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How Liberal Fascism Destroyed Gray Davis

Thursday, 05 June 2003 12:00 AM

In California at least, voter outrage over what the politicians have done to them surges. And with calculating indifference, Democrats project calm blamelessness.

Imagine the shock when they wake up one morning and discover that the cover the liberal media have been running for them for so long no longer keeps the rain out.

Discomforting enlightenment and more accurate terms to describe their conduct reveal a party without an ethical compass, hell bent on passing laws contrary to the public consensus, apparently driven to rewrite history, societal norms and cultural conventions and, until now, getting away with it.

That’s changing. And we are all the beneficiaries.

If the term fits, it should be used. No favorites. No games. Gray Davis and the radical Democrats in Sacramento are liberal fascists who have been abusing their authority, pushing unpopular policies while recklessly ignoring the state’s financial catastrophe, almost begging it to happen.

Even now, as if in the throes of a catatonic mental disorder, they deny reality, continuing to push legislation that will make the budget crisis worse.

Davis’ response has been equally insolent. He has castigated the press, meeting with them personally, demanding they write stories that defend his mindless pursuit of increased taxes. He has launched a counterplot "anti-recall" crusade designed to destroy the efforts of thousands of voters diligently gathering signatures to ensure the recall question hits the ballot.

His better judgment knows the public is correct: He has to go. Yet he angrily fights reality. And that’s the point. Davis and the Democrats are here to leave an ugly, confrontational scar on the body public while scoffing at critics who "don’t know what they’re talking about." At times one wonders if we are all on the same planet.

Let’s establish two points before we start. I have no personal reason to write columns that discredit Gray Davis. In fact I met him in 1989. He seemed like a nice enough guy, coming across as gravely earnest.

The object here is to demonstrate how his strategic endorsement of fascistic liberalism emanating from the capital’s Democrat-ruled juggernaut has been so damaging to the Golden State, while destroying his political career.

To the disbelieving or uninformed, dashing though life, taxes, work, kids and baseball practice and relying solely on California newspapers for the facts required to form an educated opinion: A false picture is being delivered to your doorsteps in the morning.

The state’s papers share two common traits: paranoia and intimidation.

Paranoia in that they fear the repercussions (and accusations) should full disclosure over who is paying for state services, and who is not, be revealed.

And they are intimidated by belligerent and aggressive "activist" lawyers, gay rights crusaders and immigrant defenders, all at the ready to misapply the law to extract blood and money from anyone who dares to challenge their sacred cows. Compromise is not an option, atonement out of the question.

Overwhelming California majorities have voted that only English be taught in schools (Prop 227), they are against discrimination on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin (Prop 209), they are for marriage defined as that between a man and a woman (Prop 22), and they strongly disagree with providing social services, publicly funded health care and a free education to illegal immigrants (Prop 187).

Excluding the infrequent editorial, however, rarely can one pick up the Sacramento Bee, Los Angeles Times or Orange County Register, among others, and read a report validating the majority perspective.

In fact, the press, falling all over itself to celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, ignores and denigrates these views and instead breeds the imagery of open-minded "centrists," "moderates" and "progressive thinkers," lionized for the courage to have an opposite worldview.

What they forget to tell the public is that these progressives have little time for people who differ with them objectively. Debate is closed.

With fact and reason tabled, story and content sublimate to a yarn of ethnic mythology that worships (creates saints of) one element of society while concurrently vilifying (dehumanizing) another element of the population through misinformation, exclusion of countering fact, social ostracism, name-calling, false accusations and outright threats.

The institutional reluctance of the press to render a judgment over what values or conclusions serve the greater good is intentional. To be literal, it’s called obscurantism: the practice of delivering vague truths and hiding key facts, withholding information from the public and lying through selective omission.

With no gatekeeper looking out for the public, the termites of liberal fascism have spread throughout the house of the Golden State. Eroding the culture, the structure, the foundation, weakening our resolve to do the right thing. Like the homeowner who goes to sell his house, needing an appraisal and a termite inspection.

When the damage report comes back, the results could not be more shockingly clear. "But I’m broke," says the homeowner.

"Too bad! Pay me," say the Democrats in Sacramento.

The docile homeowner has been taught to never complain, because he knows what happens when he demands that problems get fixed. He gets called a racist. A bigot. A "mean-spirited person who hates."

Fascists like to use scapegoats to achieve their goals. The public is tired of being a scapegoat for the failures of Davis and the Democrats, and they are on their way to doing something about it.

So how did Davis and the Democrats, smart people to be sure, do such a number on themselves? Their wounds are self-inflicted.

Mistake No. 1: They thought the public was too stupid.

Mistake No. 2: They thought that as long as they had sympathy and tacit support in the press and TV media, they were home free.

Davis never expected the ease with which an incensed public could download a recall petition and work to secure his dismissal. The governor, and Democrats statewide and nationally, have no solution to the "reality media" on the Internet and talk radio.

