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Insider Report: Bill Gates Targets AOL

Saturday, 30 November 2002 12:00 AM

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1. Bill Gates Targets AOL
2. China's President Calls Gates "Arrogant"
3. Kissinger's Conflicts of Interests
4. Kissinger Committee Will Find CIA Revelations

1. Bill Gates Targets AOL

Bill Gates has vowed to destroy AOL.

That's what an insider close to AOL Time Warner tells NewsMax, explaining its recent woes and barrage of negative press coverage.

AOL Time Warner has taken a pummeling in share value, though its stock price is up almost 100% from its recent bottom of $8 a share.

Still, execs at AOL Time Warner say most of their woes and negative press coverage has been manipulated by Bill Gates and Microsoft.

Gates is said to still be furious with AOL Time Warner Chairman Steve Case, who had AOL work up front during the Justice Dept. effort to break up Microsoft.

During the Microsoft break-up proceedings, Case and AOL told the court that it chose Microsoft's browser over rival Netscape because of Microsoft's market dominance - a factor that gave weight to government arguments Microsoft had a virtual monopoly in operating systems for computers and the Web.

Since then Gates has vowed to bring down AOL and destroy it.

The AOL insider tells NewsMax that Microsoft basically "owns the Wall Street Journal" because of its heavy ad spending, and explains why the paper and other media outlets have targeted AOL Time Warner.

2. China's President Calls Gates "Arrogant"

Bill Gates may be the world's richest man (Forbes places his wealth at $43 billion), but it was not enough to impress the President of China, Jiang Zemin.

An American businessman recently visited China and met privately with Jiang.

When Gates' name came up, Jiang was said to have become livid.

Was China's top communist angry with Bill Gates for being America's top capitalist?

Not at all.

Our source quoted Jiang, in broken English, calling Gates an "arrogant SOB."

Jiang said he found Gates to be pompous and disrespectful. Jiang complained that Gates didn't even bother to wear a tie when he came to meet him.

3. Kissinger's Conflicts of Interests

Henry Kissinger may be one of the most brilliant men in the world, but legitimate questions can and should be asked about his appointment to head the commission to investigate Sept. 11.

The commission was established by Congress over the serious objections of the Washington bureaucracy, particularly those at the CIA and FBI who don't want to bear any responsibility for the catastrophic intelligence failures that led to 9/11.

The commission has an extremely important job and must be willing to challenge the Washington establishment, to point fingers and lay blame.

Does Kissinger have any history of being an honest muckraker?


The 79-year-old statesman is well beyond his prime for the vigorous leadership the commission needs.

The commission also needs someone who has a track record of impartiality.

It is difficult for Kissinger to make the claim.

For one thing, he has held an appointed position in the Bush administration as a member of the Defense Policy Board.

The Board is an advisory one, but also one that is closely aligned with the White House, and has been credited with President Bush's demand for regime change in Iraq.

Kissinger is not the man for the job.

The commission members should be individuals who will offer a fair and honest appraisal of the causes of 9/11, and how America was failed by our officials.

NewsMax suggestions as either replacements for Kissinger, or for appointment to be the 10 member commission: former FBI Director William Sessions, former federal judge Robert Bork, former attorney general Edwin Meese, former California governor Jerry Brown, former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg, former New York Mayor Edward Koch, and former Senator Sam Nunn.

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4. Kissinger Committee Will Find CIA Revelations

The Kissinger Committee investigating 9/11 will no doubt be looking at the CIA's role in 9/11.

One person who may well be called and will be on the top of the list to testify is former CIA officer Robert Baer.

Baer was the CIA's highest-ranking agent in Iraq under Bill Clinton.

In a sensational new audio program with NewsMax called "Off the Record," Baer makes clear that Bill Clinton helped Saddam Hussein stay in power.

Despite Clinton's rhetoric, Baer reveals that Clinton had full knowledge Iraq was smuggling billions in illegal oil through Turkey, but decided to turn a blind eye to this.

Baer says Clinton's motive was clear: he wanted Saddam to have enough money to stay in power.

Baer, who had been organizing efforts to overthrow Saddam, was summoned back to Washington by the Clinton White House.

Back in the U.S. Baer was met by FBI agents who said he would be charged with attempting to assassinate a foreign leader, Saddam Hussein.

Later the charges were dropped and Baer retired with a citation.

Still, in his exclusive interview with NewsMax Baer makes no bones about Clinton's responsibility.

He notes that during the Clinton years "the Central Intelligence Agency stopped recruiting agents, those are foreign nationals who work in place, usually in their country where they live, secretly for the Central Intelligence Agency and tell them what's going on. I mean, for instance, today we'd love to have sources inside Saudi mosques, the mosques in Kuwait, to figure out what we're facing if we go to war with Iraq. We stopped doing all that."

Baer says the CIA was left to die because "the White House didn't support us."

"Clinton was a disaster," Baer says, adding, "He detested the CIA, he refused to see the director, Jim Woolsey, and John Deutsch, later on. He didn't read intelligence. He told us, in the field, we got the message very clearly, that the President didn't read our stuff, he didn't care what we did."

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Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):1. Bill Gates Targets AOL 2. China's President Calls Gates "Arrogant" 3. Kissinger's Conflicts of Interests 4. Kissinger Committee Will Find CIA Revelations1. Bill Gates Targets AOLBill Gates has vowed to destroy AOL. That's...
Saturday, 30 November 2002 12:00 AM
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