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Insider Report: Hillary Denies Throwing Lamp

Friday, 13 June 2003 12:00 AM

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. GOP House Leaders ‘Hate’ GOP Senate Leaders
2. Dems Turn Sen. Graham Into Attack Dog
3. Repo Man Wants Al Sharpton’s SUV
4. NBC Treated Brinkley ‘Like a Doormat’
5. Tariq Aziz Sidelined by Heart Attack
6. Rosie's Brother Throws Fit
7. Hillary Denies She Threw Lamp at Secret Service; Rush
    Hiding under Bed?

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1. GOP House Leaders ‘Hate’ GOP Senate Leaders

The biggest political catfight now isn’t between the GOP and Democrats; it’s between House and Senate Republicans.

You’d think the Repubs would be happy that they control both chambers of Congress as well as the White House, but no. Once again they’re frittering away their advantage as the Dems snicker and gloat.

“House leaders hate their Senate counterparts so much they can't see straight. Which may explain why they keep walking into obvious pitfalls,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist was a popular choice when he replaced the foot-in-mouth Trent Lott, but he soon came under fire for backtracking on tax relief. Now consider the new fuss over giving the full Earned Income Tax Credit to people who already don’t pay income taxes.

According to the Journal, “House leaders were caught up in their blind fury against the upper house, which they see as full of puffed-up prima donnas. So they insisted on eliminating everything the Senate had added.”

The Democrats’ house organ, the scandal-plagued New York Times, tried to create a stink with a Page One article “painting Republicans as heartless wretches.” Apparently some newspapers see no problem in giving “income tax relief” to those who don’t even pay income taxes but just so happen to be a Democrat voting bloc. The Republican Study Committee, a caucus of more than 90 House conservatives, wrote to NewsMax's Insider Report that it was urging the Republican leadership to separate welfare policy from tax policy by reforming the tax code. Rep. Sue Myrick, R-N.C., chairman of the RSC, noted: "The debate over the 'refundable child tax credit' isn't a debate about a tax issue; it's a welfare issue. When someone is already exempt from taxes, and still gets a government check, it's not a tax rebate - it's public assistance. That money comes from the people who DO pay taxes." Maybe Bill Frist, once touted as a potential White House contender, needs a backbone transplant from Rep. Myrick or House Majority Leader Tom DeLay.

2. Democrats Turn Neutered Sen. Graham Into Attack Dog

For decades Sen. Bob Graham, D-Fla., has had a reputation as a nice guy. Worse than nice: just plain dull. That’s what makes him such an effective weapon against President Bush.

The leaders among the Democrats’ White House wannabes - Rep. Dick Gephardt and Sens. John Kerry, Joe Lieberman and John Edwards - reluctantly supported the president on Operation Iraqi Freedom, but now they’re secretly tee-heeing as long-shot Graham accuses Bush of a “cover-up” and of "willingness to politically manipulate intelligence," the Wall Street Journal points out.

What better way for the party to carry out its strategy to snipe away at Bush piece by piece? And what better way for Graham to earn himself the No. 2 slot on the ticket, which the supposedly brainy Al Gore should have been smart enough to offer in 2000?

By the way, Graham says he’ll no longer let reporters look into his much-ridiculed mountain of notebooks, in which he scribbles the most trivial details of his daily existence, even what he eats and when he goes to the bathroom.

Comical factoid: After the Washington Post ran an article spoofing Graham’s notebooks (with one mock entry reading “Ascend stage, stumble, regain balance”), clueless NBC chitchat hostess Katie Couric asked the senator about the report.

3. Repo Man Wants Al Sharpton’s SUV

Move over, John Kerry, Barbra Streisand, Gwyneth Paltrow and Norman Lear: We see that Al Sharpton is just the latest left-wing hypocrite to be exposed for tooling around in a gas-guzzling SUV. But here’s the fun new twist: His 2001 Ford Explorer is being repossessed, if anyone can even find it.

Ford Motor Credit Co. has filed suit in Manhattan Supreme Court after Sharpton stopped paying $1,127.95 a month in November and bounced a check for $3,600 in February, the New York Post reports.

One of Sharpton’s handlers expressed confusion and said that he (just like fellow White House wannabe Hillary!) doesn’t even drive.

