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Hillary Is Still Standing by Her Man

Sunday, 24 February 2002 12:00 AM

Hardly a move has ever been made by a Clinton except for some personal or political gain. This statement is so real it could instantly become an aphorism in the political psyche.

By now, the Clintons'

As for the thinking public, it is no longer bamboozled by the Bill and Hillary dog and pony show. We've seen it all – even Hillary's grandiose giveaway schemes in the Senate, engineered for more votes and paid for by the rest of us.

Even so, she is still "standing by her man," a term so nobly used on the Larry King TV show one evening during the 1992 presidential campaign when Bill was cornered for his long-running bedroom frolics with Gennifer Flowers. It worked then, so why not now?

Hillary is busy these days standing by Bill in his transparent efforts to spin tales to burnish his legacy – a legacy that would make any self-respecting hooligan cringe with shame.

No amount of polish can shine trash – in this case, a legacy of treasonous sales of missile technology to our sworn enemy Red China and impeachment for dishonesty and unspeakable sexual acts in the Oval Office, to name only a few of Bill Clinton's despicable activities that disgraced the Office of the President to a degree never before imagined.

The one word that best fits the Bill Clinton legacy is

Hillary was there and part of the legacy, instigator of many scandals and apparently cheerleader for all – except, of course, the one featuring the young intern Monica Lewinsky, which she denied knowing about at a time when the rest of the world knew in spades. She was standing by her man, steadfastly and nobly, to the cheers of the feminists.

Now Hillary is out there defending Bill with cheap shots at Bill's successor, George W. Bush, using the ages-old battle plan of Roman poet Ovid, who asked in 8 A.D. (in "The Loves"), "Isn't the best defense always a good attack?" The Clintons long ago mastered the technique of attacking critics and blaming someone else for their treachery.

Hillary complained to reporters recently that the country was in the "right condition" when she and Bill left the White House and that we should have built on his successes instead of "turning the clock back." Looking ahead, she is enthusiastic about Bill promoting his legacy to show the way for the 2004 presidential elections and "where the country should go."

The former first lady charged that Bush, within one year, had made a U-turn and that, consequently, America is no longer "richer and safer and stronger and smarter" as it was when Bill was at the helm.

On the contrary, the

from a United States senator is both scandalous and grossly irresponsible.

Mrs. Clinton should be ashamed of herself, but unfortunately Clintons have no shame – just aggressive, steamrolling ambition.

The U-turn by President Bush was just what the country needed and can be convincingly proven by using Hillary's own words:

It takes gall for Mrs. Clinton to condemn a Bush U-turn when public opinion polls approve his policies by nearly 90 percent. Obviously, she wants to build up her own image, probably for a presidential run in the year 2004 or 2008 – or at least re-election as a New York senator.

The people, however, will not forget her eight years on the Clinton-Gore team, which gave us scandal after scandal and betrayal after betrayal. Here are a few examples of her involvement:

buildings. She was in on the scheme.

Hillary has many goals in health care, education and campaign reform – but abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a simple majority for electing the president and vice president has a high priority for this ambitious woman. After all, it would give her a leg up when she runs for president, with lots of Democratic votes from the high-population cities and states.

She wants the "democratic way" so the big states can steamroll the small states and thereby destroy the 'level playing field' envisioned for small states by our Founding Fathers. She is with Bill and Bill is with Hillary on this grandiose scheme to change our republic.

Hillary's wild claim of a "safer" America under Bill is perhaps the most outlandish claim of all. As president, Bill largely glossed over intelligence reports and advisers' warnings of at least seven major assault threats by militant Muslim terrorists.

All threats were executed, costing 754 American lives, thousands injured and hundreds of millions of dollars in damages. Meanwhile, Bill was busy covering up personal scandals, at one time bombing an aspirin factory as the Monica scandal heated up.

As for a "safer" America under Bill, Hillary is obviously implying that the Sept. 11 massacre of some 3,000 innocents is somehow attributable to Bush.

Unfortunately, the groundwork for this tragedy was laid during the Clinton years of neglect in pursuing intelligence and responding to the seven major assaults by Muslim terrorists, who had apparently become cocky about the "soft" Americans.

Moreover, no way could nine months of Bush correct eight years of gross neglect under the Clintons – whose priorities never seemed to include meaningful national defense.

Mrs. Clinton continues to be popular with feminists and radicals, but so far, common sense and reason seem to be most popular with regular Americans.

Hillary, however, could not have been thinking of reason or common sense when a reporter asked her to explain the "murderous rage" of the Sept. 11 hijackers. Astonishingly, she compared the terrorists who murdered thousands of innocents to the opponents of her rejected 1994 national health care plan. This lady does not like criticism or rejection.

So much for common sense and reason by the junior U.S. senator from New York – and, for that matter, for her idea of a "richer and safer and smarter and stronger" America. Her thinking is haywire. Her attack on Bush backfired.

The Bush U-turn was just what America needed – and thanks to Hillary for reminding us and for thereby helping to burnish the brilliant and courageous U-turn by one of the most popular presidents in history.

Shakespeare had a few words in his masterpiece "Henry VIII" (1612) about revenge that backfires, that might help Hillary. He wrote:

"Heat not a furnace for your foe

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Hardly a move has ever been made by a Clinton except for some personal or political gain. This statement is so real it could instantly become an aphorism in the political psyche. By now, the Clintons' As for the thinking public, it is no longer bamboozled by the Bill...
Sunday, 24 February 2002 12:00 AM
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