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Interview: Wayne Allyn Root on Life and Winning

Thursday, 23 December 2004 12:00 AM

NewsMax: You have certainly attained your goal as you envisioned it years ago. Are you satisfied, or do you feel the need to branch out, accomplish more --perhaps in new fields of endeavor?

WAR: From the time I was old enough to understand his philosophy, I remember my dad saying, “Son, you must always remember the Republican Party is NOT the party of the rich; it’s the party of anyone who ever WANTS to become rich.”

I am honoring my father with a new book about achieving wealth and success called, “Millionaire Republican: The Republican Secrets to Mega Wealth and Unlimited Success.”

My new goal is to become the Rush Limbaugh of my generation. After the book is published I plan on talking on TV and radio for many years to come about the Republican values that have led me to success.

And after that, my goal is to serve the people of the State of Nevada as United States Senator. And to be part of a new trend, new wave, converting my Jewish people to the Republican Party!

I recently founded the Nevada chapter of the Republican Jewish Coalition. More and more Jews are seeing the light- in the next few decades I believe the majority of Jewish voters will become devoted Republicans and help cement a Republican future for America. Those are lofty goals- but I believe very achievable.

NewsMax: Do you bet every day? What would be your typical week -- as far as wagering, in casinos, on sports, etc?

WAR: First of all, I don’t bet every day -- either on sports or at casinos. I’m disciplined. You can’t win if you bet everyday or on every game (just because it’s on television). You must limit your wagering to only the few games a week where you (the bettor) have an advantage over the odds-maker or bookmaker.

My job is to find those opportunities. Secondly, my biggest bets are made as a businessman! When I give out a prediction on any given Sunday (on for example The New York Jets), up to 10,000 American sports bettors are wagering an average of $1000 each on my advice. That’s $10 million dollars (or more) riding on my advice on that one game. I make an average of 10 predictions a weekend for my clients.

So my expert advice results in over $100 million dollars being wagered per weekend in the USA. Annually I'd estimate as much as $3 to $5 BILLION dollars is bet on my advice! That makes me one of the biggest gamblers in the world. Whether those predictions win or lose will determine whether my sports gaming empire grows and thrives.

NewsMax: Do fans and or readers of your new book ever say to you -- this is all very comfortable advice for someone of your energy, intelligence and talent, but what about us average Joes?

WAR: Of course they do. That’s precisely why I’m in the business I’m in! If I wanted to just keep the secrets, winning strategy and tricks of my trade to myself, I would be a professional gambler betting only for my own account. But instead I’ve been a professional sports handicapper for the past 19 years- just like a Hedge Fund manager or Mutual Fund manager on Wall Street.

Instead of just betting for myself, I provide advice, information, analysis and counsel to millions of American sports bettors (or “average Joes” as you call them). Since 1991, almost 2 MILLION sports bettors have called for my advice- that’s the most customers of any professional handicapper in American TV history.

NewsMax: Noted there didn’t appear to be an emphasis in your book “The Zen of Gambling” about gambling as an addiction.

WAR: You’re selling short a key part of my book. At the very end, I included a very special closing message (pg 323) that my readers should ALWAYS bet with their heads, not over them. And for those who have any kind of an addiction problem, I offered the contact information for a dear friend of mine, Arnie Wexler of the Compulsive Gambling Foundation of New Jersey. Arnie is considered by many in the media to be America’s foremost authority on compulsive gambling.

The professional gambler (me) and the anti-gambling crusader have been close friends for almost 20 years. There is no question addiction is a problem for the gambling industry, but it is a problem for Wall Street too. Gambling addicts shouldn’t get anywhere near stocks -- but I notice we don’t try to shut down Wall Street, which some experts have called “the world’s biggest craps game.”

And of course the single biggest addiction problem in America today (by far) is food addiction. We are a nation of food addicts. To put it bluntly, we are FAT! And it’s killing us. Yet no one has proposed closing delis or fast food restaurants -- or banning Big Macs for that matter.

Four to 6 percent of Americans have addiction problems (to everything and anything). But that means 95 percent or so have no problem. Why ruin gambling for the 95 percent that enjoy it? It is nothing more than a great form of entertainment.

NewsMax: You seem to intimate in your book that gambling is best left to the cold-blooded pros -- that it's not practical entertainment for novices in Vegas on vacation.

