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Hillary's Cover; Don't Fall For It

Tuesday, 07 December 2004 12:00 AM

She will say all the right things that about 80% of us (according to polls) have shouted from the rooftops many times, frustrated as both parties have steadily turned a deaf ear to our concerns on that issue.

With classic Clintonian cynicism, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton now says she is “adamantly against illegal immigrants.”

Oh, really?

This is right out of the Clinton playbook. Talk tough (for the red states) but carry a small feather (for the blue state elites) when it comes to doing anything substantive.

If you think Senator Clinton would actually do anything about illegal aliens were she to become president, recall her husband’s tough talk about Communist China when he berated the first President Bush in the 1992 campaign for being too soft. Recall too that when candidate Clinton became President Clinton (to say nothing of Chinese money that ended up in his campaign coffers), he gave away the store in the Chinagate scandal.

That is the real reason Bill Clinton should have been impeached. Though perjury was a legitimate issue, it is far less serious than the rampant espionage that occurred while the then-president looked the other way. In another era, allegations of outright treason and/or criminal negligence and dereliction of duty would have been front and center in the impeachment effort.

For reasons far too numerous and involved to deal with here, in the end Chinagate did not figure in the drama that made Clinton the first elected impeached president in history (Andrew Johnson was never elected president. He took the oath of office only after Abraham Lincoln had been assassinated).

As of this writing, Senator Clinton’s office has not responded to NewsMax’s request for comment on an immigration-related uproar on the intelligence reform bill.

House committee chairman Jim Sensenbrenner (Judiciary) — believes certain provisions of the bill would actually impair security.

One of those concerns deals with the bill’s failure to impose greater restrictions on driver’s licenses for illegal aliens. The Senate has rejected these worries, promising Sensenbrenner "future legislation." In the Senate view, the very idea of denying or restricting driver’s licenses for people who are not legally here in the first place is “controversial.”

And, of course, you know where the mainstream media’s pressure is applied. Did you think they would demand to know why senators are willing to disregard danger to our security by giving driver’s licenses to lawbreakers? Silly you!

The totally “unbiased” and “objective” media mavens are backing 9/11 Commission Chairman Tom Kean’s assertion that we can’t wait another split second for his commission reforms, even though his panel itself proposed driver’s license curbs.

No, we must ram it through now with no further debate, all apparently for the legacy of a commission whose members included Jamie Gorelick who — as Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton years -compromised our security by erecting a high wall blocking communication between intelligence agencies.

Kean, who now wants the intelligence bill enacted yesterday, dragged his feet and stonewalled demands that Gorelick testify as to her role.

Also on that panel was Richard Ben-Veniste, whose pro-Clinton bias in the Whitewater scandal would give ordinary partisan toadies a bad name.

Here is Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s golden opportunity to break out from the pack of her fellow senators — Democrats and Republicans - and side with Sensenbrenner by reminding her colleagues that the 9/11 terrorists who killed so many of her constituents in New York had obtained driver’s licenses. No response thus far to a NewsMax inquiry as to whether she would raise her voice in protest against failure to deal with this issue.

Not that this alone is the acid test for Senator Clinton. For a look at the record, I consulted the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus, headed by Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo. which has been keeping tabs on the voting records of all 535 members of Congress. (Unlike Mrs. Clinton, Congressman Tancredo’s views on immigration have not changed with the political seasons.)

Citing the report card issued by the non-partisan Americans for Better Immigration, Tancredo’s caucus shows that Senator Clinton’s career voting record in the Senate on related issues is a D-minus.

On legislation dealing with amnesties for illegal aliens, reducing unnecessary foreign worker visas, and reducing “chain migration,” the senator from New York scores an F-minus.

“Chain migration” has expanded “family reunification” beyond the nuclear family, and includes aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins, second cousins, etc, resulting in what ABI calls “a spiraling chain that eventually could reach most of the world’s 6 billion-plus residents.”

On the issues of reducing illegal immigration with border controls and border enforcement, the senator from New York scores a C.

Not exactly a stellar record, for “Border-Hawk Hillary,” as columnist Michelle Malkin sarcastically refers to her.

Last year, Malkin chastised the New York lawmaker for sending decidedly mixed messages. While complaining that the nation has not protected its borders, Hillary co-sponsored a bill preventing Homeland Security from taking any action to deport spouses or children of Sept. 11 victims who: crossed the border, overstayed visas, evaded prior deportation orders, and stowed away on a ship - all illegally; smuggled other illegal aliens; used fraudulent documents; falsely claimed U.S. citizenship; voted illegally; have a communicable disease; have a mental disorder that may pose, or have posed, a threat to the property, safety or welfare of the alien or others; or are likely at any time to become a public charge.

Of course, illegal alien relatives of 9/11 victims deserve sympathy, Malkin says, adding, “Compassion is one thing. A free pass is another.”

Here’s the bottom line: Many Republicans are outraged that President Bush has bent over backward to please Mexican President Vincente Fox who has relentlessly pressured for open borders between the U.S. and Mexico.

Some GOP leaders believe that loose immigration means more Hispanic votes. That ignores studies showing that Hispanic citizens and legal Hispanic immigrants resent the new arrivals who cut ahead of the line, ignore the law and sneak across the border anyway.

Republican leaders have wrestled with this problem ever since the Kennedy-Rodino bill of 1965 threw open the borders and ultimately encouraged more to immigrate here — legally and illegally. Democrats have cynically seen illegals as future Democrat voters. Republicans, fearing they might otherwise be branded as “nativists,” have tried to outdo the Democrats’ open borders policies.

Enter Hillary Clinton, who learned from her husband the fine art of saying one thing while doing the exact opposite. She sees the public resentment of the bipartisan refusal to face up to the problem. So she has begun to stake out an immigration position to the right of Bush and most other leading politicians. That is perceived as her ticket to red state votes in a 2008 presidential bid.


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She will say all the right things that about 80% of us (according to polls) have shouted from the rooftops many times, frustrated as both parties have steadily turned a deaf ear to our concerns on that issue. With classic Clintonian cynicism, Senator Hillary Rodham...
Tuesday, 07 December 2004 12:00 AM
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