4. NBC Treated David Brinkley ‘Like a Doormat’

NewsMax’s U.N. correspondent Stewart Stogel offers personal insight into the late, great David Brinkley. “Do not fail to mention that NBC fired him and his executive producer Wally Westfeldt when they canceled 'NBC Magazine with David Brinkley' on a few days’ notice in 1981,” he writes.

“NBC thought Brinkley was washed up. They treated him like a doormat. I know; I worked on the show. Roone Arledge thought differently. If Brinkley was as valuable as NBC said today, why were his last 16 years spent at ABC?”

Of course, ABC didn’t treat Brinkley much better. But anyone who gets dumped by the network of the America-bashing Canadian Peter Jennings after criticizing the “bore” Bill Clinton will always have a fond place in our hearts.

5. Iraqi Big Tariq Aziz Sidelined by Heart Attack

Stewart Stogel also tells us that Arab sources at the United Nations say that former Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Tariq Aziz suffered a heat attack recently.

Aziz, 67, was the best known of the ruling members of Saddam Hussein’s regime. He surrendered to coalition forces in Baghdad on April 25 and has not been seen since.

President Bush recently remarked that Aziz "has not learned to tell the truth yet." That’s an apparent reference to reports that the Pentagon has not gotten much out of Aziz on Iraq’s weapons and Hussein’s status.

Aziz was the 12th Iraqi official in the famous deck of 55 to be taken into custody by coalition forces since Operation Iraqi Freedom began on March 19.

He is believed to be under detention at one of the former presidential compounds outside Baghdad.

The heart attack is believed to have occurred within the last two weeks. Aziz was treated and is expected to recover, say Arab sources.

A report by CNN confirms that Aziz experienced chest pains and could have suffered a heart attack.

6. Really Rosie: Like Sister, Like Brother

Rosie O'Donnell's equally gay brother, a Democrat state legislator in New York, flew into a hissy fit after a Republican lawmaker spoke out against a bill that would bar harassment of homosexuals on school grounds, the New York Post reports.

"You keep your homophobia out of this chamber, and you keep it out of this building, and you keep it out of the government," fumed Assemblyman Daniel O'Donnell. "We are here. We are your brothers and sisters. We deserve respect, and we demand respect, and we're going to get it."

O'Donnell was furious after Assemblyman Daniel Hooker said it would be better for children to be taught that homosexuality is not OK. "Unless this bill is defeated, we have sacrificed our children's innocence on the altar of political correctness," Hooker said.

The bill, of course, passed by a huge margin: 138-8.

7. Hillary Denies She Threw Lamp at Secret Service; Rush Hiding under Bed?

She writes that after the inauguration in 1992, her Hollywood pals Linda and Harry Thomason found a disturbing note under their pillow in the Lincoln Bedroom (this was before Hillary started renting it to the highest bidder) from “Rush Limbaugh, the right-wing radio host who was one of George Bush’s biggest cheerleaders.” The note supposedly said, “Dear Linda, I was here first, and I’ll be back,” and was signed, “Rush Limbaugh.”

Cut to Easter weekend and the first family’s return from Camp David. Hillary is frantic to find “a few piece of furniture were out of place.” She is enraged to learn that “a security team had searched all of our possession to check for bugging devices and other breaches of security.”

“I suddenly remembered the Rush Limbaugh note placed in the Lincoln bed for Harry and Linda. I wondered, too, about the source of some bizarre stories that had appeared in the press, one citing an anonymous Secret Service employee who claimed that I had thrown a lamp at my husband.” She admits, “I was ready to explode.”

What, does Hillary think Rush was hiding beneath her bed with a tape recorder?

She elaborates on her hatred of the king of talk radio by claiming that he and his colleagues sabotaged her scheme to foist socialist medicine on the nation. She writes that in Portland, Ore., “hard-core right-wingers” stirred up by Rush and other radio hosts mobbed her limousine.

“I’ll never forget the look in their eyes and their twisted mouths as they screamed at me,” according to St. Hillary, or one of her ghostwriters.

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Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories): 1. GOP House Leaders 'Hate' GOP Senate Leaders 2. Dems Turn Sen. Graham Into Attack Dog 3. Repo Man Wants Al Sharpton's SUV 4. NBC Treated Brinkley 'Like a Doormat' 5. Tariq Aziz Sidelined by Heart Attack 6. Rosie's...
Friday, 13 June 2003 12:00 AM
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