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Free Taiwan Key to Peaceful Asia

Sunday, 13 March 2005 12:00 AM

Asia has long been dominated by the massive totalitarian and brutal rule of Beijing. The U.S.-China policy shows that the Bush administration is actually discouraging democracy. The single-minded policy of trade above all else with Beijing is a form of slow political poison that is killing any future prospects of peace, destroying America and breaking the Cold War alliances that we depended on for half a century.

The Bush administration China policy has done little to improve the lives of billions overseas or the millions here in America. The imbalance of trade with China has cost millions of jobs inside the U.S. and fed the Chinese military with cold hard cash to buy more weapons.

The aggressive and one-sided trade policy from China is a form of economic warfare being waged from inside Chinese army factories. The imbalance has weakened the U.S. economy, strengthened the Chinese military industry and allowed Beijing to blackmail governments around the world with threats of trade war.

The simple solution is to reset the exchange rate between the U.S. and China. Yet this is one thing that both Washington and Beijing continue to resist. The fall of the dollar globally is directly tied to this monetary imbalance.

In addition, the Bush policy of encouraging democracy as a way toward global peace seems not to apply to Asia. Washington has repeatedly warned Taiwan that to stage a referendum on independence will not be tolerated.

Simply put: While a free election is OK and worth dying for in Baghdad, it is not acceptable in Taipei. The contradiction in policy is not lost on the world or inside the communist party meetings in Beijing.

The recent move by the European Union to drop its ban on arms sales to China is one example of the failure of U.S.-China policy. The move threatens to open a rift between Washington and Europe, forcing the U.S. to restrict advanced technology sales to former allies in London, Berlin and Paris.

The NATO alliance was built to fight communist domination of Europe. Now it is coming apart because it cannot fight the communist domination of Asia.

Beijing's free hand in Asia is not lost on its other client states and is especially appreciated in North Korea. Pyongyang has long been a military, political and economic client state of Beijing. Its nuclear and ballistic missile technology is mainly Chinese. Its primary logistics and energy support comes from China.

China has helped North Korea develop nuclear weapons technology with its other Asian client, Pakistan. Beijing allowed North Korean missile technology to pass through its territory in trade with Pakistan, which sent cash and nuclear weapons technology back to Pyongyang.

Beijing allowed North Korea to sell SCUD ballistic missiles to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan. The North Korean missiles and parts were allowed free passage through China on their way into the Taliban arsenal.

Beijing has joined with Pyongyang in selling advanced missile and weapons technology to Iran. The People's Liberation Army has led the Chinese sales of weapons of mass destruction technology to Iran. PLA-owned firms such as China North Industries, Great Wall Industries and CATIC have repeatedly sold advanced missile, nuclear and chemical weapons technology to Iran.

China has never been able to square its proliferation policy with its official line that it wants to join the civilized world.

During the 1990s, China voted on the U.N. Security Council to impose a ban on weapons sales to Iraq. Beijing then promptly elected to violate that ban by selling an advanced air defense system to Saddam. Chinese arms companies also sought to sell missile and chemical warfare technology to Baghdad.

China, of course, continues to maintain either that these sales never took place or that it is in the process of stopping such exports. Beijing has made this same pledge since 1992, when it was caught selling nuclear-tipped missiles to Pakistan. The same hollow words fall from the lips of the communists inside Beijing on a yearly basis.

Beijing's growing confidence in its military power led it to apply pressure to Tokyo last November. A Chinese nuclear submarine repeatedly violated Japanese territorial waters over the course of three days. Beijing admitted that its sub encroached on Japanese waters but has never apologized for the action.

While Beijing has not directly stated that it is linking Western help with Taiwan to its assistance in curbing Kim Jong Il, it has stated this policy indirectly. It is this support for Pyongyang that finally drove Japan to seek a new defense arrangement with America.

If China, America and Europe want global peace, then we must all accept a free Taiwan. For Beijing, accepting a free Taiwan would mean an open hand in trade and few restrictions inside Asian markets. For Washington, a free Taiwan means a continued supply of advanced technology from its chip research labs and a new, expanding and democratic state inside Asia.

For Europe, a free Taiwan means an end to the arms embargo to both Beijing and Taipei. Taipei needs several billion dollars' worth of military equipment - some of which is available only from European factories. If Beijing agreed to discontinue pressuring EU nations not to sell to Taipei, then it could also lobby for an end to the EU sanctions.

The 2005 Bush Defense budget is geared toward fighting terrorism, not fighting a major state-to-state war. There is no middle ground in the future. Either we begin to gear up for war with China or we gear up to fight the peace with Beijing.

Defusing the Taiwan issue can be a big step toward global peace. If no effort is taken from Washington, then war is not only possible, it is also inevitable.


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Asia has long been dominated by the massive totalitarian and brutal rule of Beijing.The U.S.-China policy shows that the Bush administration is actually discouraging democracy.The single-minded policy of trade above all else with Beijing is a form of slow political poison...
Sunday, 13 March 2005 12:00 AM
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