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Jews vs. Anti-Semites: A View Without Fear or Favor

Friday, 20 June 2003 12:00 AM

My column of June 6 purported to show that the last three Russian czars were advancing Russia politically and that the abdication of the last of them, Nicholas II, resulted in a disaster for at least the next 75 years. (See:

I received an e-mail in which "Bob from Michigan” said, "Dear Sir, I read your article on NewsMax.com about the rule of the Russian Czars and agreed 100% with your analysis.”

What Bob from Michigan finds necessary to add to my analysis is his understanding of the fatal role of Jews in the "Russian revolution" – and in all disasters of Christendom or mankind at large.

He writes, "80% of the Bolsheviks were Jews.” After "similar data" on the United States, Bob from Michigan asks me, "Please explain to me what is the mental illness of Jews that makes them Leftwing."

On June 9, I was to speak for two hours on an international radio show called "Free American," but I canceled the show when I fortunately learned that the host wanted me to explain how Jews (no, not the rulers of China, and not even Saddam Hussein!) want to establish world domination. As in the 19th century forgery "Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

To listen to Western anti-Semites for most of the past two millennia, Jews have come to the West to take advantage of the good, noble, honest Westerners, to fleece them, to practice usury and to drink the blood of their little children, to say nothing of spoiling Western life by their vulgarity and filth.

However, the Jews did not come to the West of their own free will. The Roman Empire wanted the territory of Israel as part of its imperial expansion, but the Jews resisted so fiercely that the Roman Empire either killed or deported them. Israel was annihilated, and the land was named Palaestina in Latin (Palestine in English).

After the Islamic expansion began in the 7th century, Palaestina was invaded by Moslems. Though Israel was restored in the middle of the 20th century, Jews cannot go to the country that was theirs over 2,000 years ago without the risk of Islamic terrorism.

I think that a Jew has the right to hate Westerners as his captors, but they cannot give vent to their hatred of Jews, whom the West forced to live in the West against their will. "Why didn’t you leave us alone in our Israel over 2,000 years ago?” a Jew is entitled to ask. "Why did you drag us out and then have been explaining how unpleasant, evil and even mortally dangerous we are?”

There is an analogy with African-Americans. They did not come to America of their own free will to make life unpleasant for the racists. They were brought from Africa against their will because their work on cotton plantations made profit for their owners (such as Thomas Jefferson).

After many generations in America they cannot go back to African tribal life. They have been made part of America against their will, and the white supremacists cannot regard them as intruders, uninvited guests, unwelcome aliens any more than they can regard as such their own selves.

Bob from Michigan asserts that "80% of the Bolsheviks were Jews.”

But the initial key disaster – the abdication of Nicholas II in 1917, called "the February Revolution” – had nothing to do with a single Bolshevik or a single Jew.

Nicholas II abdicated because his generals refused to support him. Why? They believed that the war against Germany did not go as well as they wanted it to because "the people” despised the czar since his wife was rumored (falsely) to be having a love affair with a lecherous religious leader named Rasputin, who had started the rumor.

You see, a man whose wife is unfaithful to him, or is rumored to be such, must "teach” her, that is, beat her up within an inch of death. Othello, indeed, killed his wife on sheer suspicion. If Nicholas didn’t do that, he was not a he-man, but a wench in pants.

As for the Bolshevik Party, it began to grow

Trotsky, Zinoviev and Radek were Jews. So? They were soon killed by a Bolshevik named Stalin, who was planning to annihilate all Jews in Russia.

Bob from Michigan wants me to explain "the mental illness of Jews that makes them Leftwing.”

Were Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky "Leftwing” in the same sense that many U.S. Democrats have been? Initially, Lenin, Stalin and Trotsky called themselves Social Democrats. Now, Hitler called his ideology National Socialism. Surely the word "socialism” is left-wing, and certainly more so than is the word "democracy” in Lenin’s definition of his ideology.

Was fascism right-wing? Before its alliance with National Socialism, many members of the Fascist Party were Jews, and Bob from Michigan may refer to the mental illness of Jews to be right-wing and even fascist.

The scorn of Bob from Michigan for the U.S. left wing is odd. Does he want no left wing at all? Only the conservative Republican right wing? Then the United States would be a one-party state. Like fascist Italy? With Jews as members of the Fascist Party?

The Jewish and other non-Anglo-Saxon poor were admitted to the United States without restrictions (except for infectious diseases) because the United Sates needed affordable manpower. Many Jews had nothing except the clothes on their backs. They were despised by many former European gentiles, proud of their aristocracy, which Jews had never had. They searched their ancestry for rabbis (one of whom was, incidentally, Jesus Christ).

Under these conditions the Jewish as well as all other poor sought the support of the Democratic Party in order to survive. Thus, they needed pay in case of illness. Yesterday a New York taxi driver told me that his father, when he was sick and could not go to work, was not paid. He could die not only as a result of the absence of adequate and affordable medical care, but also of hunger.

I wonder how right-wing Bob from Michigan would have been facing death from starvation while being sick, plus scorn for being Jewish, that is, mentally ill.

In conclusion, one fable of anti-Semitism is worth recalling. According to the Roman law of about 2,000 years ago, proselytizing heretics were crucified – as were robbers. So the Roman procurator of a Roman colony called Judea had Jesus Christ and two robbers crucified according to the Roman law, in which this particular Roman procurator showed excessive zeal, not lenience, as we know from historical evidence.

In the second half of the 20th century, the Roman Catholic Church still officially declared that Christ was crucified – no, not by a zealous Roman procurator strictly in accordance with the Roman law, but by the Jews! It was forgotten that, apart from Christ and his disciples, the Roman Empire had persecuted all Christians for centuries before it adopted Christianity.

On the other hand, Christ wandered and preached, unarmed, among the Jews all over the country, and could have been killed even with a stone. But to the Jews he was not a heinous criminal – to them he was a rabbi (a teacher), teaching his disciples.

According to Christianity, Jesus was a son of God and his virgin mother, a Jewess. According to Judaism, Christ was a Jew, since only a person’s mother is taken into account to determine his "nationhood,” not his father. The first Christians were called "the Jews,” not "the Christians.”

Well, did not Christ grow up as a Jew in a Jewish family in the bosom of a Jewish religion in a Jewish country? Was he not circumcised, was he not bar mitzvah, and surely he attended synagogue, apart from periodic visits to the Temple in Jerusalem? Were not his "human” parents practicing Jews? He was a Jew who had mastered Judaism and then advanced it (as Moses had before him).

The (Christian) Holy Bible consists of the Hebrew Old Testament and the New Testament. This proves that, according to Christianity, Christ relied on Judaism. He was a religious Jew developing or innovating it. If this is not true, why do all Christian churches, including the Roman Catholic, embrace the Holy Bible, with its Jewish or Hebrew or Judaic Old Testament?

The pretense that it was not the Roman Empire that invaded and destroyed Israel, killed and deported Jews, crucified Christ, and persecuted Christians for centuries, but the Jews who crucified Christ, is one of the most comical deceptions of anti-Semitism.

Showing to what lengths of ignorance, stupidity and self-contradiction the hate for a nation can go only because that nation is not the nation of Bob from Michigan.

The link to my book on-line is www.levnavrozov.com. My e-mail is

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My column of June 6 purported to show that the last three Russian czars were advancingRussia politically and that the abdication of the last of them, Nicholas II, resulted in a disaster for at least the next 75 years.(See: I received an e-mail in which Bob from Michigan"...
Friday, 20 June 2003 12:00 AM
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