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Free Enterprise, Feinstein's Apology, Bomb Threats and the Death Tax

Friday, 06 April 2001 12:00 AM

Just wondering here … but are the government school teachers in California using the present energy crisis to teach basic free enterprise in the classrooms?

The lesson? A simple one, really. If the government tells a private business that it cannot raise the price for its product at the consumer level, even in response to increased production costs, that private business will soon be in deep trouble.

Yeah, I'm sure that's being taught. Right.

How in the wide, wide world of sports did you people in California ever end up with this woman serving you in the United States Senate? I'm talking about the ultra-leftist Dianne Feinstein.

You realize that the Communist Chinese leaders have been demanding an apology for the death of that hotshot Chinese pilot in the current flap over our recon airplane. The Chinese want the world to believe that a lumbering, four-engine, turbo-prop airplane outmaneuvered a Chinese F-8 jet fighter and bumped it out of the sky. Most of the world understands that the Chinese pilot played a little game of ''watch this'' with the American recon aircraft and ended up the loser. No apology is owed.

Well, tell that to Senator Feinstein. While President Bush was trying to reach some sort of a settlement with the Chinese, Feinstein decides to step forward and issue the apology the Chinese demanded. Feinstein said, "I want the Chinese to know that I, as a senior senator from California, am truly sorry about the loss of a Chinese pilot. He was married. He has a child. A life is a life. And we're sorry."

''We're sorry''??? Who is ''we,'' Madam Senator? Are you presuming to apologize on behalf of the United States? Actually, probably not. Those of you who visit the NewsMax.com Web site know that Feinstein has a financial stake in this mess. Feinstein's husband, Richard Blum, has a company named Newbridge Capital Ltd. Within the last year Blum's firm forked over about $23 million for a piece of the action in a Chinese government-owned business. Newbridge also has interests in Chinese soybean and candy companies.

There's more. Blum's firm has also received a $10 million investment from International Finance Corp. A former IFC official says that ''there was some comfort in that Mr. Blum had some contacts with the Chinese.''

OK – let's connect the dots.

Feinstein is a rich woman by virtue of her marriage to Blum. Blum's firm has a considerable financial stake in China, including business partnerships with the Chinese government. The same government holding those 24 Navy airmen. The same government that ''employed'' that fighter pilot who splashed into the South China Sea.

China wants a face-saving apology. Bush hasn't budged. Is it impossible to imagine Blum getting some rather pointed suggestions that his prominent Democrat wife might be well advised to issue an apology for the actions of the U.S. Navy air crew? Also, is it hard to believe that a politician of the Feinstein ilk might put her own personal financial needs and health above the dignity of the country she claims to serve? Hell, just look at Feinstein's hero, Slick Willy, for the answer to that.

I also ask you to consider whether Feinstein could get away with this nonsense if she were a conservative Republican.

The question from a New York Post reporter was, "So, Senator Clinton, are you ruling out a run for president not just in 2004, but in 2008 and beyond?" Her answer: "Yes."

Oddly, this response comes at a time when polls show a growing number of Americans indicate that they have no interest in seeing Hitlary run for the presidency.

She's lying.

How do I know she's lying? Because at the same press conference she promised to "cooperate with investigators" looking into the various Clinton pardons. She's said that before, yet she has NEVER done what she said.

So Hillary was in her lying mode yesterday. I still think we have a Hillary campaign to look forward to.

Question: Who is the only president in the history of the United States to have an MBA?

Answer: The current president, George W. Bush.

A real dummy, right? Well, that's certainly the way the left and the Democrats have been trying to portray him for the past year. A bumbling idiot, a fool.

Well, according to most polls, its ''so far, so good'' for the Bush presidency. The public doesn't seem to be buying the ''dummy'' line.

Uh oh. This means that the Democrats have to come up with a back-up plan. If Bush actually does a good job and if the public doesn't follow the liberal lead, the left will have to have another line to float when the next election rolls around.

So – here it is. All those good things that happened? It wasn't Bush, it was Cheney. Everybody knows that Cheney has been running the country anyway, not Bush. And since Cheney has such a bad heart, we don't need to keep taking chances with the country like that, do we?


ABC News had a bit on the thousands of bomb threats being phoned in to government schools across the country. About 5,000 in the past year. Most of these threats are phoned in by students – some to get the attention, some to get the time off. During the report we heard about the schools in Wake County, North Carolina. In North Carolina they have a new law that will take away a teenager's driver's license for two whole years if they phone in a bomb threat.

What's this? Take away their driver's license? What in the hell would they need with a driver's license in jail anyway? You mean they aren't putting these brats in jail? The government mouthpiece said that these driver's licenses are the ''most precious things these teenagers have.'' Bullsqueeze. How about their freedom? Don't you think these kids prize their freedom? How about locking them up for a mandatory minimum of two years if they phone in a bomb threat? Let them keep their damned driver's license so they can glue it to the wall of their cell to remember happier times.

Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson isn't exactly making friends among Democrats. That's because he and a group of black entrepreneurs took out newspaper ads this week in support of George W. Bush's proposed repeal of the estate tax – or, as I like to call it, the death tax.

The ad reads: "The estate tax is particularly unfair to the first generation of high net worth African-Americans who have accumulated wealth only recently. These individuals may have family members and relatives who have not been as fortunate in accumulating assets who could directly benefit from their share of an estate as an heir."

Okay, so I'll ignore that line about relatives who weren't "as fortunate" in developing assets. It's not being ''fortunate,'' it's working hard. Anyway … the rest of the ad makes sense, right? Families ought to be able to keep the money a deceased relative leaves to them. But these are black businessmen agreeing with a white Republican – and that just doesn't fly.

Dalton Conley is the director of the Center for Advanced Social Science Research at New York University. He's also the author of "Being Black, Living in the Red: Race, Wealth and Social Policy in America." He disagrees with the black businessmen's arguments. He said, "The number of African-American millionaires who would benefit from estate tax repeal is infinitesimally small. Rather, repeal would provide a windfall for the wealthiest whites in America and would only exacerbate the black-white 'equity inequity.' "

OK, now let's read between the lines here. Dalton Conley doesn't want to repeal the death tax because, right now, it hurts white Americans more than black Americans.

This, my friends, is what's wrong with the so-called black leadership. We're paying too much attention and lip service to the people who are only interested in one thing: getting back at the white man. Get whitey. Make him pay. Make him miserable. Don't worry about the problems the black community has brought upon itself, because all that matters is making the white man pay.

Meanwhile, real leaders like Robert Johnson speak their minds and get labeled as sellouts and Uncle Toms.

Race relations in this country will go nowhere until the race-baiting civil rights whores get the boot.

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Just wondering here … but are the government school teachers in California using the present energy crisis to teach basic free enterprise in the classrooms? The lesson?A simple one, really.If the government tells a private business that it cannot raise the price for its...
Friday, 06 April 2001 12:00 AM
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