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Insider Report: Coulter Surpasses Hillary on Amazon

Saturday, 21 June 2003 12:00 AM

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. Heritage Criticizes Bush's Big Government Health Plan
2. Those Terrorist Ohio Truckers Strike Again
3. Castro, Chavez, Lula Interfere in El Salvador
4. Republocrat Abets Partial-Birth Abortion
5. Washington Post Reams Hillary's Book
6. Waiting for the Deck of Hillary or Weasels?
7. Ann Coulter's "Treason" Dethrones Hillary on Amazon

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1. Heritage Criticizes Bush's Big Government Health Plan

Conservatives are aghast that our president is promoting rather than fighting a huge expansion of the bloated Medicare "entitlement" program to include tens of millions of middle-class Americans who expect taxpayers to buy their drugs for them.

The Heritage Foundation complains that "rather than taking a firm leadership role in the legislative process, President Bush elected instead to send Congress a framework and then invited lawmakers to fill in the details. The result was predictable. The process is fast becoming a political feeding frenzy, in which short-term partisan advantage trumps responsible action."

Even Bill Clinton's Medicare administrator Nancy-Ann DeParle wrote in the Washington Post: "Democrats should do everything they can to whisk it to his desk. In signing it, as he will surely be forced to do, he will preside over the biggest expansion of government health benefits since the Great Society." (Some "Great Society" the disastrous LBJ unleashed on America! "Greasy Society" is more like it.)

Check out these frightening figures from the Wall Street Journal. "The size of government, as a proportion of the overall economy, declined slightly under Ronald Reagan, increased slightly under George H.W. Bush, then declined sharply under Bill Clinton. In just two years under the current president, its 1.3 percentage-point increase - to 19.9% - already has nearly equaled what took Jimmy Carter four years to achieve."

Truth to tell, in a recessionary economy the size of government generally increases relative to the private sector. And President Bush has the costly war on terrorism to contend with. He also deserves credit for planning to open hundreds of thousands of federal jobs to the private sector. But as NewsMax.com has reported, "Federal domestic spending rose 8 percent from 2001 to 2002."

The Journal says Bush has failed on his most important campaign promise, to shore up and contain "entitlement" programs, in the name of political expediency. "Mr. Bush's campaign advisers have concluded that the political risk of skipping the harder choices is minimal."

Perhaps, Pres. Bush would launch a "war on entitlements" and dare to say, "People could afford their own damn medicine if federal, state and local governments didn't confiscate half their money."

2. Those Terrorist Ohio Truckers Strike Again

Did you notice how the media establishment has sunk to absurdly contorted new lows of political correctness in misreporting the latest al-Qaeda arrest in America?

If you read closely enough you know that this Muslim terrorist operative, Iyman Faris, a/k/a Mohammed Rauf, is an immigrant from Kashmir. So how come the media keep referring to him as an "Ohio truck driver"?

Everything from the fiction-publishing New York Times to P.C.-obsessed USA Today described him thusly on first reference Thursday. Even the usually fair and balanced Fox News Channel continued Friday calling him an "Ohio truck driver."

Oh, those awful gangs of terrorist truckers from Ohio, there they go again! Weren't they the ones who carried out 9/11, who struck the World Trade Center in 1993, who bombed the Khobar Towers, who attacked the Achille Lauro, who bombed the USS Cole, who bombed the nightclub in Bali, who trained more terrorists in Syria, who carried out the sniper attacks in the D.C. area, who backed failed shoe bomber Richard Reid, who backed Jose "Abdullah al Muhajir" Padilla, who defended Saddam Hussein, who are building nuclear weapons in Iran, who today are wreaking havoc everywhere from the Philippines to Uruguay to Pakistan to Kenya to Germany?

Oops, wait. No. What those terrorists all have in common is … well, even readers of the New York Times can figure that out.

Really, the hardworking truck drivers of the Midwest ought to form their own pressure group to pester the nattering nabobs into stopping the bigoted reporting.

How curious that the Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Denver Post, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, the Sydney Morning Herald, Knight Ridder, Gannett News Service and loads of other media have referred to Olympic bombing suspect Eric Rudolph as a "Christian terrorist."

Many media and even some members of Congress falsely described Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh as a "Christian terrorist" although he was an admitted atheist. How come no one went around screaming about "atheist terrorists"?

Most Muslims, of course, are not terrorists. But whether the P.C. thought police like it or not, most terrorists are Muslims.

3. Castro, Chavez, Lula Interfere in El Salvador

Insider Report has learned that in El Salvador, the conservative party Arena is fighting a tough campaign against the communist party FMLN. FMLN is receiving ample financial support from leftist leaders Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Lula of Brazil, and tactical assistance from Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Elections are in November. The way that Latin American countries are toppling leftward like the proverbial wall of dominoes, we wish good luck to Arena.

4. Republocrat Sabotages Fight Against Partial-Birth Abortion

It's getting increasingly difficult to tell the Republocrats apart from the Demicans. Rep. Jim Greenwood [R-PA] is bragging about his effort to nullify legislation banning gruesome partial-birth abortions.

The U.S. House voted 282-139 early this month to ban partial-birth abortions. Along with Rep. Steny Hoyer [D-MD] Greenwood offered an amendment that would have continued the grisly killings of unborn children who are viable outside the womb, for virtually any reason invented by an abortionist.

