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Hitler's Rise

Thursday, 21 June 2007 12:00 AM

In this Part 2, following Part 1, posted

The next e-mail of June 1 was bitterly hostile to me. The author (who named himself Aikon) believes that if Hitler had a visceral hatred of Jews, he was a monstrous criminal. But if he ordered his subordinates to annihilate millions of Jews so that his subordinates could not expect anything but the death sentence even if they had betrayed him to the English-speaking, then I whitewash Hitler, according to Aikon!

Aikon is full of irony: "Stalin loved the Kulaks, too. Perhaps deported and murdered them en mass as merely a distracting PR campaign."

Actually, in the 1920s, the "kulaks" (owners of private farms) were expected to "grow into socialism." But in the 1930s, Stalin needed hands for his "industrialization." Collective farms were organized to make farmers work as much and as cheaply as possible, and make many of them go to work at industrial enterprises under the same terms. What was Stalin to do with farmers who owned their profitable farms? To take the farms away from them! But those dispossessed farmers would create a large hostile class. Deport them!

So, according to Aikon, Stalin loved the "kulaks" in the 1920s, but began to hate them in the 1930s. And this is what a criminal is: he hates his victims, and to imagine that one can kill millions of human beings without any personal hatred, but for his safety or other personal goals, is laughable according to Aikon. "How you collapse in intellectual respectability," Aikon exclaims.

Well, to do away with my "intellectual respectability," let me add that in the last years of his life, Stalin (who died in 1953) decided to deport Jews, and many of them were summarily fired. Now, in the 1920s, an anti-Semitic remark was considered a crime, and Jews had privileges in the matriculation at higher schools.

Will Aikon say that Stalin loved Jews in the 1920s, but came to hate them in the 1950s?

No! Stalin was pushing his Russian nationalism (based on the Byzantine worship of the emperor as of God) to new extremes, and the deportation of Jews was in keeping with his new ambitions.

Emson Smith's e-mail consists of two lines, but it is worth quoting:

"Re ‘Stupidity brought Hitler to power.' Is it possible that stupidity will also bring Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton back to power? Just wondering."

Kindest regards!

Emson S., Vidalia, Georgia, The Sweet Onion City

In 1938, Americans like Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton were sure that Hitler meant "peace in our time." Had not Hitler started a conventional war by invading Poland, etc., but "peacefully" allocated all available resources to the development of nuclear weapons and outstripped the U.S. Manhattan Project, the world would have been his. But before Hitler's nuclear bombs would begin to annihilate U.S. cities (unless and until the United States accepted unconditional surrender), dozens of millions of Americans no more and no less intelligent than Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton would disregard Germany (except as a trade partner) as they have disregarded and would disregard China (except as a trade partner). The only difference is that Hitler would have developed nuclear weapons, while China has been developing

One reservation is in place. When the dictators of China crushed the Tiananmen Square movement in 1989, Bill Clinton condemned the dictators' battle against their own unarmed people who were after a peaceful reform. Most U.S. top government officials say not what they consider right, but what is publicly good for them. It was considered good and proper to condemn the crushing of the Tiananmen Square movement. Later on, Bill Clinton forgot his condemnation as one forgets his necktie, no longer fashionable. Only Bill Clinton's smile never goes out of fashion, and certainly he smiled his eternal smile to the Chinese when they donated to his re-election for the second term.

Wolfgang S.' e-mail cannot be answered adequately because it is more than a full page in length. He says that the effect of the Treaty of Versailles "is covered by your article in detail and this is covered rather nicely, I must say."

So what is not "covered rather nicely"? You see, I "call Hitler not anti-Semitic."

It is still widely believed that to kill six million Jews simply because they are Jews is not anti-Semitic. What is anti-Semitic is to hate Jews and, in particular, to kill them out of hatred.

The e-mail from Brinton M. Jr. is, on the contrary, brief:

Keep on telling the truth, and spread it to the ignorant. "Those that don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

An even briefer e-mail from Ken B. requires my comment: "Sir: Your description of the ‘Blutkitt' does not comport with history. The murder of Jews in Russia by Germans began before Stalingrad. Ken Bowers."

The "Blutkitt" was Hitler's decision, after the rout of his troops near Moscow in December 1941, to make his subordinates begin the annihilation of Jews on the industrial scale (recall the Wannsee Conference, which he did not attend since he pretended that he had nothing to do with its "final solution of the Jewish problem"). His subordinates should know that in case they would choose to betray him to the English-speaking to save their own lives, they would not escape the death sentence.

On June 2, a reader who calls himself Ousoonersocal, e-mailed to me and five other persons my NewsMax.com column "Stupidity, Not Evil, Brought Hitler Into Power."

He says: "Lev, I have never heard such a far-fetched viewpoint."

Well, when in the West there were internationally known and heard political thinkers, they expressed "far-fetched viewpoints," not platitudes. But who is an internationally known political thinker in the USA today, after the death of Sidney Hook, whom I had the honor to know personally?

A few years ago, I learned that some British academic experts on Hitler's Germany contend that Hitler knew nothing about the industrial annihilation of Jews. Their conclusion? It was his subordinates who did it, but the blame was shifted onto the innocent Hitler. Perhaps no one has been heard or will be heard asking internationally this question: How was it possible that the dictator of Germany did not know about the transportation from 1942 to 1945 of millions of victims to the buildings, constructed to gas and then cremate them?

You can e-mail me at navlev@cloud9.net.


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In this Part 2, following Part 1, posted The next e-mail of June 1 was bitterly hostile to me.The author (who named himself Aikon) believes that if Hitler had a visceral hatred of Jews, he was a monstrous criminal.But if he ordered his subordinates to annihilate...
Thursday, 21 June 2007 12:00 AM
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