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Free Speech, China, Fraud and Double Standards

Wednesday, 04 April 2001 12:00 AM

I've been keeping you posted on the continuing saga of David Horowitz and his "10 Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery Is a Bad Idea" advertisements. Most student newspapers that received the ads, including the newspapers at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia, refused to print them. Political correctness, you know.

Now Horowitz has taken his campaign a step further. He is trying to schedule debates on this absurd reparations idea on college campuses. Great idea, huh? A free and open debate on a college campus on a controversial subject? Well, it's only a good idea so long as the dictates of political correctness are followed. So … we find that one such debate was scheduled for Brown University.

Don't wait to see how the debate went. It was canceled. The Brown College Republicans, who were sponsoring the debate, received threats of violence. The threats were real enough that the debate was canceled.

What's the problem with college students who can't engage in a debate on issues? I'll tell you what the problem is. They're bedwetting liberals, that's what, and they know full well that a debate means that they will have to stop dealing with an issue emotionally and start using logic and fact. This they simply cannot do. So, in order to keep from being embarrassed, they threaten violence and get the debate canceled.

What's the big deal? The classified and potentially dangerous information that China is getting from this spy plane is nothing compared to what it got from the Clinton administration.

You watch – China is just flexing muscle. They know how far they can go, and they know that line is approaching fast. Look for the crew members to be released before Saturday.

As for the Chinese stripping that airplane? You don't think we would do the same thing? Treaty? Give me a break. They're going to do what they can to protect their national security, just as we would do. Remember the Glomar Explorer?

You know, sooner or later we just may have to fight these zealots. Hope we're prepared – and I hope we can overcome the damage done by Clinton.

Gore's standards, Bush wins.

Bush's standards, Gore wins.

What the hell is going on here?

We just can't seem to turn the Florida election loose.

The Miami Herald has completed another massive review of the undervote ballots in 67 Florida counties. The results? Even if every dimpled, pimpled, pregnant, nicked chad was counted, Bush would still win. The margin would be over 1,600 votes.

Hey – he's president. Deal with it. It probably isn't going to last long. The "gimme gimme" voters of this country will install their income-redistributing friends in the seat of power in about two to four years.

Two interesting things have happened in California in the past week.

1. The Census Bureau announced that whites are no longer in the majority in California. Whites are now officially a California minority race. Mr. Charlie makes up about 47 percent of the population base.

2. The San Diego City Council official decided that the word "minority" will no longer be used in referring to any group of people in city documents or discussions.

The whole idea of eliminating the word "minority" from the official lexicon of San Diego is the brainchild of Mayor Dick Murphy, who, by the way, is black.

Rather odd, isn't it? Up until the time that whites became a minority, there was no problem with the use of the word. When whites become the minority – the word becomes politically incorrect.

Don't you just love it?

This is truly sad.

Your Imperial Federal Government's Department of Education has "lost track" of $450 million through waste, fraud and errors, according to the department's chief inspector. All of this happened during the final three years of Clintonian reign.

Here's the damage the Department of Education has wrought with your tax money:

· A department audit found 21 cases where grant payments totaling $250 million were issued TWICE to the same state school boards and districts. The duplicate payments were recovered.

· $200 million was lost in unauthorized purchases and fraud cases. Some of the money was recovered through court orders of restitution to people outside the department.

· There were 21 employees with the power to write checks of up to $10,000 without supervision. And they wrote 19,000 checks totaling $23 million from May 1998 to September 2000.

· About 230 department employees charged millions to their government credit cards. The audit found that 141 credit card statements, with purchases valued at nearly $1 million, were not signed by a supervisor. And several of the purchases included items that could be used for personal purposes, including computers, software, cell phones, and Internet service.

These are the people we trust to educate our children, my friends! These are the people who take your tax money and supposedly use it to see that America's children acquire the knowledge and skills to make it in the real world! And they can't even keep tight reins on their own finances! If this were a business, it would be bankrupt. And if I were George Bush, I'd shut the Department of Education down in a heartbeat.

I sincerely hope you're considering pulling your kid out of government education before it's too late.

Apparently the Chinese practice of "buzzing" U.S. airplanes and ships near China isn't new.

The provocations began in April 2000. Each time, the Chinese got bolder and bolder, creeping closer to Navy and Air Force craft. But the Pentagon didn't formally complain to the White House until December, out of respect for its "strategic partnership" with China.

What did the Clinton administration do with this information? Nothing. They never briefed Congress on the matter. A senior Senate aide said the Clinton administration "wanted to keep all this quiet."

And why not? China has Bill Clinton wrapped around its finger. Whose administration stated that it would be "destabilizing" for the United States to maintain military superiority over China? Who looked the other way when China acquired American missile technology? Whose party accepted political donations from the Chinese army?

And who spent eight years systematically gutting our military readiness?

Thanks, Bill Clinton. Thanks a pantload for turning a blind eye to China. I'm sure the families of those airmen are grateful, too.

Iowa Senator Tom Harkin apparently wants you to take him seriously.

In a March 15 letter, Harkin took the time to blast "big oil." He says these companies are the "most outrageous proof that the Republicans are rewarding their wealthiest contributors." And he adds that "Vice President Dick Cheney's old outfit, the Halliburton oil services company, stands to realize enormous profits" if drilling is allowed in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Okay, so it's Democrat Tom Harkin railing against big oil companies. But did you know that, a few years ago, oil financier Roger Tamraz donated $30,000 to the Iowa Democratic Party? Reporters later discovered that he had done so at the request of none other than Tom Harkin!

It gets better. At the time, Tamraz also lobbied Harkin's wife, Ruth, who headed the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. He lobbied her on behalf of a proposed oil pipeline project between the Caspian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.

Then, after Tamraz's meeting with Ruth Harkin, Bill Clinton met privately with him – against the advice of his National Security Council.

When Democrats reward their wealthiest contributors with stayovers in the White House and audiences with Bill Clinton, it's okay. But when there's even the slightest hint of the same from the Republican regime, it's totally unacceptable.

So Tom Harkin gets to scream bloody murder ... and make himself look like a fool in the process.

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I've been keeping you posted on the continuing saga of David Horowitz and his 10 Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery Is a Bad Idea advertisements.Most student newspapers that received the ads, including the newspapers at Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia,...
Wednesday, 04 April 2001 12:00 AM
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