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Get Out Of The U.N., Start Over

Tuesday, 07 December 2004 12:00 AM

He finally decided that he just couldn’t stomach another campaign. He retired and former Governor John Ashcroft was elected to succeed him.

Danforth remained in fairly low profile for the next decade until President Bush tapped him to be our Ambassador to the United Nations. (He was seen soon thereafter presiding at the National Cathedral for the funeral of President Ronald Reagan. Danforth is, among other things, an Episcopal priest.)

After just six months on the job, Danforth has resigned. He gave as the primary reason for the resignation the need to assist his wife of 47 years in her recovery from a very nasty accident. But Danforth told friends he was very frustrated with his inability to implement the President’s policies at the UN.

No wonder. The U.N. now is dominated by nations of the third world whose values are so distant from our own that they won’t even object to the genocide occurring in the Sudan.

Danforth was known in the Senate as a man whose powers of persuasion were so intense that once he got onto an issue, his opponents often ran for cover. Clarence Thomas worked for Danforth as a young assistant.

Senator Danforth’s blessing materially contributed to saving the Thomas nomination from defeat in the Senate, despite vehement opposition from civil rights and women’s group on the left.

A man who is still a fervent Christian, a man who has principles, a man who is an articulate advocate for this country can hardly get along at the U.N.

As we write, the U.N. is involved in a huge scandal which has the potential to escalate beyond anything we have known to date.

At a minimum U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan presided over the misappropriations of billions of dollars in the oil-for-food program designed to help poor Iraqis. Instead, the money never reached the poor. It was used to finance new weapons programs for Saddam Hussein, weapons which were manufactured by those who opposed U.S. intervention in Iraq, namely France, Germany and Russia.

Some money apparently even reached Annan’s son. There are new allegations suggesting that some of those dollars might have benefited Annan himself.

We may never know the whole story, because even though former Federal Reserve Board Chairman, Paul Volker, is supposed to be conducting an internal investigation at the request of the U.N. and Senator Norm Coleman (R-MN) is conducting a Senate investigation, neither has subpoena power and thus cannot access the necessary documents and people to set the record straight.

Senator Coleman has called on Annan to resign on the grounds that, at the minimum, Annan turned a blind eye toward what was going on or, at the maximum, the corruption may be much worse. The Bush Administration has backed Annan weakly, probably because it thinks Annan has been helpful in signing up resources for the Iraqi elections scheduled for late January.

I have a better idea. Let’s get out of the UN and start over.

I am against any sort of world government. It would only mean that a cabal who hates our religions and our way of life could gang up on the USA. No good could possibly come from such an institution.

I do buy the notion that some sort of world forum can be useful perhaps to prevent genocide such as we are seeing in the Sudan. However, I would only permit democracies to join. Democracies are not perfect, but by and large they do not start wars. Moreover, minorities tend to receive more humane treatment in democracies than in dictatorships. So far, at least there is generally freedom of speech and religion in the democratic nations.

What about nations which claim to be democratic but which do not live up to minimum democratic standards? Well, it would be a great incentive for them to change some of their policies to conform to minimum standards such as freedom of media, freedom of worship, freedom of assembly and speech.

The current U.N. cannot live without the United States. We pay about a quarter of its budget and for what? To have us slapped down by a group of bloodthirsty dictators who hate our system of government? To have human rights abuses investigated by a committee composed of the worst human rights violators on the face of the earth? To have U.N. people run for cover as soon as the situation gets tough in Iraq? For the life of me I can’t figure out any benefit to staying in the U.N.

To be sure, the losers will scream bloody murder. After all, the losing Presidential candidate, Senator Kerry, made it clear that he believed in the U.N. more than he believed in the USA. In fact, it was clear that he viewed the United Nations as a vehicle to restrain the aggressive, imperialist United States.

Many current Senators are utopian in their outlook. They actually believe, despite all evidence to the contrary, that the U.N., as presently constituted, can work. In fact, they would claim it is working. When you ask them for evidence they cite Bosnia and Kosovo.

First, it is the good old USA is really the driving force in both places. Second, if the U.N. troops were to withdraw the residents of both Bosnia and Kosovo would resume their previous way of life. That is to say, they would be killing each other. Does U.N. peacekeeping work when withdrawal does not occur after pacification?

The U.N. does perform some useful statistical work. That could easily be absorbed by the new organization I am proposing. That new organization could undertake some humanitarian work as well. Much of the money collected by the U.N. for humanitarian purposes never gets to the intended recipients.

A new organization could fix that. This new organization would not attempt to be a world government. Good grief, no. Rather, it would be a forum to organize cooperation for the greater good. The new group would only intervene when clearly something had to be done to save a population or, on rare occasions, to stop a war when honest negotiation is not possible.

It is clearly time to get those “Get the US out of the UN” bumper stickers out of the trunk in the attic. As the saying goes, everything that’s old is new again.


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He finally decided that he just couldn't stomach another campaign.He retired and former Governor John Ashcroft was elected to succeed him. Danforth remained in fairly low profile for the next decade until President Bush tapped him to be our Ambassador to the United...
Tuesday, 07 December 2004 12:00 AM
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