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How About a Little Obstruction Charge Here?

Tuesday, 01 May 2001 12:00 AM

Now, this is the last day of the Clintonista regime. Clinton's EPA administrator is a woman named Carol Browner. Here comes the judge's order. What does Browner do? She erases the hard drive on her computer in her office at the EPA. What's more, she orders two other senior EPA officials to erase their disk drives also.

OK, we have a lawsuit, we have an order, and we have a government official in open defiance of that order?

Question: When does Carol Browner get indicted for obstruction of justice?

Oh, wait a minute. I forgot. She's a Democrat. This was Clinton administration stuff. For a minute there, I thought she might be part of a Republican administration. Then the indictment would come faster than Clinton can drop his trousers.

The environmentalists are winning this one, too! A large number of Americans think that it's such a hideous and horrible idea to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge up yonder in Alaska. This is because the anti-capitalist eco-radical crowd has most Americans convinced that the entire refuge landscape will be nothing but oil derricks from horizon to horizon.

OK, let's take a look at the numbers here. Alaska is a big state – 378 million acres. That's more land than even Ted Turner owns. Of these 378 million acres the wildlife refuge comprises 19.5 million acres. That's still a pretty big hunk.

Moving right along. Just how much of the 19.5 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will be opened to oil exploration? That would be about 1.5 million acres. OK, we're starting to whittle down the land area here.

Now, what about actual oil production facilities? That would be the derricks, the pumps, the tanks, the terminals – all structures and equipment connected with the exploration and retrieval of the oil. Well, that would be about 2,000 acres.

OK, out of the entire state of Alaska and its 378 million acres we have about 2,000 acres where any human being – or elk, for that matter – would ever be able to detect the presence of the oil companies.

Two thousand out of 378 million acres. Do you still agree with the eco-radicals? Do you still think oil exploration is a bad idea?

OK, then, let's compare this to the lot your home sits on. We'll assume you have 120 feet of road frontage and your lot is 250 feet deep. That gives you 30,000 square feet. If your lot were Alaska, how much of your lot would be explored for oil? The answer is .16 square feet. That would be 23 square inches of your entire lot. If I were to step in some mud in your yard with my size 12 shoes, the print would be about 39 square inches. So, that's less than one footprint out of your entire yard.

I'm having fun, so let's take this a bit further. See that 9x12 rug in front of you? There you have 108 square feet. Let's make your rug Alaska. If you look very hard you can see those evil, nasty, polluting oil companies exploring for oil on .824 square inches of your rug. Less than one square inch! You could hide the whole mess under one leg of your coffee table.

Suddenly this whole thing doesn't sound so terribly serious, does it? Just a little fooling around with the calculator and the environmentalists start hiding behind the nearest tree.

You have to ask yourself – just what is their problem? Is it really a genuine concern for the environment, or is it possible there's another agenda at work here? Could it be, for instance, that these people are more intent on limiting the amount of energy available to American industry and commerce in an effort to slow down the evil American capitalist machine?

Just asking.

It was a five-year test conducted by Reader's Digest and reported in this morning's USA Today. They left over 1,100 wallets lying around in cities in the United States, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. Each wallet contained up to $50 in cash plus the owner's name and address. Only 66 percent were returned worldwide. Here are some details:

Norway and Denmark – 100 percent of the wallets returned.

USA – almost 70 percent of the wallets returned.

Seattle was the most honest American city. Residents there were most likely to return the wallets.

The worst American city? The American city in which the finder was most likely to keep the wallet and the money? None other than … Atlanta.

Fresh from picking a fight with George W. Bush over his choice to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Hitlary Clinton is latching on to her next child-friendly cause.

This time it's Hollywood. Last Thursday, she and fellow senator Joe Lieberman introduced the Media Marketing Accountability Act of 2001. Its goal is to give the Federal Trade Commission the power to regulate the entertainment industry. They say it's because industry officials have failed to stop marketing adult-oriented entertainment to young kids.

The bill would give the FTC the power to prosecute producers for their deceptive advertising practices by issuing cease-and-desist orders and imposing fines of up to $11,000 per day.

