedom of expression. "Comrades, today this freedom is unthinkable without the media. But in the bourgeois countries the media belong to those who are sufficiently rich, that is, to the bourgeois, while in our Soviet country all media belong to the people." True democracy!

The goals of Stalin's and Hu's propaganda are different, however. By glorifying his country's true democracy as against the bourgeois pseudo-democracy, Stalin aimed at creating as many communists in the post-World War II West as possible (after World War II, one-third of the Italian electorate voted communist and there was a communist attempt at a coup in France).

Hu expects the world domination to come to China via its post-nuclear superweapons, while communists in the West are of no interest to him. Therefore, his goal is to sustain the benevolence of the West toward his dictatorship in order to make maximum use of the Western science and technology (recall his dinner with Bill Gates before his lunch with the U.S. president) in order to annihilate the West unless it surrenders unconditionally.

So, according to Hu while he was in the United States, the United States is a democracy and China will be a democracy. Why quarrel over such a nuance?

Few Americans know that the founding fathers of China's communism are Marx, Lenin (who introduced capitalism in 1920), and Mao, and that a gigantic monument to Mao is being built in Tibet.

In the West, the Chinese communists do not even call themselves such, and their titles are Westernized. Thus, Hu is not "general secretary of the Communist Party," but "president" (without general elections!).

Marx, Lenin, and Mao thought in terms of the "world proletarian revolution"—"the world conflagration," but post-nuclear superweapons are more advanced modern means to achieve world communism (Chinese world dictatorship) than the world proletarian revolution devised by Marx in 1848. Why use a horse-and-buggy of 1848 if there are jets of 2006?

To gain a glimpse of geostrategic reality, Hu should have been asked two questions:

(1) Is it true that his dictatorship is torturing and executing "practitioners" of Falun Gong (no more political than what became known in the West in the 15th century as "sport" in the sense of athletic games or exercises), and the organs of the victims are harvested for a lucrative international transplant business?

To destroy his rivals, Stalin organized "show trials" to prove that those imprisoned or executed were (heinous) criminals (secret agents sent to overthrow or destroy "the Soviet system," saboteurs, terrorists, etc.). But in the case of Falun Gong there has not been even a single attempt in China to assert that they were (heinous) criminals. In fact, there is fatal violence in Western sport, but none in Falun Gong. (2) Is the report of Oct. 3, 2000, of the Chinese Wuhan television station magazine true? It is about the "foundation in 1986 of Program 863" for "the development of new advanced technologies [post-nuclear superweapons] for defensive and offensive [!] warfare." Is The New York Times report from China of Oct.7, 2000, true? It describes Program 863.

Both (1) and (2) could have been answered only in the affirmative unless Hu asserted that the Chinese media (to say nothing of The New York Times report from China on the basis of the Chinese press) had been all lies, and only he told the truth for the first time on April 20, 2006.

Facts (1) and (2) are interconnected. The persecution of Falun Gong indicates that if Stalin's persecution of those whom he passed for heinous political criminals was dictatorship, Hu's persecution of "Falun Gong practitioners," who are not even declared to be criminals or to have anything to do with anything political, is superdictatorship—super-Stalinism, if you will.

Now, for superdictatorship it is even easier than it was for Stalin to channel secretly any resources into the development of weapons, and it is clear from fact (2) that geostrategically China's superdictatorship thinks in terms of post-nuclear superweapons.

As a reporter of the Epoch Times, Dr. Wang Wenyi had a chance to tell the U.S. president at the White House gathering of April 20 that he should persuade Hu Jintao to stop persecuting the Falun Gong.

The media said that Dr. Wang Wenyi "shouted." CNN interviewed her after the event. Though her native tongue is Chinese, she has a perfect command of English. She was very calm, rational, wise, though, of course, she is in a heroic mold. Without such heroes or saints, freedom will be gone, and the Chinese superdictatorship will become global. Had the U.S. president told her that she would have her chance to speak, as did other reporters, and would get a microphone, she would have delivered her message as an outstanding medical doctor delivers a diagnosis. As it was, she had to be audible to deliver her message within one minute, before she was dragged away by the police.

This minute was more valuable and important for the destiny of the United States than years of Philistine twaddle, produced by the Western political establishment. By way of gratitude, Dr. Wenyi was officially treated as a criminal; the U.S. president apologized for the truth she alone had told at the gathering; and Hu graciously accepted the apology. Of course, the Chinese in China were spared the horrible sight of the criminal, attacking the poor, kind, innocent Hu. China's censorship is as advanced as its development of post-nuclear superweapons.

Personally, I am sorry there was no other "criminal medical doctor" at the White House gathering to speak about post-nuclear superweapons, being developed by the superdictatorship of China since 1986, and today in cooperation with Putin's Russia.

What else was important? Trade? The bulk of the U.S. economy has been moving into China because the labor there is far cheaper, and hence the American goods sold in China are too expensive for most Chinese, while the Chinese goods sold in the United States are cheaper than American goods.

Instead of discussing this unprecedented case in recorded history, it was claimed by American "experts" on April 20 that "China undervalues its currency, making U.S. products artificially [!] expensive to Chinese buyers and Chinese products artificially [!] cheap for Americans." That was how The New York Post summarized, on April 21, Page 4, the official U.S. trade fantasy.

Iran? The United States used its two atom bombs in 1945. Soviet Russia tested its first atom bomb in 1949, and China in 1964, its nuclear arsenal is now being second to none. But do you know what Iran is going to do? To have its first atom bomb in 2006 or soon thereafter! Hu remained indifferent to this global tragedy.

It is noteworthy that not only the protesters against the superdictatorship of China gathered in front of the White House on April 20. There were also those Chinese Americans who came to support Hu.

When it seemed in Germany, before the German defeat at Moscow in the winter of 1941/42, that Germany would achieve world domination, many Germans supported Hitler: He was to make the Germans superior to all other nations.

This is why so many Russians adore Stalin even today: He was to make the Russians the masters of the world. The Chinese are no exception.

Some of them are like Dr. Wang Wenyi, who (see the CNN interview) is noble, saintly, and heroic, while some others are looking forward to the Chinese dictators' domination of the world, and in particular, of the United States, to make these Chinese tremendously important, powerful, superior, with respect to all other nations, even though servile forever to the dictators of China.

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In China, Hu Jintao said (and was quoted by the Chinese press) that democracy is a blind alley. But as I watched CNN on April 20, I heard Hu Jintao repeating the word "democracy" respectfully several times and explaining that it would come to China.In 10, 100, or 1,000...
Friday, 28 April 2006 12:00 AM
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