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Jewish Republican Comes Out of the Closet

Wednesday, 21 December 2005 12:00 AM

My name is Wayne Allyn Root. I've spent most of my life in New York and Los Angeles - places where it's fine to be openly gay, but you must be a closet Republican!

Well I'm coming out of the closet- I'm a lifelong Republican and the author of the # 1 Best-Seller

That Jewish butcher from Brownsville, Brooklyn was (remarkably) one of the original founders of the New York State Conservative Party in the 1960's (he thought Republicans were too liberal). His efforts were instrumental in electing Conservative Party candidate James Buckley to the United States Senate (the first third party United States Senator in modern history), as well as countless other conservative Congressman, judges and local politicians.

This faith and commitment to conservative principles and values by men like my father, led to what later became known as the "Reagan Revolution." My father taught me almost from the day of my birth that: "The Republican Party is not the party of the rich - it is the party of anyone who wants to be rich!"

Those words of wisdom turned me from a dead-end kid in a blue-collar, crime-ridden town on the Bronx borderline into a high profile CEO of a publicly-traded company, best-selling author, television celebrity (my new TV series "King of Vegas" debuts on Spike TV on Tuesday January 17th at 10 PM), and self-made millionaire.

But it is clear to me how it all started- my road to success started at age 3 in 1964 - with me handing out campaign literature for Presidential candidate Barry Goldwater, alongside my dad, outside a suburban New York supermarket. The Republican principles, values and traits taught to me by my remarkable father led to the life I lead today. I live the American Dream because I followed the "Republican Rules!"

I am proud of my Jewish Republican roots (excuse the pun). The bad news is that my fellow Jews have historically tended to be liberal Democrats. I know that to be true because I have battled and debated them tooth and nail my entire life - from the streets of New York, to my synagogue, to Columbia University (where I graduated with a degree in Political Science), to Hollywood (where I produce and host national TV shows).

The good news is that this political trend is changing dramatically and rapidly. I was reminded of how things have changed just last week, when I was invited by President & Mrs. Bush to the annual White House Hanukkah Party. I was honored to meet "W" and Laura and have a chance to talk to them about my new book.

My wife Debra on the other hand was practically giddy to take a tour of the White House (her favorite memories were seeing the White House Christmas tree…and posing for a photo in front of a painting of her great, great Uncle Benjamin Franklin). But it was even more thrilling to see so many Republican Jews at the White House.

The list of prominent Republican Jews is now longer than at any time in modern history - Ari Fleisher (former White House Press Secretary for President Bush), Michael Chertoff (Director of Homeland Security), Ken Mehlman (Head of the Republican National Committee), Fred Zeidman (Chairman of the Holocaust Museum and a lifelong friend to President Bush), Congressman Eric Cantor (Deputy Majority Whip of the United States Congress), United States Senators Arlen Spector and Norm Coleman, Paul Wolfowitz (President of the World Bank, formerly Deputy Secretary of Defense), Matt Brooks (Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition), and conservative activist/author David Horowitz.

The list of prominent Republican Jews goes on and on. The Republican Jewish Coalition, which once started out in a closet with a handful of members, today counts over 20,000 members and 40 chapters across America. To quote Bob Dylan, "The times they are a changin'."

So why the dramatic change? I think the answer is simple: The Republican Party shares much in common with Jewish values and the Jewish people. As I point out in my new book "Millionaire Republican," the Republican Party stands first and foremost for ownership.

I refer not just to ownership of your home - but of your job (entrepreneurship & salesmanship), family (traditional marriage), children's education (home-schooling or private education), and your financial future (more personal responsibility and less dependence on government). Or to put it in simple terms, Democrats rent, Republicans own!

The idea of ownership is very much a Jewish value as well. I learned even at Columbia University back in 1989 (arguably the most liberal college in America) in a class entitled "Ethnicity in America" that the Jewish people are the most financially successful group of people to ever to step foot on American soil. Why? I would argue it's obvious: it's because Jews understand ownership.

