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Immigration Anarchists: Beyond Open Borders, What Do They Want?

Tuesday, 21 December 2004 12:00 AM

Anarchists have a bad reputation dating back to the ancient Greeks but as current as the “anti-globalization” riots in Chile during the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Anarchy, defined as “without a government,” continues to be linked to riots and chaos, despite the disclaimers of anarchists.

For example, Noam Chomsky, an MIT professor and author of "Notes on Anarchy," acknowledges that the “general intellectual culture …associates ‘anarchism’ with chaos, violence, bombs, disruption, and so on,” yet he identifies with its “leading traditions.”

Since the Berlin Wall fell, anarchism has become the progressive replacement for communism in academia. For example, the Claremont Colleges have a Web site called “Anarchy Archives,” which encourages students to post contributions on the topic as part of their political science courses.

Adopting logos such as a capital A within a circle and a black and red star, the new anarchists are part of an active political cult established by disillusioned communists and socialists, who refuse to abandon their goal of world domination.

It is ironic that they have young people rioting against globalization, which is exactly what they have in mind, but with them in charge. One of their gambits is open borders, and recently another anarchy Web site cautioned workers not to be misguided by reports that immigrants are the root of economic problems. Activists who include open borders in their game plan for creating confusion and disorder in the United States, I term immigration anarchists.

The news media identify as anarchists the new wave of rioters and violence-prone demonstrators at international events, including meetings of the Group of Seven, the World Trade Organization, and the World Economic Forum. What do these ski-masked anarchists, who are rioting in the streets, breaking windows, throwing bombs, pillaging, and plundering, really want? In admitting to reporters that they are “anti-globalization” protesters, these neo-anarchists say they are against the misuse of power by all authority.

Some of these young people, who are committing criminal acts, believe that utopia will follow destruction of all civilized society; but when questioned, they can offer no concept of how anti-authoritarianism is to be achieved and then maintained.

Their backers, however, have a well-thought-out plan for takeover by an oligarchy. Some are unreformed believers in world communism, with a vision of themselves as totalitarian rulers. Some anti-globalization protesters turn out to be Islamic radicals, using the broad back of anarchy to achieve their goal of an Islam-dominated world.

Although student activists may be naïve, their professors know very well that civilization cannot exist without some form of governance. Pure chaos would spiral into human annihilation. Nihilism, however, is on the rise. In the United States, a pervasive lack of personal responsibility smacks of anarchy, as does an apathy toward national heritage that devalues U.S. citizenship and, in turn, respect for U.S. laws, beginning with immigration laws.

The survival of the United States as a nation depends on political and moral imperatives. Culture, ethos, heritage, and an official language are the foundation of any nation.

Immigrant special-interest groups (who refuse to distinguish between legal and illegal entry) whine, however, that America is a nation of immigrants. They argue that the United States must accept every foreign national regardless of immigration status and that illegal immigrants are due all the rights of citizenship, even voting rights. They contend that immigrants need not assimilate but may keep their own cultures.

Some misguided jurists have gone so far as to opine that “illegal aliens” have the same constitutional rights as U.S. citizens. Such judges have thrown in their lot with the immigration anarchists, forgetting the words of Thurgood Marshall (who would become U.S. Supreme Court Justice): “Lawlessness is lawlessness. Anarchy is anarchy is anarchy. Neither race nor color nor frustration is an excuse for either lawlessness or anarchy.”

The immigrant special-interest groups, in realty, want a nation divided. They want laws to apply only when immigrants choose to obey them.

National Council of La Raza (or The Race), a Mexican-American political organization in the United States, and its “gringo” supporters work for the elimination of all borders (land and sea) around the United States of America. Their supporters include giant philanthropies, such as the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, and Carnegie Foundation.

Islamic terrorists are among the no-borders advocates who seek to bring the United States down to the economic and social level of Third-World nations. They seek a poorly educated populace ruled by a weak government controlled by a totalitarian oligarchy. Differing somewhat with their immigrant-rights allies, Islamic terrorists envision a Muslim oligarchy ruling the world.

When immigrant-rights advocates say the United States is a nation of immigrants, they fail to mention that until recently most immigrants entered the country legally and worked to become law-abiding citizens. Knowledge of the English language was required to become a citizen, and only U.S. citizens could vote.

In the decades prior to 1970, immigrants generally obeyed the rules. Yes, the United States was built by immigrants from many cultures around the world, who assimilated, forging in the great melting pot, one indivisible nation.

The motto on the Great Seal of the United States of America reads, “E Pluribus Unum,” Latin for “One from many ” or “Out of many, one.” Immigrants have taken this motto as their own, although the original meaning was the union of 13 colonies as one nation. The seal was designed with the bald eagle holding 13 arrows in the left talon and an olive branch in the right—representing armed action as needed and peace as possible. The eagle’s breast has a shield with a blue chief (upper section) and 13 vertical white and red stripes representing the 13 colonies. Above the eagle is a halo formed by a constellation of 13 stars, and held in the eagle’s beak is a scroll bearing the motto, “E Pluribus Unum.” The U.S. seal was adopted officially on June 20, 1782, by the Founding Fathers, who pledged their lives and property to the new republic it represented.