Since liberals depend on emotion and skewed facts to keep their adherents in check, their positions become unsustainable when subjected to anything more than superficial scrutiny.

Let me suggest reasons why they use fascistic tactics (and why they have little choice not to).

Fascism, in a nutshell, combines dictatorial conduct, forcible repression of opposition, and a singular obedience to the authority of the state. The father of fascism, Benito Mussolini, believed this governmental philosophy to be a "Third Way" between socialism and conservatism.

1. Fascism identifies one class of citizens to be considered superior (good) to another (bad) based upon race, origin, theology or association. Thus convinced minorities, gays and illegal immigrants circle the wagons as a victim army for liberal Democrats, signed on to unanimously "straight-ticket" the party while nursing individual causes.

2. Fascism dismantles the rights and wealth of a targeted segment of the population, specifically the middle class and intellectuals within urban areas.

Davis has turned the world’s sixth-largest economy into a welfare state. A $12 billion surplus when he was first sworn in has become a $38 billion deficit today.

Consider this: The "shadow economy," according to Duncan Campbell of Britain’s Guardian Unlimited, surfaces "most notably in LA county, where an estimated 28 percent of workers are paid in cash."

The California Labor Department calculates that the county has 5 million workers. If we round off Campbell’s figure to 25 percent, that means in just one of California’s 58 counties, roughly 1.25 million people do not report their income. Any wonder why we are swimming in more red ink than the 49 other states combined? Yes, that’s

Who’s picking up the tab? Well, with millions living in this expensive state not filing state taxes, it looks like you are. Since the Democrats have voted to increase sales taxes, triple the vehicle license fee and borrow $11 billion until they can "pick off" several idiot Republican legislators to vote for another self-destructive budget, you’ve lost your rights, and will soon give even more money to Sacramento.

And where are the "watchdogs" in the media? Like squirrels timing their dashes from tree to tree, too PC (politically castrated) to raise a flag despite an avalanche of evidence, they’ve capitulated to the histrionics of a leftist junta that demands silence.

3. Fascism denies that the majority, by the simple fact that it is a majority, can direct human society.

This one’s easy. How many times has one liberal judge struck down laws passed by millions of California voters? I’ve lost track.

4. Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative.

Author Christopher Leeds in "Italy Under Mussolini" said of Mussolini’s desire to intervene in every facet of Italians’ lives that "Fascism busied itself with behavior and attitudes of mind, rather than specific aims." Try, for instance, AB661, sponsored by gay activist Assemblywoman Loni Hancock, D-Berkeley.

Ms. Hancock is concerned about the attitudes schoolchildren may have about practices in sex, family life, morality and religion. She wants government schools to distribute a Heterosexuality Questionnaire, which asks students, among other questions, if they "need a good gay experience." And she wants the state to do this without the parents’ permission.

You see, Ms. Hancock thinks it’s the right of the state to discover "attitudes of mind," all in the name of "safe schools." Fascism, you ask? Decide for yourself.

The California Legislature is a dictatorship. The Senate is Democrats 25, Republicans 15. The Assembly is Democrats 50, Republicans 30. Most bills drafted in either house race through committee with little or no debate, and are off to the governor’s desk for signature.

One reporter who does look out for the public’s best interests, Dan Walters of the Sacramento Bee, had this to say about Sacramento’s dysfunction:

"Even the most blasé Capitol lobbyists are shaking their heads these days at what they regard as a complete breakdown of the process, a semi-anarchy in which complex measures are zipped through committees with not even a pretense of dialogue with those affected by their provisions."

Take Gill Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, who is pushing SB60 (driver’s licenses for illegals). Despite poll after poll indicating upwards of 80 percent of Californians strongly oppose granting drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, Cedillo is arrogant enough to think that he knows what’s best for the majority.

In fact, Cedillo is as uncompromising as ever. For more than three years, he has pushed for the whole enchilada, despite a national consensus that identification security be heightened. Previous efforts resulted in Davis refusing to sign the bill, causing Cedillo to charge that Davis made his decision based on "xenophobia, hysteria and segregation." Standard tactic. Right to script.

An estimated 2 million driving-age illegal immigrants now live in California. Granting driver’s licenses does far more than legitimize drivers. A license is the de facto document required to authorize almost any transaction performed by a citizen. Cedillo and Davis know that should they "finesse" passage, the party of losers will have tricked the system, again, and almost assuredly add 2 million people who will vote Democrat.

How about affirmative action? Far be it for a wise man to value content of character over color of skin, but that’s exactly what liberals object to, they just can’t admit it. The ruse is to use the term "diversity." It’s everywhere. I used the Wells Fargo ATM yesterday and was treated to a cute commercial on the TV screen telling me how wonderful the state’s diversity programs are.

