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Hartsfield Airport – What a Mess!

Thursday, 03 January 2002 12:00 AM

Well, Atlanta got a bit of snow yesterday and last night. I measured about four inches at our studios this morning. In some places it was as high as six inches.

Four inches of show shouldn't be a disaster anywhere … but tell that to the people trying to catch flights out of Atlanta's Hartsfield International Airport yesterday. We have heard from several people who were stuck on airplanes for as much as nine hours before they took off!

If you add three hours for security and boarding – that's 12 hours at the airport before you even get in the air!

Stories are abundant about surly flight crews and irritated passengers. Flight attendants were telling passengers, "We're illegal!" Well, that's a way to instill confidence in your passengers.

Can you folks imagine sitting in an airplane with the engines running, on the ramp for NINE HOURS before the airplane even takes off? Me? I KNOW I don't have the personality for that. After about four hours I would be on my way to an arrest record.

The Neal Boortz Show originates from Atlanta's WSB Radio, the flagship radio station of the South. In all of the 35 years I have been living in Atlanta, WSB has been the "go to" radio station when people wanted to know about weather, news, school closings – just about anything.

This morning the WSB news staff was telling me of the problems they had trying to get news out of Hartsfield over the night. In short – nobody was answering the phones and nobody was returning phone calls.

If it wasn't for the extraordinary efforts of our news ferrets in getting updates on the conditions at Hartsfield, Atlanta would have been flat out of luck insofar as finding out how the airport is operating.

One of our ferrets paged a Hartsfield official and, instead of getting some information, got a tongue lashing for "bothering" her in the middle of the night.

Explanation? Hartsfield is run by the city of Atlanta. No further explanation needed.

You folks do know of the "Daschle Doctrine" don't you? Well, here's how it works.

The rules of the U.S. Senate say that you need a majority of the votes to pass a measure. Well, with the slim Democratic hold on the Senate, and considering the fact that there are some Democratic senators (Georgia's Zell Miller comes to mind) who don't share Daschle's leftist views, Daschle has decided that the rules need to be changed. Enter the Daschle Doctrine.

South Dakota's class warlord senator has decreed that there must be at least 60 votes, not just a majority, in favor of any legislation he doesn't support before he will call that legislation to the floor for a vote.

We saw the Daschle Doctrine at work in the final week before the winter recess. The House of Representatives had passed an economic stimulus bill. The president was waiting to sign it into law. The bill had 53 votes in the Senate, but it never made it to the floor for a vote.

Fifty-three votes, not the 60 that Daschle requires – so, no economic stimulus bill.

Just one intemperate question. What if Republicans were in control of the Senate by one vote when Clinton proposed his tax increase, but there were three Republicans willing to vote with the Democrats to get it passed … but Bob Dole demands 60 commitments or he won't bring it to the floor for a vote.

Can you just see what the media would do with that one?

About two years ago, Hasbro modeled one of its GI Joe action figures after a Cincinnati police officer. Now Alonzo Washington, an activist in Kansas City, is asking local stores to not sell the "GI Joe Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Police Bike and Figure," because it could increase racial tensions there.

A black teenager was shot by police Sunday night when he aimed what turned out to be a BB gun at the squad car (smart move there). It appears the teen wasn't seriously hurt. He was treated and released at a nearby hospital.

But the incident has raised comparisons to the Cincinnati police and their well-known problems with race relations.

By the way, what does Mr. Washington do for a living? He makes black action figures. I wonder if he suggested that the stores drop the Hasbro product and stock his instead ... just wondering.

Here's a question for all you sports trivia nuts: Who is Dale Atkeson? Give up? He was a fullback for the Washington Redskins in the mid-fifties. He once ran a kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. In 1956 he averaged 3.9 yards a carry.

The 71-year-old has fond memories of his years in the NFL and lots of Redskin memorabilia throughout his home in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

Well, now Mr. Atkeson has a bit of a problem. You see, he is so proud of his years in the NFL that he has sported two vanity license plates on his cars for years. The plates read "1REDSKN" and "RDSKN2." Uh oh. PC violation, and here comes the California DMV. They want him to return the license plates because they are in "poor taste."

Who's behind this? A man named Eugene Herrod, who is a board member of Advocates for American Indian Children. This tells you Herrod must be a Democrat, because he's doing it "for the children."

Oh, by the way … just for grins I looked up redskin in the dictionary. The first definition is "a kind of white potato that has a reddish skin."

Heads up, Idaho!

Columnist Linda Bowles has assembled a list of the accomplishments of the Clinton administration. She does this as a public service, since Slick Willy has put together a group of political thugs and mercenaries to polish the stool that is his legacy.

Here's a particularly memorable paragraph:

Let's travel back to the Clinton administration. Back when the Republicans controlled the Senate. Chief Justice William Rehnquist blasted them for not allowing an up-or-down vote on the nominees. The New York Times made a Page One story about the lack of hearings for judicial nominations under the headline "Senate Imperils Judicial System, Rehnquist Says."

Now fast-forward to this year. Rehnquist makes the same complaint, but now it's about a Democrat-controlled Senate, under Tom Dash-hole.

Well, now the NY Times decides to bury the story INSIDE the paper and doesn't even mention the chief justice's complaint until the 10th paragraph!!!

Wait! I think I get it. It was "new" news then, but it's "old" news now. Yeah, that's it ... that's the ticket.

It seems that some Afghan leaders have decided to rename various cities in the wake of the US bombing raids. See if you can locate these new towns.

A listener tells me he was watching the Peach Bowl on the tube when a commercial for Auburn University caught his eye. I'm told the commercial featured the university's school of architecture renovating homes for the poor.

Then, this statement: "Having talent and an education doesn't make you better than other people, it makes you responsible for them."

What? Am I being put on here? Is it really the official position of Auburn University that obtaining an education and developing the skills to use that education somehow make you responsible for others who haven't paid the same attention to their decision-making as you have?

First of all ... having talent and an education damned sure DOES make you better than other people. If you don't believe this, then the next time your business hires some new management staff, you go out there and do your part to make sure that the new hires have neither talent nor education.

The next time you take your child to a doctor, you choose the doctor with the least talent and the minimum education. In fact, why not take your kid to a witch doctor.

And as for being "responsible" for people with neither talent nor education – I'm only responsible for them if they're mine. If I OWN them.

We are all free individuals who are responsible for our own lives. If you want to saddle me with the responsibility for someone else's life, then you give me the power to control their decision-making functions, their budgets. I get to say what they buy, what they eat, where they work, what they do in their spare time ... the works.

I wonder what politically correct imbecile at Auburn University came up with that nonsense.

Yesterday I told you about Kim Forde-Mazrui, a law professor at the University of Virginia who wrote our Charlottesville station and "demanded" that I be taken off the air. Many readers and listeners wanted to see the law professor's letter to WINA, and my response. Since it would take quite a bit of space, I have included both letters on a separate page. Just

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Well, Atlanta got a bit of snow yesterday and last night.I measured about four inches at our studios this morning.In some places it was as high as six inches. Four inches of show shouldn't be a disaster anywhere … but tell that to the people trying to catch flights out of...
Thursday, 03 January 2002 12:00 AM
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