Traditional Values Coalition reports that Maggie Groff, who is with the pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood in suburban Philadelphia, said, "In general, we consider Jim one of the best leaders we have in Congress." Translation: He's one of the worst leaders in Congress for human rights.

5. Washington Post Reams Hillary's Book

Even the pro-Democrat Washington Post has panned Hillary Clinton's "memoirs," along with the contradictory and equally fictitious book by Clintonoid propagandist Sidney Blumenthal.

Jonathan Yardley's fascinating review describes these books as "fiercely partisan," "defensive, exculpatory, self-justifying and at times bellicose" and "selective: They go on at immense length when that is convenient to the argument being made, but retreat into see-no-evil blindness when the facts are inconvenient."

He notes that Hillary has "self-evident ambitions that extend well beyond the floor of the Senate. Thus, predictably, her book is as much campaign document as memoir...."

In zapping Blumenthal, Yardley admits this Clintonista used to work for the Post, even though his "principal interest is not reportage but advocacy disguised as reportage." So why did the newspaper hire such an obviously biased partisan?

As for Hillary's claim of a right-wing conspiracy, Yardley notes "there is also an 'interlocking network of groups and individuals' seeking to advance the ends that Clinton herself espouses. What it is called is politics, not conspiracy, but the Clinton White House, for all its political acumen in other respects, never could grasp the difference. This helps explain why, whenever it came under attack from the right wing or the press, the Clinton administration resorted to stonewalling and mendacity."

And check out Yardley's devastating conclusion:

"There were, for a few flickering moments after Clinton declared victory in November 1992, reasons to hope for the best. Some intelligent, public-spirited people gathered under Clinton's banner, and it seemed possible that for the first time in decades the voice of ordinary Americans might actually find a sympathetic ear in the White House. But even before Clinton was sworn in, as his henchmen hit up big-money special interests to underwrite an Inauguration of surpassing vulgarity, it became clear that the more things change the more they remain the same. How telling it is that the Clinton era began on that note and ended with the pardons, matters that get only glancing attention in these two books.

"But between the first inauguration and the pardons lay eight years of bumbling, dissembling, concupiscence and amorality. That the American people not merely tolerated this but gave Clinton the benefit of just about every doubt is a sign, perhaps, of their capacity for forgiveness, but it is a sign of moral obtuseness as well. These are matters with which Clinton's defenders must contend, but from the two books at hand you'd never know they existed."

6. Waiting for the Deck of Hillary or Deck of Weasels?

NewsMax customers in record numbers bought our now famous Deck of Weasels playing cards -- poking fun at the 54 celebrities and political leaders who opposed Pres. Bush in his war on terror, and predicted calamity in Iraq. Then, sales for our follow-up Deck of Hillary, has broken even those sales records.

Of course NewsMax was not prepared, sorry to say, for the huge volume of orders and the national media attention to these products, such as in People magazine.

We are glad to say that all customers still waiting for either the Deck of Weasels or Deck of Hillary cards will be shipped in the next few days. We appreciate your patience!

...or the Deck of Hillary -

7. Ann Coulter's Treason Dethrones Hillary on Amazon

This week NewsMax's Carl Limbacher first reported that "Coulter Dethrones Hillary on Amazon."

Conservative author Ann Coulter has dethroned Hillary Clinton on the Amazon.com best-seller list, even though her latest blockbuster, "Treason: Liberal Treachery from the Cold War to the War on Terrorism," isn't due for release for another four days.

As of Friday morning, Coulter's 368-page tome had rocketed to the No. 3 position on the Amazon list, with Mrs. Clinton's "Living History" trailing in fourth place.

Topping both Coulter and Clinton was the latest "Harry Potter" sequel, in first place, followed by the re-issue by Oprah Winfrey's book club of the John Steinbeck classic, "East of Eden."

Fox News host Sean Hannity has predicted that Coulter's book will outsell Hillary Clinton's, creating a public relations disaster for the presidential wannabe.

The Drudge Report reported Thursday night, in a worldwide exclusive, that Coulter's "Treason" promises to blow the doors off some of liberalism's most cherished shibboleths.

Drudge says Coulter will pop the liberal balloon on Sen. Joseph McCarthy and the liberals' claims that the crusading anti-Communist senator was wrong about Moscow's agents penetrating the uppermost reaches of government in the 1950s.

"If any other religious cult knew so few basic facts about its own seminal beliefs as the liberal cult does about Joe McCarthy, Janet Reno would gas them," scorches Coulter, according to excerpts posted by Internet info guru Matt Drudge.

In a chapter sure to leave liberals livid, Coulter paints the incendiary Wisconsin Republican as a political savior, contending, "In his brief, fiery ride across the landscape, Joe McCarthy bought America another thirty years."

Contends Coulter: "Liberals denounced McCarthy because they were afraid of getting caught, so they fought back like animals...."

Other Coulter chapters are sure to have media lefties fuming, especially with titles like: "Fifty Years of Treason" and "How Liberals Won The Cold War During the Reagan Administration."

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Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):1. Heritage Criticizes Bush's Big Government Health Plan 2. Those Terrorist Ohio Truckers Strike Again 3. Castro, Chavez, Lula Interfere in El Salvador 4. Republocrat Abets Partial-Birth Abortion 5. Washington Post Reams...
Saturday, 21 June 2003 12:00 AM
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