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FTA: A Reagan Doctrine for Israel

Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM

When the press finally figured out what I and a band of Reaganauts in the White House were up to – activating a strategy to get rid of the Soviet Empire – they called the strategy "The Reagan Doctrine." It was first entitled thus in an essay by Charles Krauthammer in the May 1, 1985, issue of Time magazine.

But we never called what we were doing "The Reagan Doctrine." We simply called it "FTC," which stood for Foil the Commies … or something like that.

Whatever it was called, the essence of the strategy was to recognize that there was no substitute for victory over the Soviets in the Cold War, that the path to victory lay in identifying Soviet weaknesses and vulnerabilities, then implementing tactics and policies to exacerbate those vulnerabilities.

The time has come for an FTA strategy. I – and I hope you – am, like, totally totally fed up with Arab Nazism, fascism, despotism, whining, moaning, lying, cheating, killing, terrorizing us and each other, promising great sex in a whorehouse-heaven to folks who slaughter women and children, sheiks and mullahs, Osamas and Saddams, camel herders and mosque keepers posing as royalty, tin-pot princes and kings and dictators, the whole anti-democratic anti-freedom poverty-pit envy-of-the-West nine yards.

One of the most revolting magazine covers after Sept. 11 had, in huge letters: "Why Do They Hate Us?" Why should we give a rat's derriere whether they hate us or not?

We did not care whether the Nazis or the Imperial Japanese or the Soviets hated us. We were in a war, and all that counted was defeating them – which we did. Now we are in war again – with Arab terrorists and all those who support them. All that counts is destroying them, destroying them physically or destroying their will to fight. That is the only victory that matters.

When representatives of Arab countries met last month in Malaysia and in Beirut, they refused to agree that Moslems randomly killing innocent women and children in Israel was terrorism no different from Moslems killing thousands of Americans on Sept. 11.

That tears it. The Arab objective and focus of their hatred is clear. It is Western civilization. Arabs hate Israel because Israel is part of that civilization. Israel is hated because it is a free, democratic, prosperous bastion of Western Civilization. Arabs hate Israel, just as they hate America, not for its vices, but for its virtues.

So – for an FTA strategy, a Reagan Doctrine for Israel, what should be done?

Suppose Saddam Hussein referred to Kuwait as "Kuwait-occupied Iraq." That is no more laughable than referring to the West Bank as "Israeli-occupied."

Every time any supporter of Israel sees or hears the West Bank called "occupied," he or she should write a letter to the confused journalist and explain that the U.N. mandated the eastern border of the state of Israel to be the Jordan River.

Arab armies invaded in 1948, Israel defeated them, with the Jordanian army occupying Israeli territory west of the Jordan. In 1967, Israel recovered this land. The West Bank was occupied by an Arab army for 19 years; it is not now.

The biggest mistake Israel ever made was not annexing the West Bank once it was liberated from Arab occupation – as it did with the Golan. It's a lot harder to do now, but there is no other path to peace and security.

Second because there already is a Palestinian state: Jordan. Run by the Hashem family from Mecca, Jordan is 60 percent Palestinian.

West Bank Palestinians should be given a choice: Emigrate to either Jordan or Gaza, or apply for Israeli citizenship, which includes acknowledging the sovereignty of Israel and its right to exist. Israeli settlements in Gaza should be abandoned. Even with a large population density, Gaza could flourish as (and only as) a free-market democracy. Hong Kong and Singapore have twice the population density of Gaza.

Arafat has had two dominating passions during his life: killing Jews and sodomizing young boys. There is a collection of films secretly taken during the 1970s and 1980s by the Securitate (Romanian KGB) when Arafat stayed at Ceaucescu's palace in Bucharest. Every night, a young boy or two would be provided for him, and every time the Securitate's cameras were rolling.

Both the U.S. and Israeli intel have copies. Release them to al-Jazeera television. The only way to destroy this monster is to completely humiliate him in front of the whole Arab world.

Make it simple: Democracy is a necessary pre-condition for peace. You cannot have peace with dictatorships. There is not one single Arab country with a freely elected democratic government. The demand should start – not end – with the demand for democracy in Saudi Arabia.

The corrupt Saudi "royal family" (meaning they were camel herders who seized power with guns and violence 90-some years ago and started calling themselves kings and princes), and their Faustian bargain with the Wahhabi sect of religious nuts, is the primary cause of Arab terrorism, hatred and fanaticism. If they want to rule, let them get honestly elected. Oh, yes – and women get to vote, too.

The only way to force the Arab world to accept the existence of Israel is to give it no hope that Israel will be defeated and vanish. The only way to accomplish this is to hold Mecca as a nuclear hostage.

Egypt is already in a similar position, which is why the largest Arab nation has been neutered in the Arab struggle against the "Zionist enemy." Egypt knows its defeat of Israel is impossible, because the Aswan Dam is targeted by Israeli nukes.

Should Egypt ever be so insanely foolish as to again attempt militarily conquering Israel, before such an attempt could reach success, Aswan would suffer a nuclear hit and the entire Nile River Valley below would be under 20 feet of water.

As Aswan is Egypt's sword of Damocles, so Mecca should be the Damoclean sword for the whole Arab world. The clear message of Israel should be:

"We are not going away. We are not going to be defeated. You must come to grips with and accept the fact of our sovereign existence. To make this crystal clear, we have targeted nuclear missiles at the Holy City of Mecca. We hope and pray we will never have to use them, just as Americans hoped and prayed during the Cold War they would never have to use their nuclear missiles aimed at Moscow. They serve as an ultimate deterrent – for you to understand that victory over us is an impossibility."

Such a message should, of course, be a completely private one and fiercely denied publicly, just like targeting Aswan – or the very existence of Israeli nukes in the first place.

The bottom line for the U.S. and Israel is that both countries face the same enemy. Money, arms, people and cooperation flow seamlessly now between al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad, Syria, Iraq, Iran and the Palestinian Authority. A comprehensive and cooperative U.S.-Israel strategy must be activated to shatter the entire structure of this terror nexus.

Euroweenies, particularly the French, will go apoplectic. In response, the French should be encouraged, since they love the Palestinians so much, to cede an area equivalent in size to the West Bank (about 2,000 square miles) – say, in Provence between Marseilles and St. Tropez – to them, invite them to immigrate, and let that be the Palestinian state.

The capital would be Toulon – since it is no less reasonable to assume that the "furthermost place" of Mohammed's dream in Sura 17 of the Koran was, instead of Jerusalem, actually Mont Feron overlooking Toulon. (The Koran doesn't identify the location – Jerusalem is not mentioned once in the Koran – so one place is as good as another.)

Thus the Al Aqsa Mosque should be relocated on top of Mont Feron. This would solve everything. Israel gets back the Temple Mount. The French get to have the Palestinian state they want. Palestinian women can flaunt their burkas on Tahiti Beach in St. Tropez. It's a win-win deal for everyone.

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When the press finally figured out what I and a band of Reaganauts in the White House were up to - activating a strategy to get rid of the Soviet Empire - they called the strategy The Reagan Doctrine. It was first entitled thus in an essay by Charles Krauthammer in the...
Wednesday, 01 May 2002 12:00 AM
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