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I Guess It's Hereditary ...

Monday, 04 February 2002 12:00 AM

… and Jesse Jackson Jr. has caught it from his father.

Did you hear what Mr. Mindless had to say over the weekend? He says that President Bush's State of the Union speech was really the "police State of the Union speech."

Did Jesse Jr. say just exactly what Bush said that brings forth images of a police state? Nope ... not a word.

It seems that Jesse the Younger is upset because Bush is spending all of that money on protecting our nation from savage terrorist attack and not transferring enough of that wealth to those who might be inclined to throw away their votes on him.

Careful, Jesse. You're starting to give Maxine Waters and Cynthia McKinney a run for the "dumbest member of Congress" title.

Tonight the Alpharetta City Council is going to try to ban BB guns. The ordinance was introduced by some city council member who obviously believes that it is the purpose of government to exercise control over every possible specific element of human behavior.

Alpharetta already has all the laws it needs to deal with anyone under the age of 18 who uses any type of an air gun in an unsafe manner or to damage property.

Why even mention this? Because it's Alpharetta, that's why. Alpharetta, the city where a 93-year-old grandma must show a picture ID to buy a glass of wine.

After all, the mayor, Chuck Martin, thinks the ordinance is a good idea because, as he says, it's time to squelch problems before they become serious.

Oh yeah, now THAT's the way to run a government. Sit around a table and try to think up things that might become a problem at some time in the future and move to legislate those "might be" problems out of existence right now.

Was it at one of these Alpharetta brainstorming sessions that someone came up with the idea that 99-year-old women buying a glass of wine with their meal at a fancy restaurant might be a problem … so you had better card them?

You got it, that's the law in Alpharetta.

Gee. I wonder what else "might become a problem" in Alpharetta. How about teenagers watching bad stuff on television? Better pass a law. And teenagers might break speed limits. How about a law limiting the horsepower of cars driven by teens?

There is no problem in Alpharetta with air guns. No problem requiring a fix. It's just a bunch of ordinance-happy politicians trying to excuse their continued political existence.

At last … a Super Bowl that didn't really suck. But why did Mariah Carey decide to yodel the National Anthem last night? Give me Whitney Houston. Maybe it will take two Whitney Houstons, at her present weight.

Commercials? Some were pretty clever. But ENOUGH of Britney Spears already!

So ... we get to see the new Greta on Fox this evening! I hear that plastic surgeon did a marvelous job! We'll watch ... and report. Meanwhile, Sloan is breathing heavy.

Had another teenager remove herself from the gene pool last night. Driving too fast, lost control in a curve, nailed a telephone pole. Thankfully, she only killed herself and didn't manage to kill her passengers.

In an effort to help me make it through airport security without being bothered, I've decided to adopt a Muslim name. Henceforth I shall be known as Seldom Bin Laid.

That cheerleader at the University of Georgia who was left to make a solo, unattended landing during that cheerleading routine on Saturday is evidently going to be OK. No word on why none of her pals caught her after tossing her 20 feet into the air. She landed on her back. Next move: Ban aerial moves by UGA cheerleaders.

I managed to get through security at a Florida airport yesterday with a steel thermos bottle in my carryon. I'm sure it showed up on X-ray as a steel cylinder. Nobody checked. The screeners did speak understandable English, though. So that's a plus.

You do remember that President Bush called for each and every American to "volunteer" 4,000 hours of community service over the course of their lifetimes. Let's take a quick look at this figure.

First – we're going to assume a 45-year working life, from 20 years of age to 65. During that time the average American will work about 40 percent of every work week to pay the cost of government. That would include all taxes – state and local income taxes, sales taxes, ad valorem taxes, property taxes, takes on your cable and telephone service, school taxes – everything.

This adds up to about 16 hours a week, or 832 hours a year. That's a grand total of over 37,000 hours of your life spent working to cover the cost of government – and this doesn't include the tax costs that are hidden in every single consumer item you buy.

Now, we all know that some of these taxes go to pay for the essential services we all need from government: police and fire protection, roads, a system of courts, etc.

So, let's be really generous here and say that only about one-half of these taxes we pay are for non-essential government services – you know, vote-buying programs, pork-barrel spending and such.

This means that you're already spending about 16,000 hours working to help some politician acquire and maintain political power.

And now George Bush wants 4,000 hours more?

Let's call this what it is. As a spokesman for the Ayn Rand Institute has said, this amounts to a virtual tax increase. You are being asked to work 4,000 hours without remuneration in service to government.

I contend that we have "given" enough by virtue of the confiscatory level of taxation that burdens those with an eye to achievement. If a person wants to give more – that's fine.

But for a government that already takes more than 40 percent of a person's working life to step forward and demand more? Sorry. Doesn't wash.

On Friday I showed you photos that I took at Peachtree DeKalb Airport about 10 days ago of two rapidly growing holes in a cloud. An alert meteorologist in Orlando saw the photos and sent us some information.

