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Heterosexual Divorce: A Homosexual Target

Friday, 27 February 2004 12:00 AM

As one homosexual rights leader put it: "We think it is fair to ask during this debate how many legislators who are demonizing gay marriage have actually committed the most grievous possible injury to the institution they claim to want to protect."

Mark my words: voters will know that this is just a bunch of blarney being dished out in advance of St. Patrick's Day.

Groups such as the Indiana Stonewall Democrats, the Indy Rainbow Chamber of Commerce, and whoever else is pressing this call have no real interest whatsoever in promoting traditional family values, including lower divorce rates.

It's just a scheme to advance their own radical agenda of forcing people and states to recognize homosexual couples as “married” when there is no real basis to do so either in the Bible (or any other significant religion) or in three centuries of law in our country.

You don't need to have X-ray vision to see through this. Apparently, these groups have no concern with family values, but they certainly seem to have every interest in destroying an institution intrinsic to society in order for their behavior to be perceived as “normal”.

Show me a stable family in our country today and I will show you one that is more likely to be safe from teen pregnancy, children doing drugs, alcoholism, and all the other social ills. I certainly see them in my church and I bet you see the same thing.

If it were up to many social conservatives, including myself, the divorce laws would be toughened, particularly to prevent so-called "no fault divorce." Clearly, divorce is not in the best interest of children in most cases, the notable exception being marriages in which physical or exceptional verbal abuse occurs.

This was indeed an important issue in the past. As recently as the 1950s, voters looked askance upon candidates who broke their marital contract. Admittedly, many voters liked Ike better on the issues, but Adlai Stevenson's divorce certainly did not help his popularity as a presidential candidate.

The institution of marriage has suffered enough with the rise of divorce in recent decades. One of the reasons many couples live together first, often never marrying, is because they come from broken homes in the first place.

Based on that, they are forever gun-shy of marriage, expecting disaster to appear in their own relationships. This is sadly a self-fulfilling prophecy and the sins of the parents really are visited upon the children.

Granted every relationship goes through a rough patch, maybe several, but those parents who stick together are setting a positive example for their children.

Give same-sex couples the "right” to marry and we can expect some severe consequences. For one, the concept of faithfulness to one's spouse will be further undermined given that many so-called committed homosexual partners have a high rate of multiple sexual partners outside their relationship. Don't expect a civil union or marriage certificate to change this.

Rising insurance rates for married heterosexual couples could easily be on the horizon as the negative health consequences of sexual promiscuity in the homosexual community add to the overall health insurance burden.

Permitting same-sex marriage will help lead to more homosexual adoptions which will almost certainly make children from fractured backgrounds even more confused in their interactions with society.

Frankly, if the Indiana homosexuals are so concerned about divorce, then they should look first at their own ranks. Who among them can be urged to renounce their current lifestyle and reconcile with the opposite-sex spouse they left behind? Let's see if they have the guts and decency to stop their publicity stunt and do that.

Society has paid the price for decades of flimsy divorce laws. There is growing a growing school of thought among social scientists that the separation of young boys from their fathers may be adding to the rise of homosexuality in our country.

For these reasons we applaud President Bush’s announcement has come out in favor of a ban on gay marriage. The more that religious leaders any lay people learn about the issue, the more they are against gay “marriage”.

All it takes now to drive the stake through the heart of traditional marriage is to legalize homosexual unions. No one, including those homosexuals pointing fingers at heterosexual divorce rates, should believe the sincerity of their aims. In this case, the homosexuals who claim to defend marriage and the family are in fact its worst enemy and are hastening the demise of both.


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As one homosexual rights leader put it: "We think it is fair to ask during this debate how many legislators who are demonizing gay marriage have actually committed the most grievous possible injury to the institution they claim to want to protect." Mark my words: voters...
Friday, 27 February 2004 12:00 AM
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