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Al Gore Spins the Earth

Tuesday, 19 June 2007 12:00 AM

In the wake of the biblical flood, survivors migrated to a valley called Sennaar where they settled and came up with a brilliant idea. According to holy Scripture, somebody said "let us build a city and a tower with its top in the heavens."

The idea, of course was to build a tower high enough to rise above any future floods the Lord might decide to inflict on his wayward children, thus frustrating the divine will. All the idea accomplished, however was to guarantee a good living for Charles Berlitz and a horde of other professional linguists and translators down through the centuries.

The Bible does not identify the speaker who came up with the idea to defy the Lord, but I have a sneaking suspicion that his name was something like Algore.

The present day Mr. Gore has his own idea about building a tower to defy Mother Nature. If the old gal is determined to fry humanity by overheating the globe, Al stands like Horatius at the bridge, ready to fend off nature's flame thrower by erecting a tower of global bureaucratic regulations that seem to have been torn from the pages of Karl Marx's socialist playbook.

Aside from the fact that the whole idea that puny mankind can defy the forces of nature when they determine that, for reasons not clear to us, it's time for some climate changes, the whole global warming scam is built on a foundation of the junkiest of junk science.

Al Gore has failed to learn the lesson provided us by Britain's early King Canute, who in order to demonstrate to his worshipful subjects the limitations of political power sat on his throne on the shoreline, waves lapping at his feet, and ordered the tides to cease pounding on old Blighty's shore. Nature, of course simply ignored this royal fiat as he knew it would and the tide kept creeping in.

Canute observed humbly "Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings. For there is none worthy of the name but God, whom heaven, earth and sea obey."

As historians have noted, old Canute knew his limitations — even if his subjects did not. He made his point that, although the deeds of kings and Gores might appear awesome in the minds of men, they were as nothing in the face of God's power.

The same could be said about Mother Nature, God's surrogate. If she has really made up her mind to inflict global overheating on her favorite planet, with all that this implies, she's darn well going to do it whether Al Gore and his acolytes like it or not.

Wherever it is that Ma Nature hangs her hat, she has to be vastly amused at the whole spectacle of a panicked horde of global warning fanatics relying on such measures as restricting the emission of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), to stand in her way, an absurdity according to retired physics professor Howard Hayden, a physics professor for 32 years at the University of Connecticut, an editor of a monthly newsletter called "The Energy Advocate, " and the author of the book "The Solar Fraud: Why Solar Energy Won't Run the World."

"You think SUVs are the cause of glaciers shrinking?" he says. "I don't think so."

Instead, Hayden argued that climatic history proves that Gore has the relationship between carbon dioxide concentration and global warming backwards. He says a higher concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere does not cause the earth to be warmer. It is, he insists, the other way round: a warmer earth causes the higher carbon dioxide levels.

"The sun heats up the earth," he said, "and the oceans warm up and atmospheric carbon dioxide rises." He added that humans' contribution to global carbon dioxide levels is virtually negligible anyway.

Writing in Australia's Courier Mail, professor Bob Carter, an environmental scientist at James Cook University who studies ancient climate change, all of the alleged remedies for global warming are what he calls a "high price for a load of hot air."

Writes Carter: "The salient facts are these. First, the accepted global average temperature statistics used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) show that no ground-based warming has occurred since 1998. Oddly, this eight-year-long temperature stasis has occurred despite an increase over the same period of 15 parts per million (or 4 percent) in atmospheric CO2.

"Second, lower atmosphere satellite-based temperature measurements, if corrected for non-greenhouse influences such as El Nino events and large volcanic eruptions, show little if any global warming since 1979, a period over which atmospheric CO2 has increased by 55 ppm (17 percent).

"Third, there are strong indications from solar studies that earth's current temperature stasis will be followed by climatic cooling over the next few decades."

Carter quotes leading economist David Henderson as saying that it is extremely dangerous for an unelected and unaccountable body like the U.N.'S IPCC to have a monopoly on climate policy advice to governments. And even more so because, at heart, the IPCC is a political and not a scientific agency.

Says Carter "It is past time for those who have deceived governments and misled the public regarding dangerous human-caused global warming to be called to account. Aided by hysterical posturing by green NGOs, their actions have led to the cornering of government on the issue and the likely implementation of futile emission policies that will impose direct extra costs on every household and enterprise in Australia to no identifiable benefit.

"Not only do humans not dominate earth's current temperature trend but the likelihood is that further large sums of public money are shortly going to be committed to, theoretically, combat warming when cooling is the more likely short-term climatic eventuality.

"In one of the more expensive ironies of history, the expenditure of more than $50 billion on research into global warming since 1990 has failed to demonstrate any human-caused climate trend, let alone a dangerous one.

"Yet that expenditure will pale into insignificance compared with the squandering of money that is going to accompany the introduction of a carbon trading or taxation system.

"The costs of thus expiating comfortable middle class angst are, of course, going to be imposed preferentially upon the poor and underprivileged."

All this for paying homage to Al Gore's modern Tower of Babel.

According to Australian meteorologist Augie Auer man's contribution to the greenhouse gases was so small we couldn't change the climate if we tried.

"We're all going to survive this. It's all going to be a joke in five years," he told Australia's Timaru Herald's Andrew Swallow.

Auer said that combination of misinterpreted and misguided science, media hype, and political spin has created the current hysteria and it was time to put a stop to it.

"It is time to attack the myth of global warming," he said.

Auer explained that water vapour is responsible for 95 per cent of the greenhouse effect, an effect which is vital to keep the world warm.

"If we didn't have the greenhouse effect the planet would be at minus 18 deg C but because we do have the greenhouse effect it is plus 15 deg C, all the time."

The other greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, and various others including CFCs, contributed only five percent of the effect, carbon dioxide being by far the greatest contributor at 3.6 percent.

However, carbon dioxide as a result of man's activities was only 3.2 percent of that, hence only 0.12 percent of the greenhouse gases in total. Human-related methane, nitrogen dioxide and CFCs etc made similarly minuscule contributions to the effect: 0.066, 0.047 and 0.046 percent respectively.

"That ought to be the end of the argument, there and then," he said.

"We couldn't do it (change the climate) even if we wanted to because water vapour dominates."

Yet the Greens continued to use phrases such as "The planet is groaning under the weight of CO2" and government policies were about to hit industries such as farming, he warned.

"The Greens are really going to go after you because you put out 49 percent of the countries emissions. Does anybody ask 49 percent of what? Does anybody know how small that number is?

"It's become a witch-hunt; a Salem witch-hunt," he said.

Note to Mr. Gore: Atmospheric levels of CO2 are at or above 400 ppms — every time over the past five million years those levels have exceeded 200 ppms, an ice age has followed — every time.

The gap between of glaciation and interglacial periods is about 12,000 years. The last ice age ended 12,000 years ago. As politicians on the outs like to say, "It's time for a change."

Button up your overcoat, Al.

Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist who writes for NewsMax.com. He is editor and publisher of Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pvbr.com) and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s.

He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska.

He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association For Intelligence Officers.

He can be reached at pvb@pvbr.com.


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In the wake of the biblical flood, survivors migrated to a valley called Sennaar where they settled and came up with a brilliant idea. According to holy Scripture, somebody said "let us build a city and a tower with its top in the heavens." The idea, of course was to...
Tuesday, 19 June 2007 12:00 AM
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