There is no "official" name for this interesting effect, so they just call them "hole-punch clouds." Evidently they're relatively rare – so I feel privileged to have been able to get this shot. Here's your link for a full explanation.


Al Gore spoke to a group of supporters in Nashville on Saturday in what many believe was his entry back into politics and the 2004 election.

He said he and Bill Clinton had done a "good job," and that while President Bush is doing great with the war on terror, he's doing lousy on the economy ... you know the routine.

Gore also went back to some of his old campaign roots. He again spoke of his desire to find alternative sources of power beyond the internal combustion engine.

I guess Al has been away for a while. He really isn't paying much attention. Just last month the Bush administration moved to scrap the Clinton-Gore policy for gas engine improvements in favor of pushing for the development of fuel cell cars within 10 years.

If this is how Gore plans to run his campaign, he might as well start writing his concession speech.

So says the lawyer for Enron's Ken Lay – quickly becoming the most demonized man in America. Lay was supposed to testify today before Congress but was advised by his attorney not to go.

The attorney seems to think – perhaps correctly – that many of the congressmen who will be questioning Lay have already decided that Lay is a criminal (as he well may be) and that these hearings are merely a fishing expedition looking for something to hang a criminal charge on.

Lay's attorney says, "These inflammatory statements show that judgments have been reached and the tenor of the hearing will be prosecutorial. He cannot be expected to participate in a proceeding in which conclusions have been reached before Mr. Lay has been given an opportunity to be heard."

The attorney is right. His job now is to keep his client from saying something stupid on the record. That's his job, folks. That's the way the system works.

I had the occasion to be at Hartsfield airport yesterday, digital camera in hand, and took a photo of the infamous escalators that Michael Shane Lasseter ran down – resulting an a hugely expensive shutdown of the entire airport.

There was not one security guard to be seen. At the top of the escalator was one elderly guard sitting down with his head in his hands. Could have been asleep.

The other security guard was crammed into the corner by the elevator talking to someone on the phone – paying no attention at all.

The two National Guardsmen were far away giving directions to a lost traveler.

In short – there was absolutely NO WAY these people could have stopped someone from running down these escalators and disappearing into the concourses.

Until Hartsfield posts a guard at the bottom of these escalators, we will know that all of this BS about airport security is JUST FEEL-GOODISM! Just bureaucrats trying to convince you that they're doing something.

You remember the Motor Voter bill pushed through by the Clinton administration? That is the program that allows anyone to register to vote at the same time they get their driver's license.

Well, did you know that 47 states have no provision for proof of citizenship when you register with Motor Voter? Many states simply ask you to attest that you are a citizen. That's in the same category as "Did you pack your bags yourself?"

Did the illegal votes of non-citizens affect the 2000 election? One watchdog group thinks so.

"With hundreds of thousands of non-citizens, including illegal aliens, voting throughout the country, there is no question about it," says Edward Nelson of United States Border Patrol.

"The election or defeat of candidates for Congress, the U.S. Senate, governors, mayors, city councilmen, and, yes, even the president of the United States was influenced dramatically by non-citizens voting illegally in U.S. elections!"

Gee ... do you think that maybe that's what Clinton and the Dems had in mind?

Since the so-called Motor Voter Bill is on the agenda today, I might as well bring this up again. This same bill that mandated that people be given the opportunity to register to vote when getting a driver's license also mandated that people applying for welfare be offered the chance to sign up to vote.

What a complete outrage! The very class of people who should be kept AWAY from the polls must be given the opportunity to register when they sign up to participate in legalized plunder.

It ought to work just the opposite way. Sign up for welfare, hand in your voter registration card.

Stating that the sight of a woman's bare breasts could incite a riot, Austin police have announced that they will ticket any woman who decides to do a Mardi Gras flash during celebrations in the downtown entertainment district. They will also ticket any man who rides a female flasher on his shoulders. The charge will be a Class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500.


Off to New Orleans.

The news story is a little short on details, but as near as I can make out, Leah Marie Fairbanks, 25, has pleaded guilty in Duluth, Minn., of stabbing her boyfriend (?) five times while very intoxicated.

After she showed remorse, the judge took pity on her and gave her 14 months' probation plus another penalty. Judge Terry Hallenbeck ordered her to read and prepare reports on eight works, including the Declaration of Independence, Emily Dickinson's "We Never Know" and Ernest Hemingway's "The Old Man and the Sea."

The man she stabbed in the fight got a different judge. He pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and received eight years. His public defender has advised him to appeal. As I said, the details are sketchy, so we'll start looking for more information.

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… and Jesse Jackson Jr. has caught it from his father. Did you hear what Mr. Mindless had to say over the weekend?He says that President Bush's State of the Union speech was really the police State of the Union speech. Did Jesse Jr. say just exactly what Bush said that...
Monday, 04 February 2002 12:00 AM
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