Today immigration anarchists are subverting the motto on the U.S. seal by Balkanizing the United States. They seek to attain their goals by creating enclaves of immigrants who refuse to assimilate and who pledge their loyalties to foreign governments. Such enclaves, increasingly taking the form of distinct city-states, are a direct contradiction of the blueprint provided us by the Founding Fathers.

Immigration anarchists include influential groups, such as academia, the news media, philanthropic trusts, progressive politicians of all stripes, multiculturalists, and a growing group of America-haters. As the recent election disclosed, civil discourse and debate are disappearing from the political scene. Open-borders advocates are waging an all-out attack on anyone who demands adherence to U.S. immigration laws by all those wishing to enter the country.

By portraying immigrants as victims, open-borders advocates attempt to demean U.S. culture and thus render the country unable to defend its borders. Although the news media accepts the immigrant-as-victim portrayal, it is actually U.S. immigration policies that are being victimized by an unrelenting wave of untruths and distortions unprecedented in American history. Open-borders advocates offer no objective, constructive criticisms but only blatant attacks meant to fractionalize the nation. The result is immigration anarchy.

If the major goal of immigration anarchists is unbridled immigration into the United States, the latest numbers indicate their success. Estimated numbers of immigrants residing in the United States in November 2004 reached a record 34 million men, women, and children. Some sources say this total includes all immigrants, but others insist that it reflects only undocumented (illegal) immigrants. All agree that 6 million illegal immigrants have entered the United States each year since 2000.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), the federal agency formerly responsible for enforcing immigration laws, is no more. Following 9/11, this responsibility was transferred from the U.S. Department of Justice to several new agencies in the Department of Homeland Security. Only time will tell if the transplant bears fruit.

Not all illegal immigrants enter the country illegally. Some arrive on legal visas but choose to remain, after their visas expire; others obtain legal visas using fraudulent documents. In a 2004 Government Accounting Office (GAO) report, Homeland Security officials recorded 2.3 million visa overstays as of January 2000. The GAO suggests that this number is low; and lest we forget, some of the 9/11 terrorists were visa overstays.

A growing number of immigrants, be they legal or illegal, owe no allegiance to the United States. They are economic settlers, wishing to retain their own culture, who merely want the monetary benefits of the United States. Some have open disdain for the American way of life. Refusing to accept U.S. history, they opt to accentuate their differences.

Anarchy is an unnatural condition. Even the gray eminence of anarchy, 19th-century French writer Daniel Guérin, had “difficulty in formulating its doctrines as a specific and determinate theory of society and social change.” Yet anarchists in the United States today are using the politically correct concept of open borders to create chaos, by which they plan to undermine the U.S. government. To refute immigration anarchists, I propose the following five steps.

First Amendment free speech is not threatened by a call for civil discourse. Constructive criticism and practical solutions always will be welcomed.

One-Worlder billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Institute with foundations in 50+ countries funds radical causes, such as liberalizing U.S. immigration policy. The fallacy of his utopian ideas, disproved along with dialectical materialism, need to be exposed. Even the progressive United Nations recognizes the rights of nation-states to protect their borders.

As the leading democracy in the world, the United States has a form of government based on elections by U.S. citizens, who swear allegiance to the nation, foreswearing all others. Illegal immigrants are not U.S. citizens regardless of the One-Worlders and their strange bedfellows, the immigration anarchists. Mere presence in a country does not confer rights, and compliance with U.S. immigration laws is the first duty of those wishing to become citizens.

In a democracy, liberty flows naturally from the nation-state to the citizen as an inalienable right. Immigrants must be willing to assimilate or be denied the rights of citizenship. Immigration anarchists oppose this concept of liberty and malign the government that protects it.

Remedies to immigration abuse include use of an eye print, fingerprints, or other technology to create a national identity card. Such prints can be logged into a central database and checked against “wanted” lists that already exist.

Driver's licenses and Social Security cards are already unsecured national identity cards, even though such a requirement is opposed vehemently by anarchists and terrorists.

U.S. consular officers working in the field deserve better training, and the standards for granting visas need to be raised. Countries should be limited to one visa-issuing consular office, and each visa needs to be tracked by code. The administrative costs of processing and issuing travel visas need to be covered by the applicants.

Deportation of any person attempting to enter the country without proper papers needs to be expedited. The time has come for remedy.

For the past 30 years, the U.S. Congress has jumbled immigration legislation, catering to immigrant special-interest groups. The immigration three-card monte that Congress has played with its constituents should have ended on 9/11.

Congress must forego political correctness and finally admit the impact on the United States of illegal immigration. The security of the United States ranks above re-election campaigns. The identities of those funding the new immigration anarchists, waving their red and black flags, need to be made public. U.S. immigration laws must reflect the real cost of importing terrorism.

While the federal government continues to waffle on immigration, U.S. citizens are taking the matter into their own hands. Arizona voters recently passed a proposition denying welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. In reaction to the open-borders campaigns of immigration anarchists, U.S. citizens have now taken up the gauntlet. They will not be betrayed by the kiss of anarchy.


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Anarchists have a bad reputation dating back to the ancient Greeks but as current as the "anti-globalization" riots in Chile during the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. Anarchy, defined as "without a government," continues to be linked to riots and chaos,...
Tuesday, 21 December 2004 12:00 AM
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