WAR: No, what I say over and over again in my book is that the point of gambling should be WINNING! Treat it not just as entertainment, but as a business (like buying stocks on Wall Street). It does not have to be a foregone conclusion that everyone loses whatever they bet. With the right amount of education, knowledge and strategy ANYONE can turn the odds a bit more in their favor. That’s the philosophy I’ve been preaching for 20 years now.

Unfortunately the average gambler doesn’t get it. They just don’t want to put in the homework, or the hours of patient, Contrarian, grind-it-out strategy required to beat the odds. And that’s fine. That’s what I’m around for. It’s the same reason investors on Wall Street hire stockbrokers -- the average Joe just doesn’t have hundreds of hours a week to study thousands of stocks. But Merrill Lynch does. They hire teams of Harvard MBA’s who do nothing but research stocks 24/7. They pick winners for you- for a fee.

That’s exactly what we do at ROOT Sports. A team of professionals lives and breathes sports and point-spreads. We do hundreds of hours per week of research and analysis. It’s the ONLY thing we do -- and we’re good at it. We do the homework- so you can treat sports gambling as entertainment!

NewsMax: Are there people who by their very nature should not gamble? How do they recognize themselves -- other than by their chronic bad luck and losing consistently?

WAR: Here’s the big question -- do you do it for the fun, for the profits, or for the action? If you gamble just for action, you might have a problem.

The media has called me “The King of Vegas” and “The Face of Las Vegas Gambling,” yet I only gamble to win- to make money. If I have no advantage on a game, if the odds are not in my favor, I have no interest in betting. So I don’t. That should be every bettor’s objective.

My other advice is simple:

(A) If you consistently lose and you’re sick of it, contact a professional like myself.

(B) To manage the stress of gambling (or Wall Street, or business, or politics for that matter) start living a healthy, positive, holistic lifestyle.

The pressure on me is enormous (with BILLIONS of dollars riding on my opinions and advice). I’ve learned to manage it all with a healthy diet and lifestyle- and I’m a Type A to the 100th power (as my wife often reminds me). If I can learn to manage stress, ANYONE can!

NewsMax: You seem today to be a very disciplined person -- your health/meditation, etc. Was it always so?

WAR: Well I’m 43 years old and I had to learn that the way to create more energy is to eat better, exercise, think positive, pray, meditate, start your days with a morning walk, hike or jog. How I changed my life with that program is all described in detail in my book “The Zen of Gambling.” If a reader gets nothing else out of my gambling book than learning to live a healthier life, I am honored and proud.

NewsMax: Future plans/hopes/fears for the world, our country?

WAR: I’m a very positive person. I believe in America. We are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We got that way by going out of our way to thank God for his blessings. By putting God in our prayers, schools, pledge of allegiance, on our money. Our forefathers MEANT for God to be prominent in our country. I hope that will continue. We must fight to keep God in America. We must keep fighting the biased and prejudiced Liberal media with OUR media: talk radio, the Internet, Fox News Channel and of course NewsMax.com!

We are the only nation in the world that calls online gambling illegal- yet over 70 percent of the money wagered worldwide is from (you guessed it) The USA!!! We call it illegal, yet Americans make all the bets. Sounds a bit like Prohibition, doesn’t it?

We cannot ban gambling -- online, Indian gambling, casinos, poker rooms, sports gambling -- it just doesn’t matter. It won’t work. Gambling is here to stay. Americans love it. And sports gambling is America’s favorite (by far) form of gambling. Instead of misguided efforts to ban it (like so many Republicans try to do: McCain, Brownback, Kyle, Ashcroft to name a few) we must treat sports gambling like Wall Street- legalize it, bring it above ground, regulate it, and tax it.

The money we can raise by taxing sports gambling (in a national lottery) and online gambling (just as our allies in England and Australia now do) could make a serious dent in our deficit, pay for more tax cuts, support education or enhance homeland security.

My goal is to educate our Republican (and Christian) voters and leaders that sports and online gambling presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to eliminate organized crime and raise billions (if not Trillions) of new tax dollars to fund a variety of our Republican/Conservative goals. Let’s get our heads out of the sand and play ball.

I wish all of NewsMax’s readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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NewsMax: You have certainly attained your goal as you envisioned it years ago. Are you satisfied, or do you feel the need to branch out, accomplish more --perhaps in new fields of endeavor? WAR: From the time I was old enough to understand his philosophy, I remember my...
Thursday, 23 December 2004 12:00 AM
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