Never mind that the industry rates its movies and video games and labels music that contains explicit lyrics. That doesn't matter ... because the Hildebeast is on the warpath. She's trying to make her mark in the Senate – her springboard to the presidency – and she's looking for an easy target.

And what's the message this legislation sends to parents? Don't bother to monitor the shows your kid watches on TV, or the music he listens to, or the games he plays. Just sit back and let us do the work. And we'll punish those dirty entertainment companies for daring to market to your child!

Hillary Clinton and her friends want to relieve you of your responsibility for raising your own children.

Do you think the Hollywood elite are feeling a little betrayed right now? They pumped so much money into the Democratic Party last year. They've been Bill Clinton's cheerleaders ever since he landed in office. And this is how the World's Smartest Woman thanks them?

We'd better keep an eye on the American Medical Association.

According to Chicago Business, the AMA is getting ready to call for increased funding to study data on firearms injuries. They're going to make the announcement at their June 20 annual meeting.

OK, you think. They're going to look at gun-related injuries. They're going to determine what types of guns were involved, the kinds of wounds suffered, and things like that. It's just another scientific study, right?

Wrong. That kind of information is all too often manipulated and used by the anti-gunners to boost their campaign to disarm Americans. One member of Doctors for Sensible Gun Laws said, "There is so much potential for misusing the data for political purposes. We have very little faith they would deal with it honestly. The doctors that go into medical politics like this are almost always the urban liberal-type folks."

He's probably right. The medical profession has treated firearms as a public health menace for years. Just look at all the junk science put forth by folks like Arthur Kellermann and the Centers for Disease Control. Part of the mission statement for the parent organization of the CDC is the goal of eliminating private firearms ownership!

Yet none of these studies can actually make a solid, logical case for banning firearms. That's because they have to twist the facts to show that guns are bad. They conveniently leave out certain facts or perform flawed statistical analyses. They don't shoot straight with you on guns because they can't.

Private firearms ownership is not a threat to the public health. Private firearms ownership is a threat to the Imperial Federal Government and its lackeys in the medical profession.

There's a bill floating around the California State Senate right now that would require state pediatricians to question kids on family gun ownership during health screenings. If that doesn't bother you, it should. Knowing whether or not a gun is in a home does not fall under the heading of medical care.

Remember, folks. Some new rules going through the Congress require these doctors to share their patient records with the Imperial Federal Government. Not a bad way for the government to get a list of people with guns. Then, of course – what to do with the list?

Do you remember 12-year-old Danica Lesko of Branchburg, New Jersey? She's the girl who was told last month that she would be suspended from school for three days if she didn't quit using sign language on the school bus. Administrators claimed her communication was "disruptive" and posed a safety hazard on the bus.

But when news of her threatened suspension spread, the school district office got swamped with complaints from all over the country. Danica's parents threatened to sue them for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act.

So the Branchburg school board officials backed down. Now Danica Lesko can sign on the bus.

Here's where it gets a little confusing. The Branchburg school board maintains it was only trying to protect the rights of other students on the bus.

Protect what rights? The right not to have to move your fingers? The right not to have to adapt by learning another language? The right not to have to think while you're on a bus?

Why are representatives of a government institution dedicated to taking away our rights suddenly so interested in protecting school bus riders' rights?

"Largely unknown to the public, the whole notion of education has been radically transformed over the years, so that it no longer means conveying the accumulated knowledge and understanding of a civilization, but shaping children's psyches and indoctrinating their minds with politically correct ideologies. Not only are there individual education gurus and ideological movements which promote the intrusion of such activities into the schools, the educators themselves are apostles of this new mission and the nationwide teachers' union – the National Education Association – is pushing the same agenda." – Thomas Sowell

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Now, this is the last day of the Clintonista regime.Clinton's EPA administrator is a woman named Carol Browner.Here comes the judge's order.What does Browner do?She erases the hard drive on her computer in her office at the EPA.What's more, she orders two other senior EPA...
Tuesday, 01 May 2001 12:00 AM
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