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Insider Report: Rumsfeld Went to Mat with Powell over World Criminal Court

Monday, 06 May 2002 12:00 AM

1. Rumsfeld Went to Mat with Powell over World Criminal Court
2. Bob Toricelli Moving Into New Digs
3. U.S. Backs Down to China on Surveillance Flights
4. Hillary and Rosie in Nasty Split
5. Reagan Wanted Marijuana Legalized

#1 Rumsfeld Went to Mat with Powell over World Criminal Court

When Colin Powell appeared on "Meet the Press with Tim Russert," Russert asked him point blank if he was in a major power struggle with Donald Rumsfeld.

Russert also asked Powell if press reports were accurate, that reportedly he was angry with Rumsfeld's growing influence.

Powell denied he was angry, but admitted there were "battles" within the administration.

NewsMax hears that, in fact, the latest showdown between Powell and Rumsfeld was over the U.S. joining the World Criminal Court.

The move would have jeopardized American sovereignty and placed Americans accountable to a foreign power.

But Powell and the liberals at the State Dept. strongly supported the U.S. joining the World Court.

NewsMax readers are well aware that NewsMax was one of the main outlets exposing this threat to American sovereignty.

We have learned from a State Dept. insider that Sec. of Defense Rumsfeld went to the mat over this issue - and argued that the new court would be an unconstitutional move putting America and Americans at the hands of UN-type elitists.

Though Powell strongly favored U.S. participation in the court, he told ABC's "This Week" why the President had decided against it.

"We are the leader in the world with respect to bringing people to justice," Powell said. "But ... we found that this was not a situation that we believed was appropriate for our men and women in the armed forces or our diplomats and political leaders."

#2  Bob Toricelli Moving Into New Digs

This year should have been a very bad year for Robert Toricelli, the senior U.S. senator from New Jersey.

Until this year he was under threat of a criminal indictment.

He was also up for re-election.

And some have not forgotten that it was Toricelli who forced the CIA to stop recruiting spies in terrorist networks - a factor that may well have led to 9-11.

But after four years of investigation, the Justice Dept. gave Toricelli a clean bill of health.

The probe began when two Korean business people accused Toricelli of accepting bribes. David Chang and Audrey Yu said they provided "Trader Bob"(Toricelli's Senate nickname) with 10 Italian suits, a Rolex watch, an antique grandfather clock and $9,000 toward his new Mercedes.

But Toricelli tossed those allegations by the wayside.

Meanwhile, more luck for "Trader Bob."

The FBI suddenly raided the offices of his main Republican Senate opponent, County Executive James Treffinger who had to pull out of the race.

Toricelli is feeling so good these days, he just bought himself a million dollar mansion.

According to local press reports, Toricelli just bought a $1.3 million home on the banks of the Delaware River. The new digs have 16 rooms, a guesthouse, a swimming pool with a pool house and - according to the senator - "the biggest barn in the county."

Who says crime doesn't pay?

#3 U.S. Backs Down to China on Surveillance Flights

A source close to the Pentagon tells NewsMax that the EP-3 incident earlier last year between China and the U.S. has turned into a big victory for China.

At the time of the incident, China was angry about the frequent U.S. surveillance flights, which hugged China's coast 50 miles out in international waters.

At the time the U.S. gave what the Chinese called an apology, but the U.S vowed to continue the flights.

But our source close to the Pentagon says that has not been the case, noting the surveillance flights are less frequent than before the EP-3 incident and the flight paths aren't nearly as close.

#4 Hillary and Rosie in Nasty Split

Rosie O'Donnell was one of Hillary's biggest backers, and many of Rosie's New York gal pals were among Hillary's biggest backers.

But New York insiders say that Rosie and Hillary are in a nasty feud.

Hillary apparently went on the warpath against Rosie when she appeared on Bill O'Reilly's top-rated program on Fox News Channel.

O'Donnell said she had expected Hillary to distance herself from her unfaithful husband.

"What surprised me about Hillary Clinton to this day ... I assumed as soon as she was elected senator she would divorce. I am shocked that she did not. I told all my friends, 'As soon as she's in the Senate seat she will be a single senator.'"

Rosie agreed with O'Reilly when he said, "her ambition and her lust for power overrode her dignity."

These comments made Rosie persona non grata in Hillary's New York circles.

Worse, Hillary wants to keep the lid on criticism of her fake marriage with Bill Clinton as she gears up for a presidential run.

The task has become even more difficult with her husband making waves at New York clubs and having trysts at New York's Hudson Hotel.

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#5 Reagan Wanted Marijuana Legalized

In newly released audiotapes of Ronald Reagan's broadcast commentaries, Reagan made clear his view that individuals should be allowed to use marijuana if they wanted to.

The Reagan broadcasts come from the days before Reagan became president and were believed to be lost.

But in the new audio set "Reagan In His Own Voice" the unedited version of Reagan's most controversial broadcasts are now available.

In one broadcast, Reagan declared it was an individual's choice if they chose to smoke marijuana, as long as they were aware of the health risks.

Reagan had a strong Libertarian streak, though he also held strong views about prayer in school, abortion, sex-ed in schools and other social concerns.

To find out about "Reagan In His Own Voice" and other issues Reagan spoke about in the newly released tapes...

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1. Rumsfeld Went to Mat with Powell over World Criminal Court 2. Bob Toricelli Moving Into New Digs 3. U.S. Backs Down to China on Surveillance Flights 4. Hillary and Rosie in Nasty Split 5. Reagan Wanted Marijuana Legalized #1 Rumsfeld Went to Mat with Powell over...
Monday, 06 May 2002 12:00 AM
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