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No Guns in Cockpits = No Last Line of Defense

Wednesday, 22 May 2002 12:00 AM

Yesterday the Bush administration decided that airline pilots would not be allowed to have guns in the cockpit. Make no mistake – this decision came straight from the president himself.

It makes no sense.

Shortly after the decision was handed down yesterday, I had a caller on the air. He supported the ban. I asked him a simple question, a question that can be answered with one of two words: "yes" or "no."

You're sitting on an airplane, about 10 rows back from the cockpit. Suddenly a group of terrorists attacks. The terrorists take care of the air marshal first. Not that hard to spot. Then they kill the flight attendants. They then start breaking down the door to the cockpit.

Question … do you want the pilots in that cockpit to have a gun?

The caller didn't want to answer the question. Finally – after much abuse from me – he said "no."

No? What kind of a moron would say no? The terrorists are breaking into the cockpit. They have guns. Once they get in there, the pilots will be dead – and that means that every person on the airplane will, one way or another, be dead – and you don't want those pilots to be able to mount a last-ditch defense effort with guns?

Know what? That F-16 on your wing has guns – and those guns are going to kill you if those terrorists can't be stopped. Your only chance is for the pilots to save the day – and you don't want them armed?

The announcement was made at a meeting of the Senate Commerce Committee by a lower-level Transportation Department hack.

Speaking of hacks … the Commerce Committee is chaired by South Carolina Senator Foghorn Leghorn, aka Fritz Hollings. Did you hear him yesterday? He sounded like a complete, doddering, senile idiot. There he was, talking about giving machetes to the passengers.

"First the pilots wanted guns. No, we'll give them stun guns. And now I guess we're going to give the passengers machetes and all and let them all just fight it out."

How much longer is the U.S. Senate going to have to put up with this man's idiocy? He wants to compare giving a gun to a pilot trained in its use to giving machetes to all passengers?

You see, folks. This is what Jumpin' Jim Jeffords gave us when he bolted from the Republican Party. Cartoon characters running important Senate committees.

Back to the guns in cockpits decision. This is Bush caving to the anti-Second Amendment crowd in Congress. Since his Justice Department is arguing, to the dismay of leftists, that the Second Amendment applies to individuals, he needed to throw a bone to the anti-gun hysterics.

Someone – anyone – please tell me where this makes sense.

Well, I guess the Bush administration has been listening. They didn't share their concerns about Arabs taking flying lessons ... so now they're sharing every single concern they have. Apartment buildings. The Statue of Liberty. The Brooklyn Bridge. You asked for it – you got it. Now as soon as the government turns up a threat, they'll let you know.

How do you like it? Is your pucker factor up? Could someone drive a 10-penny nail up your nether regions right now with a ball peen hammer?

Who was at the forefront of the "Why didn't they tell us?" campaign? Why, that would be the New York Times. Now we have Times columnist Thomas Friedman saying "enough, already." He says the "Bushies" are on a "chicken little warning binge."

The scariest warning? That would be Pentagon Don telling a Senate committee yesterday that "sooner or later" these terrorists are going to get their hands on a nuke, or a chemical or biological weapon. And when they do, they're going to use it. And when they use it, many innocent people are going to die.

And when these people die, columnists from the New York Times are going to be asking, "Why do they hate us?"

My fear? I wonder if the American people are strong enough to withstand the danger without rushing to surrender their freedom in exchange for a false sense of security.

What did Clinton know? And when did he know it? That question is partially answered today by one of Clinton's own – his White House guru, Dick Morris. Morris says that the blame for Bush's lack of intelligence information on terrorist plans rests squarely with Bush's predecessor ... and that would be Bill Clinton.

Tune in ... we'll discuss Morris's revelations.

Congratulations to the Muscogee County, Ga., schools. The school board has decided that students who didn't do the work necessary to graduate from high school won't participate in the graduation exercises. After all, why do you think they call them "graduation" exercises and not "attendance" exercises.

Predictably, the parents are severely torqued. One says, "Don't take this moment away from these children." Nothing is being taken away from anyone. Blame it on the children. The moment wasn't taken away from them. They gave it away.

They gave it away with their truancy, their attention to video games, their anti-achievement mentality, and their dreams of an NBA career.

One teacher got it right. "Some parents are more concerned about the illusion of graduation than they are about what their children have learned." So, so true.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a criminal defendant who cannot afford to hire an attorney has the right to have the taxpayers hire one for him – regardless of the seriousness of the crime. Yes, this includes misdemeanor crimes. If a conviction can put you in jail – even for a day – the taxpayers have to fork over the money for a lawyer if you can't afford one.

Public drunk? Get a lawyer from the taxpayers. DUI? If you're a poor drunk driver, get a tax-paid lawyer.

Get your wallets out.

Well … we wanted warnings, and we're getting warnings. Apartment industry groups are now reacting to the alert that terrorists may try to rent an apartment in a high-rise. Load the apartment with explosives, and blow the thing up.

One industry publication warns managers to "… keep a wary eye on empty units, run criminal background checks on prospective renters and insist on seeing original identification documents, not copies."

Whatever you do, though. Don't profile. The threat is generally from Arabs – but don't you dare profile. If they can't get your apartment complex with explosives, they'll just do it in court, if you dare to profile.

How about Operation Oops?

INS anti-smuggling investigation. They allowed a group of illegal aliens from the Middle East to enter the U.S. illegally. Twenty-six Syrians. Now … nobody knows where they are. In total, there are 93 Middle Eastern types missing. From Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, India and the West Bank.

Isn't that just wonderful? While marginally educated gnomes wand the feet of little old ladies at the nation's airports, our own INS allows illegal aliens to be smuggled into the country – and then promptly loses track of them.

Scarborough Research has studied the talk radio audience. That would be you. There are some interesting findings out there.

First of all, about 22 percent of Americans listen to news/talk radio. That puts talk radio at the top. The best market? That would be St. Louis. About 40 percent of the folks there listen to talk. Honolulu would be at the bottom, with 9 percent. Memphis and Greenville, S.C., have about 10 percent.

The study also shows that talk radio listeners are high-achievers. Over one-half of the listeners are white collar – and eight out of 10 of the white-collar listeners have post-graduate degrees. Over 80 percent of listeners own their own home. Over half have a gold or platinum credit card.

Now you know why left-wing talk show hosts have such a rough time making it. The "poor, poor pitiful me" routine just doesn't play here.

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Yesterday the Bush administration decided that airline pilots would not be allowed to have guns in the cockpit.Make no mistake - this decision came straight from the president himself. It makes no sense. Shortly after the decision was handed down yesterday, I had a...
Wednesday, 22 May 2002 12:00 AM
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