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Guns in Cockpits – It's Not About Airline Safety, It's About Gun Control

Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM

Are you enjoying the debate in Washington over whether pilots should be allowed to have guns in airline cockpits? If you're paying attention, you need to be aware of one thing. The people who oppose armed pilots aren't focusing on airline safety – they're merely focusing on their anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment agenda.

It isn't about arming pilots. It's about disarming all private citizens. The anti-gun crowd simply cannot sit back and allow these civilian pilots to arm themselves. It would reaffirm the principle of armed self-defense and damage the no-guns-ever agenda.

For a good laugh – and a good lesson in leftist argument techniques – you can do no better than to look at the anti-self-defense crowd.

There is probably no area of current public debate where you will find weaker, more absurd argumentative points than in the gun control debate.

Virtually ALL of the statistics and ALL of the common sense is on the side of those who argue for the right of private citizens to protect themselves from predators with firearms. The leftist anti-gun crowd continuously plumbs the depths of idiocy to promote its agenda. No lie or exaggeration is too bold when it comes to promoting the anti-gun agenda.

Here's an example … just read this lead paragraph from an editorial in yesterday's Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Here we have the editorial writer using a blatantly false premise to promote the anti-gun mandate. Par for the course.

Oh, by the way. The person who wrote this editorial is undoubtedly Cynthia Tucker, the rabidly anti-gun editorial page editor of that newspaper. Note her use of the word "macho" in the lead paragraph. This is illustrative of her feeling that self-defense is actually part of the irresponsible macho mental makeup of (ugh!) men!

Evidently Cynthia doesn't realize that there are a lot of women sitting in the left seats of those airliners – and these are women who, believe me, would be perfectly willing to see what kind of damage a frangible bullet could do to the physique of a terrorist.

Now, for your edification, here is yesterday's obtuse editorial from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/epaper/editions/tuesday/opinion_c3ec73e3c5c8201c002b.html

And to complete your education, we bring you an excellent response from Georgia Senator Zell Miller: http://www.accessatlanta.com/ajc/epaper/editions/tuesday/opinion_c3ec7354c5c821f4008b.html

Now, you tell me which one makes the most sense.

This gem from BBC across the pond. You remember Desmond Tutu, don't you? He makes, or used to make, frequent visits here to the Atlanta area to lecture at Emory University.

Tutu isn't up with Israel's efforts to protect itself from terrorist attacks. No surprise there, I guess. But at the same time Tutu wants to assure the world that he is not anti-Jew or anti-Semitic.

Then, this quote: "I am not even anti-white, despite the madness of that group."

Mad? I'm not mad! Disgruntled, maybe, but not mad. OK … irritated.

Do you think that government schools exist just to teach your children the basic skills they need to survive – perhaps even thrive – in our society? Sadly, many of you think just that.

Truth is … our government schools have also become indoctrination centers where children are taught the collectivist mantra that group consciousness is good and individuality is bad.

I'm told of a middle school in Seminole County, Fla., where students are instructed that they are not allowed to take limos to the school dance. It has nothing to do with safety issues. It's all about class-consciousness and an egalitarian society. The students are being told they can't take a limo to the class dance because there are some students who cannot afford to rent a limo ... and they'll be made to feel bad.

This is nothing new, my friends. I first encountered this when my daughter was in day care back around 1972. She took some candy to day care one day, only to have the candy confiscated by the day care staff. I challenged the day care operator and was told that it was their policy that a child could only bring candy if they brought enough to share with every other child.

At that point the day care center operator and I had a bit of a chat. I asked her if she was against the concept of private property. She said that she was not. I then asked her why she was teaching the children that it is wrong for them to own something, in this case the candy, simply because other people don't have the same thing.

Fortunately, there was an instantaneous recognition of my point. The woman told me that I was absolutely right and that all policies challenging the right of one child to possess something that other children might not have would be corrected.

That was a day care center, and in that case the rule was probably put into place to prevent conflicts between the children. In the case of the Seminole County middle school the intent is something quite different. Here we have government school employees pushing a strict leftist dogma … the idea that it is wrong for an adult to live a lifestyle that is not available to others.

