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Frist: Right Man, Right Place, Right Time

Wednesday, 18 February 2004 12:00 AM

When man is co-operating with God, then the right person will be in the right place at the right time. Can anyone argue that Pope John Paul II, coming from Poland, wasn’t the perfect man at the right time to provide a moral force for the ending of the Soviet empire about a decade after he came into office?

Can anyone argue that Ronald Reagan, and most especially his CIA Director Bill Casey, were not the right men at that right moment in history to put forward the moral authority needed at that particular time in history?

That is how I feel about Bill Frist, the Majority Leader in the United States Senate. I’ve taken a lot of hits for saying that he is the best Majority Leader in my political lifetime. It is not that my longtime friend Trent Lott wasn’t a good and decent man. It is certainly true that Trent was unjustly driven from office. So I mean no offense to Trent, whose continuation in office I supported against the vultures who wished to destroy him.

But it is my belief that Bill Frist happens to be the right man for this moment. I know him to be a quietly religious man who puts God first in his life, so there is at least a chance that the synergy of which I spoke will come into play, for this is a point in time when we need precisely the charismata which he possesses.

Witness the statement of Senator Frist on the Senate floor last Thursday regarding cloning. Frist cited the news from South Korean scientists claim that they have successfully cloned a mature human embryo. “This is an alarming development,” Frist said. The Senator went on to say, “C.S. Lewis saw decades ago the dangers facing human dignity. In his essay The Abolition of Man he warned that in conquering nature, nature is actually conquering mankind.

“To clone a human being is a move from the pro-creation to the manufacture of human life. This is dangerous,” Senator Frist told his colleagues.

“My own profession is medicine. And a good physician must, I fundamentally believe, also be a good scientist. I can tell you from my own experiences that without revolutionary advances in medical science and technology, my own heart transplant patients of a decade ago simply wouldn’t be alive today. Indeed, we must reject an irrational fear of technological advance.

“But the secret of human dignity is living within limits - ethical limits, moral limits that don’t hamper human advances, but preserve them and promote them. We strongly support ethical stem cell research. But we reject the cloning of human beings.

“Not only does human cloning experimentation of any kind offend the conscience, it is not medically necessary. As I have said on many occasions there is no scientific basis to claim that human cloning experimentation is necessary for the long-term success or clinical application of stem cell research.

“If human beings are special,” Senator Frist continued in his address to the Senate, “if we are truly sacred - then we must devote ourselves to a better world. But we must not do evil to bring about good.”

It is precisely the ability of Senator Frist to speak with moral authority on this most important subject of our time that he is the right man for the moment. Senator Sam Brownback (R-KS) has a bill to outlaw cloning. The Majority Leader favors the bill, but the Senate is deeply divided on the subject with secular humanists such as Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) pushing cloning. It will take someone who has the credentials Bill Frist has to counter the nonsense being pushed by Harkin and others that by banning cloning we are sticking our heads in the sand and trying to turn back the clock.

Later in the day, after Senator Frist made his statement on cloning, he made another statement pointing to the lack of agreement by the Massachusetts legislature, sitting as a Constitutional convention, on the subject of homosexual “marriage”. Senator Frist, who has very deep convictions in this regard, suggested that almost certainly the Congress would have to take up a federal marriage amendment to the Constitution.

An amendment will be very difficult to pass. It will take someone of very strong convictions to move it along. The opposition to such an amendment will be hostile, fierce and intense. Only someone who really cares about the issue will take it up.

Pray for Senator Frist. Right now he is co-operating with God and the synergy is permitting him to oppose the spirit of the times. The temptation to abandon this sort of synergy will be enormous. And Senator Frist is, after all, just a human being. He needs fortification as he moves forward on two important fronts.

These days very troubling things happen to those who speak the truth. The Majority Leader needs the mighty armor of God. The rest of us can help him get properly dressed for battle.


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When man is co-operating with God, then the right person will be in the right place at the right time. Can anyone argue that Pope John Paul II, coming from Poland, wasn't the perfect man at the right time to provide a moral force for the ending of the Soviet empire about a...
Wednesday, 18 February 2004 12:00 AM
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