Because of centuries of persecution, discrimination, slavery and genocide fostered upon the Jewish people, we have learned to depend primarily on ourselves. The result is that we choose to own our own businesses- we value and depend on entrepreneurship. That is the single most important reason for the financial success of the Jewish people. "Own, do not rent" (the Republican mantra) turns out to be the Jewish mantra too.

We do not depend on big companies, unions, government, or bosses of any kind. We value independence (the exact opposite of the liberal Democratic idea of dependence on government). I would hazard a guess that Jews enjoy higher percentages of entrepreneurship (business ownership) and of membership in professions (doctors, lawyers, accountants, stockbrokers, bankers) than any other group in this great country.

It turns out that the very foundation of Jewish success is also the very foundation of the G.O.P. philosophy! It is therefore no wonder that a new generation of Jews (who are entrepreneurs and professionals) are becoming Republicans!

A sidebar to this reliance on ownership and entrepreneurship is salesmanship. In my new best-selling book "Millionaire Republican," I describe "the 3 crucial Republican success traits" as ownership, entrepreneurship and salesmanship. I believe those success traits should be taught in our failing public schools - they are far more important (if you value financial freedom) than the 3 R's - reading, writing and arithmetic.

Well it turns out that no group values and understands salesmanship more than the Jewish people. Study after study proves that salesmen are the highest income earners in America. It's pretty simple: If you want to achieve wealth and financial freedom you had better find something to sell!

Most of the people you meet in the sales industry are Republicans- they stand for lower taxes, drastically reduced government spending, smaller government, free markets, individual responsibility, fiscal responsibility, and financial freedom. They worry about taxes because they are the big earners- therefore they are the ones paying all the taxes!

If you examine the ranks of any profession that sells (anything), you'll find Jewish people in large numbers - stockbrokers, investment bankers, mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, insurance brokers, Hollywood agents. Once again it appears the values of Republicans match the values and interests of Jews.

When it comes to government, the GOP stresses less of it. We want smaller bureaucracy, less government spending, smaller entitlement programs, less dependence by the people on government. In short, Republicans do not trust or depend on government. We want it out of our lives as much as humanely possible.

We believe as President Ronald Reagan once said, "The 9 worst words in the English language are: "I'm from the government and I'm here to help." Well the Jewish people certainly should agree. Governments have always failed Jews.

Throughout history the Jewish people have been betrayed, persecuted, jailed, enslaved, robbed and murdered by government. How can any Jewish student-of-history possibly trust government? Governments have always worked to destroy us. From the Egyptians to Romans to Nazi's to the former Soviet Union - one thing about government is certain: It's always bad (and it's always worse for Jews).

We of all people should understand that the interest of government is never our interest. Therefore no group of people should be more supportive of the idea of limited government, personal responsibility and financial freedom (independence from… instead of dependence on government) than the Jewish people. To put it bluntly, any Jew (knowing and understanding the history of government) that supports bigger government, more bureaucrats, more bureaucracy, or more power for government agencies is a fool. Once again, the philosophy and values of the GOP are exactly in line with those of the Jewish people.

The GOP stresses freedom, independence, and ownership in the area of education too. We want parents to have the right to choose private school education or home-schooling (that could be best described as ownership of your children's education and financial future).

Republicans want to break the grip of the public school bureaucrats and teachers unions that are destroying public school education - and thereby relegating an entire generation of American children to underclass status. Not to mention demanding exorbitant spending increases that balloon state and federal spending (and force huge increases in budget deficits, government bureaucracy and taxes) - all the while producing worse and worse results (declining test scores, lower levels of literacy, and rising drop-out rates).

The vast education bureaucracy is the only industry in America that demands to be rewarded with more money in return for complete and utter failure- the lower test scores sink, the more kids fail, the louder education bureaucrats scream for more money and obscene levels of spending. What a farce! No wonder public schools are failing- we should punish and fire the people in charge of education, NOT reward them!

