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How the Experts Do It

Thursday, 30 May 2002 12:00 AM

Do what? Look for terrorists, that's what. And the experts have to be the Israeli security forces. Right now there's a law enforcement delegation from Georgia in Israel learning what they can. Last week it was New York police officials. Later this year there will be a convention of police commissioners in Israel.

Israel knows how to fight terrorism. We apparently don't, at least not on the home front.

I like this quote from an Israeli security expert in the Christian Science Monitor. He was talking about our absurd airport security screening practices. Listen – this is the sound of hitting the nail on the head:

"The difference between the Israeli and American systems is that we are looking for the terrorist, while the Americans look for the weapons."

The Monitor story says that "Israeli specialists have a low regard for American security searches. They say they tend to cause unnecessary discomfort for travelers, while being prone to missing potential assailants.

"The United States does not have a security system, it has a system for bothering people."

Why are our security screeners looking for weapons instead of looking AT people? Because you can profile weapons. Because weapons don't have civil rights. Because weapons can't file complaints. Because weapons can't sue. Because weapons aren't protected by that new deity known as "Political Correctness." Because weapons are, in fact, politically

It will take at least one more terrorist attack – maybe more – before we dethrone the PC gods and get on with some REAL security efforts.

Oh … the things you learn going through my reading assignments. Like this, for instance.

Do you remember Ruby Ridge? Do you remember the trumped-up charges that sent the FBI, ATF and other assorted law enforcement types to the mountain home of Randy Weaver and his family?

Do you remember Weaver's wife being shot and killed by an FBI sniper? Was she brandishing a dangerous weapon? No, she was holding their child. Do you also remember the government agents then yelling at another of Weaver's children something like "Who's going to fix your breakfast now?"

Moving on … do you remember the ATF boss who refused to say that the ATF did anything wrong at Ruby Ridge? Do you remember a jury finding that the government had entrapped Randy Weaver?

And do you then remember the man, the ATF boss, who said, "Do you believe Randy Weaver – or do you believe the federal agents who have sworn to tell the truth and are carrying out a career in this government?"

Just who WAS that man? Do you know his name? Well, the name is John Magaw. Familiar, isn't it? Yup – the same John Magaw who is now the head of the Transportation Security Agency and the undersecretary of transportation for security.

And … the same John Magaw who made that announcement last week that pilots wouldn't be allowed to carry guns on commercial airliners. The same John Magaw who has now made the last line of defense against another terrorist hijacking of a commercial airliner an F-16 with heat-seeking missiles.

More? Read Ann Coulter's column at http://www.jewishworldreview.com/cols/coulter1.asp

Things are heating up between Pakistan and India – and the al-Qaeda may be the puddin' stick here. We've read reports that Osama bin Laden's gang of peace-loving Muslims are working as agitators in the disputed Kashmir region so that Pakistan will take troops away from the Pakistan-Afghan border.

Many experts think that Osama bin Laden's forces have established themselves throughout Pakistan. That brings up this question. What about Pakistan's nuclear weapons? Could this be the Osama bin Laden shortcut to acquiring a nuke?

It is said that the U.S. has a secret unit operating overseas. The purpose of this unit is to destroy nuclear facilities. Is it time for them to go to work in Pakistan?

George W. Bush has announced that there will be no further oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida and the Everglades. The federal government – that means the taxpayers – are going to fork over over $200 million to buy back oil and gas rights off the coast of the Florida panhandle.

Now … let's try to understand this. Bush is in favor of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. There are proven reserves there and America needs more energy independence. Bush is against drilling off the coast of Florida. There are proven reserves there and America needs more energy independence.

So, why ANWR and not the Florida Gulf coast? Could it possibly be because George's brother is the governor of Florida … is opposed to the oil exploration … and is up for re-election?

When the disgraced Bill Campbell became the mayor of Atlanta, he promised the city a "nationwide search" to find the "best qualified" person to become the police chief. He then chose the chauffeur for a former APD chief to assume the job.

Fast-forward to Atlanta's new mayor, Shirley Franklin. She, too, promised a search. She has delivered where Campbell did not. Today she will name former New Orleans Police Chief Richard Pennington as Atlanta's new chief.

Could it be that Shirley Franklin doesn't have anything to hide and thus isn't afraid of a qualified and competent police chief?

Headline in today's Atlanta Journal-Constitution: "Did Missed Clues Seal the Deal? Maybe."

Again – and why can't the media get a grasp on this concept? – the clues to the September terrorist attacks were not "missed." They were IGNORED! They were ignored because of federal bureaucrats cowering and trembling before the false god of political correctness.

I understand that Cobb County, Ga., schools are requiring an insert in science textbooks. The insert will state that evolution is a theory. Next year the Cobb County schools will require an insert stating that the idea that the Earth revolves around the Sun is also just a theory. I'm told they're going to take on the 2+2=4 controversy in 2003.

Did I hear this right? Some network is going to do a "reality" show about Anna Nicole Smith? Cameras are going to follow her around to show everyone what kind of a wacky life she lives? Now there's one show we'll want to watch with the mute button on.

I guess character doesn't count anymore.

I read this morning that 136 students from Georgia Tech have been found guilty of cheating. They shared homework in a computer science class. All were found guilty of honor code violations.

The scorecard? A zero on the assignment was given to 32 of them. Another 62 had their grades in the course lowered by one letter. Fifteen had their grades lowered by two letters. Twenty-six received an "F." One student was suspended.

What's my beef here? All 136 should have been kicked out of school. These relatively light consequences carry no sting. No lessons learned.

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Do what?Look for terrorists, that's what.And the experts have to be the Israeli security forces. Right now there's a law enforcement delegation from Georgia in Israel learning what they can.Last week it was New York police officials.Later this year there will be a...
Thursday, 30 May 2002 12:00 AM
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