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Insider Report: Expect This Powell to Leave the Bush Administration

Saturday, 07 June 2003 12:00 AM

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. NewsMax's 'Deck of Weasels' Enrages the Left Worldwide
2. Expect This Powell to Leave the Bush Administration
3. U.S. Leads World in Prison Population
4. Al-Qaeda: Two Down, Plenty to Go
5. Republicans Promote Al Sharpton for President
6. Get The Desert Camouflage Hat

1. NewsMax's 'Deck of Weasels' Enrages the Left Worldwide

Insider Report is delighted to announce that NewsMax's "Deck of Weasels" has infuriated the domestic and foreign branches of the blame-America-first Left and made them reveal their fascistic true selves. The laugh-out-loud hate mail spawned by this hot-selling item reveals the ultimate hypocrisy of the far Left: Only those who condemn the United States are entitled to free speech!

According to these deep thinkers, it's fine to ridicule President Bush but no one should be allowed to mock Hollywood's foreign-policy "experts" such as Sean Penn and George Clooney.

Furious rantings have poured in from across America and from Canada, Britain, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Israel, Egypt, India, Australia and other countries. Check out the sort of "thinking" that defines today's would-be "tolerant liberals":


Considering his condemnation of heterodoxy and his demonstration of illiteracy, he must be a professor at UW. At least he had the guts to sign his name, unlike most of the ragers.


For Cindy, it's fine for Martin Sheen to have a hatefully worded opinion that differs from the president's but not OK for us to have an opinion that differs from Sheen's.





Who can argue with that kind of "logic"?




Whoo-whee! What these intolerant zealots fail to understand is that we WANT the blame-America-first Leftists to keep spouting off and revealing their true selves to the whole world.

Imagine how they'll go into a foot-stomping conniption fit when we at NewsMax release our deck of Hillary Clinton cards.

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2. Expect This Powell to Leave the Bush Administration

Now that the Federal Communications Commission has relaxed the rules on ownership of multiple media, Washington insiders predict that chairman Michael Powell, son of Secretary of State Colin Powell, will exit before his term expires in 2007, Broadcasting & Cable magazine reports.

By the way, for those conspiracy theorists who blame President Bush for the FCC's closely watched decision and complain that the changes will reduce the Left's control of the media establishment, it was Bill Clinton who appointed Powell to the Commission in 1997.

3. U.S. Leads World in Prison Population

With a record 2 million people locked up, the United States has overtaken Russia to have the world's higher percentage of citizens in the slammer. The Baltimore Sun blames "a two-decade imprisonment boom that experts say has probably helped reduce crime but has also created ballooning costs and stark racial inequities."

"Why, in the land of the free, should 2 million men, women and children be locked up?" whined Andrew Coyle, director of International Center for Prison Studies at the University of London.

Well, Andrew, perhaps it's because those 2 million people are criminals.

Here's an example of criminal "justice" in Coyle's own country: UPI reported Friday that a British court sentenced Michael Wheeler, who for nine months sexually abused two 13-year-old girls, to "three years" in jail. But in the U.K., "three years" in prison in reality means 10 months, according to the article. Isn't it wonderful that English sex fiends enjoy such freedom?

Gee, the U.S. could reduce its prison population if it freed serial rapists of children after 10 months.

Footnote: The crowded prisons appear to be short-term bad news but long-term good news for the Dems. As Florida Democrat iconoclast and Palm Beach County Commissioner Burt Aaronson recently caused a stink by admitting, criminals overwhelmingly vote Democrat.

4. Al-Qaeda: Two Down, Plenty to Go

We might take satisfaction that we have al-Qaeda on the run. Still, they remain a credible force, and a recent CIA report on the "senior management" of al-Qaeda shows that despite billions of U.S. dollars and major Pentagon firepower, the top leaders, starting with Osama bin Laden, are still believed to be alive.

Here's a list of al-Qaeda's crassest brass:

Leaders at large: Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda chief, Saudi Ayman al-Zawahiri, second in command, Egyptian.

Leader killed: Mohammed Afef, military commander, Egyptian.

Senior management at large: Saif al-Adel, operations planner, Egyptian. Mahfouz Ould Walid (aka Abu Hafs the Mauritanian), "religious" adviser, Mauritania. Abu Mohammad al-Masri (aka Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah), operational planner/trainer, Egyptian. Sheikh Said, chief financial officer, Egyptian. Suleiman Abu Ghaith, spokesman, Kuwaiti.

Senior management captured: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, operations planner, Pakistani, Kuwaiti.

5. Republicans Promote Al Sharpton for President

Conservative activists are pushing the presidential campaign of... left-wing activist Al Sharpton.

"I'm hoping the Democratic primary turns into the ultimate campaign fiasco," the organization Republicans for Sharpton writes to Insider Report.

"We all know Sharpton hasn't a chance in hell to beat GW. However, assisting liberal Democrats realize their worst campaign nightmare sounds too good to pass up. Plus, I think a campaign season with George Bush and Al Sharpton squaring off during the debates would be absolutely hilarious.

"This country is about due for some laughter. And Al Sharpton is the perfect liberal clown to deliver."

Republicans for Sharpton has launched a petition drive to help Sharpton compete with the Democrats' many big-money White House wannabes.

This past week NewsMax reported the latest sign of how Sharpton is terrifying the Democrat establishment: The white-dominated Democratic National Committee forced the overwhelmingly black District of Columbia to cancel its January primary, which would have boosted Sharpton and humiliated the likes of John Kerry and Dick Gephardt.

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Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):1. NewsMax's 'Deck of Weasels' Enrages the Left Worldwide 2. Expect This Powell to Leave the Bush Administration 3. U.S. Leads World in Prison Population 4. Al-Qaeda: Two Down, Plenty to Go 5. Republicans Promote Al Sharpton...
Saturday, 07 June 2003 12:00 AM
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