Seven years ago, Ward Connerly's Proposition 209 abolished affirmative action in California. "The state should be blind to color, just as it is to religion or sexual orientation," Connerly has said. "You ask the ordinary guy on the street if they believe in colorblind government, they'll say yes." But liberal dictators don’t follow the law.

On another front, is it asking too much that the millions of Mexican people who come to the U.S. seeking a better life assimilate and speak the language of their adopted country?

Prop. 227, the law requiring that all public school instruction be conducted in English, was called "a mistake" by Davis. The voters spoke. The voters knew what was best for the state. Davis, propped up by the education establishment, shilled against it.

When speaking in front of a Mexican-American education committee, the governor belittled the law, calling it an "unfortunate weapon of choice for ambitious politicians that seek to gain political power at your expense." The irony is too thick.

And on it goes. Davis is expected to sign AB 205, a law that awards all the rights of marriage to homosexual partners, reversing the law passed by 61 percent of the voters to keep marriage between a man and a woman (Prop 22).

Remember, it was the Democrats who booed innocent Boy Scouts off the stage at Staples Center during the 2000 convention in Los Angeles because of the national Boy Scout chapter’s opposition to homosexual troop leaders.

Brian C. Anderson, senior editor of City Journal, had this to say about fascism: "Perhaps fascism represents a permanent temptation of modern politics, the seduction to leave behind the ambiguities and trade-offs of prosaic liberal democracy for a true (and truly destructive) ‘politics of meaning.’

In closing, this column wasn’t about conspiracy, it was about tactics. It wasn’t about "orthodox" fascism, but about the effectiveness of cleverly exploited elements. It wasn’t about the triumph of a governor, but of a tragic failure of ambition sold out to leftist narcissism.

It wasn’t about the same old bunk everyone else regurgitates. It was about an ongoing social and government metamorphosis as incomprehensible as it is breathtaking.

When Faust sold his soul to the devil in exchange for a moment of absolute spiritual fulfillment, he made a tradeoff. Like everything in life, there are tradeoffs. You sacrifice one thing to get another.

Davis and the Sacramento cabal were willing to exchange (and risk) personal accountability for political control. For an extended period of time, it worked. As long as they could dominate the terminology used to describe their intentions, they controlled the dialogue.

Now with newspapers reeling, mainstream television networks declining in influence, and the Internet and talk radio providing more objective outlets for news, they've lost that control.

In essence, now they are as trapped as the national Democratic Party. Trapped by ideology that cannot admit wrong-headedness. Trapped by a dictum that discredits conservative minorities who refuse to endorse the party line. Trapped by a fragile set of dated constants, which when exposed to substantive critical examination, crumble under the weight of their own faulty premises.

Liberals, by and large, have made a tragic mistake. They've invested ambition into an inflexible monolith that provides them with identity, the Democratic Party, but little credibility.

The reason they have no identifiable national spokesperson is they have nothing to say, nothing new to offer. This at a time when the latest Field Poll indicates that if the presidential election were to be held today, President Bush would carry California by 7 points.

So dramatically has the political landscape changed, that Democrats have little choice but to move even further to the left. They resemble the swimmer who struggles to reach the surface, who while gasping for breath, solves his predicament by diving deeper into the depths of the water to avoid detection.

Here in California, the old adage "What goes around comes around" is hitting the governor squarely between the eyes. For years, Davis has feverishly backed every liberal stance on affirmative action, gay marriage, English-only in classrooms, and illegal immigration. And despite poll after poll that showed his positions to be contrary to the majority of California voters, Davis stood his ground.

The cumulative impact of his leftist stands cannot be underestimated, Yes, he failed on the energy crisis and yes, he doesn't possess the courage to make the difficult choices his position demands, but more germane to the discussion: He thought he could play petty dictator, lying about the extent of the budget mess, using tactics ordinarily reserved for thugs.

On reflection, it now makes perfect sense that he would rely on a soulless Neanderthal like Garry South for practically every move he made, from fund-raising strategy, media buys and campaign tactics to specific legislation. A loner like Davis was a perfect South fit.

It all comes down to the consequences one earns as a result of one’s actions. Californians are about to send the strongest message they have ever delivered to a governor they no longer want and a legislature they can no longer tolerate, or afford.

The erupting civil war over the recall will reveal everything liberal fascism is: an intolerant, racially tinged, single-minded movement effectuated to bludgeon the majority into submission.

It will be ugly, there will be legal chicanery with lawyers and judges jumping around the circus ring, but ultimately we'll discover that the intent and machinery of democracy in this state will operate to serve the best interests of

And yet he still doesn’t get it. Neither does Sacramento. And that’s the point: He never will, and they never could. Precisely to script!

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In California at least, voter outrage over what the politicians have done to them surges. And with calculating indifference, Democrats project calm blamelessness. Imagine the shock when they wake up one morning and discover that the cover the liberal media have been...
Thursday, 05 June 2003 12:00 AM
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