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Jay Leno's White House Wobble

Wednesday, 22 September 2004 12:00 AM

But now, according to the New York Daily News, it looks as though the White House is having concerns about a visit with Leno because of an interview recently conducted by Nikki Finke for L.A. Weekly.

It seems that Finke has been writing articles critical of Jay, apparently for what in Finke’s eyes appears to be a Leno lean to the right.

The interview that has raised White House antennae was purportedly initiated by a telephone call from Leno to Finke.

In the Finke interview article, Leno says: “I’m not conservative. I’ve never voted that way in my life.”

And he “really worries” what another win by Dubya would do to the makeup of the Supreme Court.

And he believes “the wool was pulled over our eyes” with the Iraq war.

And he thinks the White House began using terrorism “as a crutch” after 9/11.

And he feels that during the campaign, Kerry should “make Bush look as stupid as possible.”

And he opines that “the media is in the pocket of the government, and they don’t do their job,” so “you have people like Michael Moore who do it for them.”

Not exactly the sentiments of someone with a Republican affinity.

Leno's people are nevertheless continuing to pursue an appearance by

The Left Coast Report says only in Hollywood would someone go to such great lengths to shake the conservative label.

At a time in the campaign when John Kerry is claiming that President Bush has a “secret plan” to call up additional Reserve and National Guard troops after the election, and Kerry has implied that he has his own “secret plan” to win the war in Iraq, Hollywood celebs have a not-so-secret plan to make themselves look ridiculous.


Lee’s right. About the head-scratching part, as folks take in his words.

In his latest flick, “She Hate Me,” the opening credits show $3 bills with Bush's face on them and a mock political advertisement against racial quotas.

Lee explains: ”I think the election coming up is gonna be the most important election in the history of the United States of America, cos God save us all. God save the world if Bush is re-elected. Heaven help us. Wooooh!”

Meanwhile, director and the anti-symbol of family life

Woody said that if Bush is re-elected “it's tragic, extremely tragic.” He droned on, “If you observe him, it's quite amusing, if you listen to him as he speaks, if you follow him closely it would provide you a great many laughs.”

The Left Coast Report notes that laughs are something that have been sorely missing from Woody’s work for many self-indulgent years.

The recent Venice Film Festival gave out some awards, which once again illustrate the warped ideology of the entertainment elite. “Vera Duke,” a film that venerates abortion, won the Golden Lion for Best Picture. The lead actress,

The runner-up flick, “Mar Adentro,” exalted the other side of the culture of death, euthanasia. Its lead,

Ironically, while festival judges are giving awards out to this kind of fare, and jaded critics hail the flicks as “fresh” and “edgy,” the public seems to hold a different opinion.

In fact, films that present a traditional moral universe, with distinctions between good and evil, are going over big with average folks.

Of the 250 movies that came to multiplexes last year, films that emphasized a “strong moral content” made an average of $92.5 million, according to a report prepared by the Christian Film & Television Commission. That figure is a whopping six times the proceeds of motion pictures with an “immoral, negative content.”

Movies rated “G” and “PG” earn two or three times as much as those movies rated “R.” (Notable exception:

Some in the industry are catching on to the market’s reality. A group called the Family Friendly Programming Forum was created using financing from a group of 40 major national advertisers, all members of the Association of National Advertisers who are taking positive steps to increase family friendly programming choices on television.

And with “The Passion” and the success of Christian music, a resurgence of interest in religion in the media is taking place.

Still, the major networks don’t employ full-time religion reporters. In addition, generally when religion is covered on TV the same non-believing liberal academics are brought out to trash traditional faith.

The Left Coast Report imagines that some of these academics have an aversion to sunlight, can’t stand the smell of garlic and routinely make their beds in a coffin.

We’ve seen John Kerry the flip-flopper and John Kerry the bobblehead. Get ready for John Kerry the video game.

Yes, you too can soon pilot your very own Swift Boat up the Mekong and chase the Viet Cong, if you play “John Kerry and the Men of Swift Boat PCF-94.”

The game is a creation of the New York-based Kuma Reality.

The company says that the game will be designed around the Navy's record of Kerry's Vietnam War experience.

The Left Coast Report thinks it would be a good idea to make a Swift Boats Veterans for Truth version of the game, where for extra points players pretend to go to Cambodia for Christmas and those who do the most exaggerating get the most medals.

But Rooney is one of the few at CBS to speak out publicly about the

“I'm surprised at their reluctance to concede they're wrong,” Rooney said before Rather finally apologized Monday. Rooney even had thoughts on Rather’s future at CBS. Although the “60 Minutes” curmudgeon doesn’t believe that the suits are going to remove Rather from the anchorman’s chair anytime soon, he predicts that the phony memos “might have an effect on him six months from now.”

The Left Coast Report hears that CBS was considering transferring Rather to Sunday’s “60 Minutes” show, but apparently he doesn’t qualify for the gig. At age 72, he’s a bit too young.

For archives of The Left Coast Report,

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But now, according to the New York Daily News, it looks as though the White House is having concerns about a visit with Leno because of an interview recently conducted by Nikki Finke for L.A. Weekly. It seems that Finke has been writing articles critical of Jay,...
Wednesday, 22 September 2004 12:00 AM
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