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Insider Report: Democrats Smell More on 9-11 Pre-Knowledge Story

Monday, 20 May 2002 12:00 AM

1. Democrats Smell More on 9-11 Pre-Knowledge Story
2. Pres. Bush Helping Jeb with Miami Visit
3. Critic of US at UN Child Summit Sells Abortion Equipment
4. In Case You Missed It: Sir John Templeton, Coulter, Aldrich

#1 Democrats Smell More on 9-11 Pre-Knowledge Story

Leading Washington Democrats are pushing the "what did the president know and when did he know it?" mantra, even more so because the Bush Administration appears so apprehensive about discussing the matter.

Almost from the get-go, in the wake of 9-11, there was little effort to investigate the causes of 9-11 and the catastrophic intelligence failures that led to it.

Democrats were reluctant to call for an investigation after 9-11 because they thought the ax would fall on Bill Clinton and his handling of American national security.

But equally reluctant has been the Bush Administration. Though a commission on Pearl Harbor was set up within two weeks of that catastrophe, Congressional committees still haven't figured out the framework of an investigation of 9-11 - more than five months later.

But now, with much time passed, Democrats believe that there may be much more than the August 6th CIA briefing to the president warning of possible hijackings.

They don't have hard evidence, but they find it interesting that Vice President Dick Cheney called Senate Leader Tom Daschle and asked him to not investigate 9-11. Cheney denies that and says Daschle misinterpreted the calls.

But last week at a speech in New York, Cheney warned that such criticism, and an investigation of the president's intelligence briefings, may undermine the war effort. He also said such allegations are not so important because new, larger attacks are planned by al-Qaeda.

Democrats are thinking that Cheney may have "protesteth too much."

This weekend the White House leaked to the press that U.S. intelligence has picked up intercepts indicating another al-Qaeda attack is in the works. Democrats are already viewing this as an attempt by the administration to move the media away from the story of the President's CIA briefing.

Another piece in the puzzle: A Democrat Congressional staffer says some Democrats now think that one reason President Bush has kept on CIA Director George Tenet, who should have been fired after 9-11, is that he may hold much more information about what the administration knew and when they knew it.

Lesson to the Bush White House: By failing to go after the Clintons in the wake of 9-11, they ceded the high ground to the Democrats. Now they'll have the rest of their administration to play defense. Another al-Qaeda attack and the Democrats will not wait a second before blaming the Republicans.

#2 Pres. Bush Helping Jeb with Miami Visit

On Monday President Bush will visit Miami and meet with Cuban-Americans.

The press has trumpeted the meeting as a slap in the face to former President Jimmy Carter, whose recent trip to Cuba was an effort to change U.S. policy and lift the embargo.

Others suggested the Miami trip is meant to reconnect President Bush's ties to the Cuban-American community in preparation for 2004. Bush won Florida in a squeaker, as Cuban-Americans voted for him in overwhelming numbers.

In recent years the Cuban-American community had been voting increasingly Democratic. In 1992 and 1996 the Cuban vote went for Clinton.

But political strategists say the real reason Bush is visiting Miami is to shore up support for his brother Jeb.

Jeb is running for re-election as Florida's governor. President Bush will hopefully re-energize Cuban votes in preparation for Jeb's likely contest this November against Janet Reno. The ghost of Elian, who Reno abducted from his Miami family, will certainly be present.

Bush's visit is intended to remind Cuban voters that the Bush Administration views Cuba much differently than the Democrats. The President's brother will be close by to gain approval by association.

#3 Critic of U.S. at UN Child Summit Sells Abortion Equipment

One of the groups most critical of the United States and other governments holding pro-life positions at the recent United Nations Special Session of the General Assembly on Children designs, manufactures and sells abortion equipment throughout the world.

The group, called Ipas, had a marked presence at the conference where its members wore bright green shirts that called for reproductive rights for children.

Ipas members also disrupted the daily U.S. sponsored NGO briefings. Ipas representatives held up signs reading "Shame," frequently interrupted U.S. briefers and spoke over them as they attempted to answer questions. Ipas members were incensed because the U.S. fought to remove reference to "reproductive health services" from the outcome document on children.

At another NGO briefing, an Ipas member asked a U.S. delegate how the U.S. could side with the "Axis of Evil" and the "child-rapists" of the Catholic Church, instead of with its "natural allies" within the European Union.

Ipas seems to be in the business of promoting abortion. Its Web site describes, "The global need for better access to safe, high-quality, elective abortion services is tremendous."

Ipas fills this need through the distribution of the device known as the manual vacuum aspirator (MVA), a portable abortion device that can be used in refugee tents. Ipas has produced and sold MVAs since 1973, and claims MVAs could lead to a revolutionary increase in access to early abortion services.

Besides selling these portable abortion devices themselves, Ipas's Web site also directs potential buyers to a catalogue published by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) that also sells MVAs. UNICEF insists it does not support or promote abortion.

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1. Democrats Smell More on 9-11 Pre-Knowledge Story 2. Pres. Bush Helping Jeb with Miami Visit 3. Critic of US at UN Child Summit Sells Abortion Equipment 4. In Case You Missed It: Sir John Templeton, Coulter, Aldrich#1 Democrats Smell More on 9-11 Pre-Knowledge...
Monday, 20 May 2002 12:00 AM
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