Hardly a day passes that you don't hear some leftist politician talking about the improper "distribution" of wealth in this country. They speak in glowing terms of an economic and tax system which promotes some sort of "equity" or "equality" where all people, regardless of their work ethic, essentially enjoy the same standard of living.

It's just another part of the leftist war on the individual. Individual excellence is to be discouraged. The emphasis shall be placed on the whole – the group – and not the individual. When one individual starts to pull away from the pack, usually due to hard work and good decision-making, that individual must be pulled back into line.

When you go to the school dance in a limo, you are pulling away from the pack. This Seminole County school wants to nip that in the bud.

All hail the wolf pack! Down with the individual!

The heat was too much, I guess. John Harris at Texas Automotive Export is backpedaling like mad … trying to get out of the PR mess generated by his telefax to an Israeli customer.

You remember the telefax, don't you? Harris told the Israeli citizen that his company wouldn't do business with Israeli citizens for the time being because of the way they were treating Palestinians. Now Harris is saying that he has "regret" for this letter and that he supports Israel's right to defend itself.

My guess? Texas Automotive Export is said to be a General Motors franchisee. That, and the fact that Harris may have been violating U.S. law with his boycott, may have created his sudden feeling of "regret."

OK ... I'm truly sorry that Sen. Robert Byrd's, D-W.V., dog died. Fifteen years ... I know how that feels. So ... props to Bob on the death of his dog.

But that's it. It's time for someone to tell Sen. Byrd to just move on.

The issue? Byrd's insistence that President Bush's Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge testify – under oath – before a Senate committee.

Bush says no. Ridge is a presidential adviser and is not subject to Senate confirmation or being called to testify before a Senate committee. Byrd acknowledges that this is so … but that the case with Ridge is different somehow because it involves protecting Americans from terrorist attack.

The Bush administration has offered Ridge for as many informal and private briefings as senators and congressmen feel necessary. That's not good enough for Byrd.

The scuttlebutt here is that Byrd is miffed because the Bush administration isn't funneling enough homeland security spending into Byrd's home state of West Virginia.

A pure and simple power play. Byrd wants to show Bush that he can't be "dissed" this way. Custom be damned. Byrd is determined that he is going to win this battle with the evil Republican president … and it doesn't matter how it changes policy and custom in Washington.

OK … I won't identify the baseball team or the stadium. Maybe that's because I have to pass by these very same security guards from time to time. (No, not necessarily Atlanta. Could be Boston, Cincinnati, Miami, St. Louis – all places where I go to watch the Braves play.)

This particular security guard is looking over the ID badge of one of the team officials, trying to decide whether to let him into the team locker room area. The official explains to the guard that he is the team doctor. The guard isn't convinced. He looks up at the man and says, "But it says here you are a physician."

How do you keep from laughing in his face?

As I write these lines, there is a young man sitting in a jail cell in Fayette County, Ga. He has been there since yesterday afternoon. There will be a bond hearing today. That's when we'll find out if he can get out of jail.

The young man's name is Frank Gelman. He's a 17-year-old junior at Fayette County High School. Frank and some of his friends had started a lawn care and landscaping business to earn some extra money. When he drove into the school parking lot yesterday, he had a chain saw and a machete in the back of his pickup truck.

A police officer patrolling the parking lot spotted the machete and placed Gelman under arrest. Gelman, it seems, has violated Fayette County's "zero tolerance" policy on weapons.

Gelman, who has never been in any trouble at school, is now suspended. School spokeswhatever Mary Berry-Dreisbach (Omigod - a hyphenated spokeswhatever) says that the school bans anything that can reasonably be considered a weapon on school property.

So, while school systems across the country are starting to reconsider these idiotic zero-tolerance policies, Fayette County plunges boldly ahead … putting teenagers in jail because they leave their landscaping tools in the back of a pickup truck.

It's not difficult to illustrate just how idiotic these weapons policies are. Just take a look at any car. How many things will you find in a car that can be used as a weapon?

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Are you enjoying the debate in Washington over whether pilots should be allowed to have guns in airline cockpits?If you're paying attention, you need to be aware of one thing.The people who oppose armed pilots aren't focusing on airline safety - they're merely focusing...
Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM
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