If companies in the private sector were run anything like the education bureaucracy, Wall Street and the entire American economy would be bankrupt!

Jews, quite possibly more than any other group, stress education above all else. They therefore send their children to private schools in large numbers. My father the poor butcher scraped together enough money to send me to private school back in 1977. That decision changed my life. I graduated Valedictorian of that school and was accepted into Columbia University - one of this country's great Ivy League institutions.

Today my wife and I have chosen to home-school our children. In either case, the decision was to opt out of the miserable, failing, hellholes that we call public schools. The Jewish people - being educated and successful - certainly should understand better than any other group that public schools are failing.

America's parents must have the freedom to opt out of this failing public education bureaucracy. Once again, in the area of education, Jewish values have much in common with Republican values.

The GOP may win elections by stressing bread and butter economic issues (lower taxes, limited government, lower spending, lower levels of welfare, etc), but our true foundation is about God, country, family, marriage, and traditional values. Once again Republican values mesh perfectly with the Jewish people.

As a Jew, I can state without any hesitation, that the success of the Jewish people is based on ownership, entrepreneurship and salesmanship combined with education and a rock-solid foundation of God & family. No group or race of people in history loves and values family more than the Jewish people.

There is no more enduring or famous figure throughout history than the Jewish mother! Jewish mothers are famous for one thing: devotion to their children and family. Likewise Jewish fathers are famous for being dedicated breadwinners (working long hours to create a better future for their children).

Jews can testify that despite all the persecution, enslavement and even genocide perpetrated on our people through the centuries - we have survived and even thrived because of our enduring and limitless faith: nothing ever stops us from remaining loyal to God and family. That is the foundation of the success of Jews throughthru the ages.

Our loyalty also extends to country - few realize that America only exists today because of two Jewish financiers. That's right; America was losing the American revolution, facing bankruptcy, and on the verge of surrender, when two Jews saved the day. At the darkest moment in our young country's history - when defeat appeared imminent - a Jewish former Congressman Robert Morris was appointed Superintendent of Finances of the young nation (a position that today would be called Treasury Secretary).

Morris relied on the banking prowess and patriotism of a Jewish banker named Hym Salomon to raise the funds necessary to fund the war effort. Their efforts funded the American Revolution, kept our young nation solvent, motivated our troops led by General George Washington, and led to our victory over the British.

America would not exist if not for two patriotic Jews. Jews have always loved and appreciated America (whether conservative Republicans or liberal Democrats). When conservative Republicans describe a faith in God, family and country as the foundation of America's great success, perhaps they don't realize that these very same traits are the foundation of the remarkable success of the Jewish people!

Finally, the Jewish people love and support their homeland - Israel. Perhaps that, more than any other reason, has brought more Jews back to the Republican Party. President George W. Bush has been the strongest supporter of Israel of any President in American history.

While President Clinton invited PLO leader Yasser Arafat to the White House over 100 times, President Bush considered Arafat a terrorist and never allowed him to step foot in the White House once.

"W's" loyal and unwavering support for Israel, and his contempt for Islamic terrorism and the murderous tactics of groups like al-Qaida, PLO and Hamas, have led to a dramatic increase in Jewish support for the GOP. It's simple: "W" stands with Israel, and Jewish Republicans stand with "W."

For all of the reasons above, more and more Jews (especially young Jews) are becoming loyal Republicans. My visit to the White House (with my lovely wife Debra, a devout Evangelical Christian from a family of born-again Christian ministers and missionaries) reaffirmed my loyalty, love and support for President George W. Bush and the Republican Party. It's nice to know that I no longer stand alone as a Republican Jew. As a matter of fact, I'm proud to report it's become standing room only!


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My name is Wayne Allyn Root. I've spent most of my life in New York and Los Angeles - places where it's fine to be openly gay, but you must be a closet Republican! Well I'm coming out of the closet- I'm a lifelong Republican and the author of the # 1 Best-Seller ...
Wednesday, 21 December 2005 12:00 AM
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