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Good Friday

Friday, 13 April 2001 12:00 AM

Barabbas or Jesus?

Don't you just love mob rule?

Do you really think that these rioters, thugs and vandals in Cincinnati are rioting because they're upset over the police shooting of an unarmed black man (one who had 14 outstanding criminal warrants, by the way)?

Yeah, some people are truly upset, genuinely concerned, and want to see a thorough investigation. But only a few.

Here's your politically incorrect thought of the day. These kids are rioting because they have an excuse to riot. You don't loot the store of a fellow black citizen because you're upset with a white policeman. You loot the store owned by a black businessman because you want to – and now you have a convenient excuse.

The urban black culture is a culture dominated by violence, lawlessness and predatory sex. Until the culture changes, we'll have events like the Cincinnati riots whenever an excuse is handy.

Accidental shootings are down. Way down. Yes, that's right. According to the Centers for Disease Control, gun deaths in the United States fell to their lowest level since 1966 during the mid-1990s. That's a drop of more than 29 percent. And firearms-related injuries dropped 47 percent during the same period.

Nope, the CDC couldn't offer an explanation. They don't offer an explanation because they know the reason and don't like it.

Here's your explanation. Gun-safety education programs like the National Rifle Association's "Eddie Eagle" are working. Strict enforcement of existing firearms laws is working, too, and people are less inclined to use guns to commit crimes because they know that more and more people are armed for self-defense.

And why is the CDC treating guns as a "public health problem" when its other programs are aimed at stamping out diseases like malaria? Here's a hint: The CDC's parent agency is the U.S. Public Health Service, whose goal since 1979 has been "to reduce the number of handguns in public ownership." Previous studies from the CDC have been selective in their use of statistics. In 1994, the CDC announced that gun deaths "rival" driving Fatalities – as if to suggest that gun-related murders were on the rise.

So, despite the encouraging news on gun deaths and injuries, we still have CDC flacks like Lee Annest, a statistician, saying that firearm injuries "remain a serious public health problem" because in 1998, 95,000 people sustained gunshot wounds.

That's why the CDC won't acknowledge the real reason why gun deaths and injuries are going down. It's because they're so wrapped up in their own anti-gun agenda that they can't see the truth: that Americans are becoming more responsible gun owners, and criminals are thinking twice before they use their guns to commit crimes.

I sent off my pound of flesh to the IRS yesterday. I have to be very careful with those folks. With all of my talk on taxes and abolishing the IRS, they would just absolutely LOVE to nail my hide to the wall.

Showing an abundance of caution, I decided to mail my check certified, return receipt requested. You can't be too careful with an agency that has adopted a "we're right, you're wrong, pay up" attitude.

Oh, boy. Was I ever in for it. I show up at a post office to mail my certified letter and, of course, there was a line. No, not all the stations were open, and those who were open were staffed by people who were acting like they couldn't get out of their own way. After a short wait it became clear that this process was going to take a minimum of 45 minutes. So off I went to a local private mail station. I paid him a buck to handle the matter for me and was in and out in 60 seconds.

That, my friends, is the difference between dealing with government and dealing with private businesses – especially those with competition.

You want the government to handle your medical care? You want the government to take care of your retirement? Go stand in line at a post office.

Remember the researchers who said Thomas Jefferson had an affair with a slave named Sally Hemings? They were probably wrong.

Yesterday, a panel of professors released a report on the Jefferson-Hemings affair. The report reads, "Our individual conclusions range from serious skepticism about the charge to a conviction that it is almost certainly false."

It all goes back to that DNA test Nature performed in 1998 – the one Jefferson experts said proved he had a long-term sexual relationship with his slave. The new Jefferson commission says the DNA test was NEVER designed to prove that Thomas Jefferson was the father of any of Sally Hemings' children! The test only established a strong probability that her youngest son was fathered by one of the more than two dozen Jefferson men in Virginia at the time.

And seven of those two dozen Jefferson men may have been at Monticello when Hemings' son was conceived.

That's hardly evidence that Thomas Jefferson was carrying on with Sally Hemings, is it?

Will this new report capture the American public's attention like the DNA test results did? Don't hold your breath. Which story is sexier – Thomas Jefferson's torrid affair with Sally Hemings, or some unspecified Jefferson family member having his way with her? Which story makes a better feature film?

And which story better serves the purpose of the revisionists and the civil rights warlords?

It happened again. Someone was fumigating an apartment with "bug bombs" in San Diego. There were 18 of these bug bombs in the unit – but no one bothered to think what would happen when those flammable vapors reached the pilot light on, say, a gas-powered appliance.

The result? A big boom. The explosion ripped open the ceiling of the apartment, shattered windows, and tore cabinets from kitchen walls. About $50,000 in damage. Authorities say the residents were using way too many bug bombs.

The cockroaches are still there, by the way.

But it's an epidemic! The same thing happened twice last week – in a New York apartment building and a house! The residents used too many bug bombs and failed to shut off their appliances beforehand.

These bug bombs are dangerous! They cause injury and could possibly kill someone! We have to control these bug bombs! Make the owners lock them up when they're not in use! Ban them from homes and only authorize government-supervised exterminators to possess them! We have to think of the children! The children!

Child locks on bug bombs! Bug bomb buy-back programs!

How long before a kid gets kicked out of school for drawing a picture of a bug bomb!

After all ... it's the bug bombs that caused all this property damage – not the people who misused them.

And wet streets cause rain.

And cameras cause pornography.

And cell phones cause traffic accidents.

And those damnable ice cream spoons caused Rosie O'Donnell to become fat.

Jeffords, from Vermont, is a RINO. That means "Republican in Name Only." He's one of the two Republican Senators who helped Democrats damage George W. Bush's tax proposal in the Senate. Now this Republican is threatening to go where he belongs.

The Rutland Vermont Herald asked Jeffords this week what he would do if GOP leaders in the Senate punished him for opposing Bush's tax cut plan. Jeffords responded, "It's only a short walk across the aisle."

Hey, no problem here. Go over to the Democrats and join your class-warfare brethren, Mr. Jeffords. You'll fit right in.

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Barabbas or Jesus? Don't you just love mob rule? Do you really think that these rioters, thugs and vandals in Cincinnati are rioting because they're upset over the police shooting of an unarmed black man (one who had 14 outstanding criminal warrants, by the way)? Yeah,...
Friday, 13 April 2001 12:00 AM
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