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Insider Report: Maureen Dowd, Fellow Journalists Don't Vote Often

Monday, 04 November 2002 12:00 AM

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"60 Minutes" star Mike Wallace viciously attacked Blacks and Hispanics.


Recently, Washingtonian magazine did a study of major political journalists and their voting habits.

Looking over the 10 to 12 previous elections, the magazine found that some major political pundits didn't bother to show up to exercise their right to vote.

The failure to vote is ironic, considering the pundits didn't participate in the very area they cover professionally – that is, politics.

Unbelievably, Maureen Dowd, columnist for the New York Times, who regularly calls President Bush a "boy," had the worst voting record of any major media personality.

The girl voted a paltry 25 percent of the time, missing nine of 12 elections in Washington, D.C., where is she is registered as a Democrat. (So much for "independent" journalism.)

Here's the voting records of top media personalities, compiled by Washingtonian magazine.

Maureen Dowd: Voted 25 percent of the time

Margaret Carlson: Voted 33 percent of the time. Another liberal, Carlson recently wrote in Slate, "I love to vote."

Judy Woodruff: Voted 42 percent of the time. She's a registered Democrat too, and missed seven of 12 recent Washington elections.

Thomas Edsall: Voted 42 percent of the time

Chris Matthews: Voted 30 percent of the time

Fred Hiatt, Steve Coll, Wolf Blitzer, Dan Balz: 0 percent in last four elections

William Safire: Voted 64 percent of the time

Charles Krauthammer: Voted 55 percent of the time

Hats off to Diane Rehm, favorite NPR radio host. She has a 100 percent voting record.


Bill Clinton told Carl McCall last week that unless he closes in on George Pataki in the race for New York governor, McCall will get no more money.

"We're going to try and tighten this thing up," Clinton said during a Washington Heights campaign appearance with McCall. "If we can get it a little tighter, we'll get some more money."

Clinton tried to cajole the beleaguered Democratic candidate, and emphasized that Democrats outnumber the GOP in New York, telling McCall, "You have time to win this election. ... We have enough folks."

But the real issue here is, why is Bill Clinton telling Carl McCall what he can and can't have in funds from the DNC's coffers?

Isn't Terry McAuliffe the DNC chairman? Isn't Clinton the former president?

McAuliffe had promised McCall's campaign $500,000, of which he has only delivered half. What gives?

The truth is that Terry McAuliffe, Clinton's choice to head the DNC, is not really calling the shots, as NewsMax has reported before.

Make no mistake, Bill and Hillary Clinton are still in control of the Democratic Party.

NewsMax also hears that it was Bill Clinton who personally engineered Sen. Lautenberg's fill-in as the Democratic Senate candidate in New Jersey.

Ditto Minnesota: Walter Mondale is a Clinton crony who served as his ambassador to Japan. The elderly Mondale apparently had no interest in going back to the Senate, but pressure from Bill and Hillary changed his mind.


Members of the U.N. Security Council have a problem with the wording of the proposed U.S. resolution on Iraq, NewsMax hears.

The major hiccup we hear from U.N. sources is the proposed resolution's use and meaning of the term "material breach" and its relevance to the concept of an "automatic" authorization to use force.

France and Russia have argued that this language insures a U.S. attack on Iraq if it fails in any way to accommodate weapons inspectors, and they want a second resolution to be passed before any action can be taken.

However, the U.S. Mission to the U.N. says "progress" is being made with the French and Russians.

Secretary of State Powell has been successful at moving all but the Syrians on board a U.S. compromise resolution, and while it is not a done deal, enough progress is being made for Washington to wait a few extra days to see if an agreement can be arranged.

The French especially are moving closer to the U.S., but are not ready to throw in the towel ... still there is a possibility of a Council of Foreign Ministers meeting at the U.N. next week if that is what it takes to reach an agreement.

The U.S. mission now feels that a Council vote of 14-1 "yes" is now a "possibility" (Syria will vote no).

Note: Jim Baker, as secretary of state in November of 1990 used a Council of Foreign Ministers meeting to gain a use of force approval to launch Operation Desert Storm.

Also, it would seem that the U.S. will move on Baghdad before the end of the year, because on Jan. 1, Germany takes a seat on the Security Council and Berlin has made no secret that it opposes a military action against Iraq.

A French-German block on the Council could – to put it mildly – complicate matters for the White House.


Did you know that "60 Minutes" star Mike Wallace once said blacks and Hispanics were "too busy eating watermelons and tacos" to learn how to read and write?

Did you know that Wallace openly said he lies when it fits his agenda?

Did you know that Wallace admitted to regularly engaging in sexual harassment against his subordinates at CBS, including assaults on women where he tried to rip their bras off?

There is a lot more you don't know about Mike Wallace and "60 Minutes."

But a blockbuster, hour-long video entitled "The 60 Minutes Deception" tells the real, unvarnished truth about Wallace and the news program.

In "The 60 Minutes Deception," you'll see how "60 Minutes" and Wallace really operate, and how they manipulate the truth to set their liberal agenda.

"The 60 Minutes Deception" is the most fascinating exposé of American liberal media ever conducted

You'll also find out about how the Clinton White House worked secretly behind the scenes to have Wallace and "60 Minutes" smear NewsMax editor Christopher Ruddy during his courageous investigation of the Vince Foster scandal.

You won't be disappointed by this video!

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Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):"60 Minutes" star Mike Wallace viciously attacked Blacks and Hispanics. 1. MAUREEN DOWD, FELLOW JOURNALISTS DON'T VOTE OFTENRecently, Washingtonian magazine did a study of major political journalists and their voting habits....
Monday, 04 November 2002 12:00 AM
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