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Fattened for the Kill

Tuesday, 22 January 2002 12:00 AM

I've been warning you for a few years now that the leftists have developed a surefire plan for permanent control of the Imperial Federal Government of the United States … and that they're implementing that plan to perfection.

The plan is simple. Using tax increases on the rich, tax cuts for the middle and lower income groups, various tax credits, rebates, exclusions and exemptions, the left is steadily shifting the entire burden for the payment of federal income taxes to a small percentage of upper-income, high-achieving Americans.

The ultimate goal is for the left to be able to seize money from the high-income minority (whose votes they don't need) and spend that money buying votes and undying loyalty from the middle- and lower-income majority.

At the end of this segment is a link to a column by Paul Craig Roberts. The gist of the column is that Americans are seeing their property rights slowly deteriorate and slip away. Property rights are disappearing as those who would use the government as an instrument of plunder gain the voting majority.

We've seen the newest statistics on which income levels pay what taxes. Paul Craig Roberts does something that I haven't seen before. He breaks down the income-and-taxes equation into actual voters.

Here is the news – and it should scare the hell out of you.

There are about 199 million voters in this country. Seventy million of these voters have absolutely no federal income tax liability at all. Do the math. This means that 35 percent of voters are entirely out of the federal income tax picture. I think a good argument could be made that these people shouldn't be voting at all.

OK … We've taken care of 35 percent of the voters. I'm sure you can see that these net tax consumers are hardly going to be voting Libertarian or Republican.

The next group of voters are the 129 million (out of the 199 million total) who actually pay federal income taxes. Roberts divides the voters who actually pay taxes into the top 25 percent and the bottom 75 percent.

About 97 million voters make up the bottom 75 percent of income earners who actually pay some federal taxes. This 75 percent pays a whopping 17 percent of all federal income taxes collected.

So, let's add this 97 million voters who pay about 17 percent of the federal income taxes to the 70 million voters who pay nothing. That adds up to 167 million voters out of a total of 199 million. More math – this means that 84 percent of all voters account for 17 percent of all income taxes paid.

Now we go to the remaining voters, the 32 million we have left. These are the higher-income earners. The high-achievers. These 32 million Americans pay 83 percent of all federal income taxes collected. They account for 16 percent of the voters.

Come on, folks. Do you have to be hit with a truck here? Sixteen percent of the voters in this country are paying 83 percent of the federal income taxes. The Democrats and leftists don't need their votes. They need their money for their big-government welfare state spending programs.

When Ted Kennedy called for a tax increase last week, who do you think he was talking about? That 16 percent, that's who. The 16 percent of Americans who are paying 83 percent of the taxes. And where did Kennedy want to spend the money? On the other 84 percent of voters, that's where.

It's foolproof, my friends. If you have 1,000 voters who are going to cast votes on your future – and if you can take money away from 160 of those voters to be used to buy votes from the other 840 … you have it made. Election assured.

We're at the edge, folks. We're rapidly approaching the point where the ballot box is no longer going to work for the high-achievers in this country. At that point there are two viable options: Open revolt, or simply withholding your labor. What's it going to be?

Wake up. We're being fattened for the kill.

Do you remember the name Christie Prody? She's the poster babe for no self-esteem. You know, the flat-bellied blonde who took up with O.J. Simpson after he murdered his ex-wife and Ron Goldman?

Well, police in Miami are wondering where Christie might be. It seems that a rather foul odor was coming out of her apartment over the weekend. The cops called the fire department and the door was unceremoniously removed.

Inside the apartment was the source of the foul odor: a decaying cat. The apartment was ransacked. Luggage was there – half-packed.

The missing persons folks are on the case now. Did they question Simpson? Seems so. He told the cope that he talked to Prody on Sunday and that she was "out and about."

Simpson's attorney is saying that Prody isn't missing. Well, if she's not … she should have fed the damned cat.

Johnny Taliban heads home today. You think the leftists are whining about the terrorists at Gitmo? Wait until the left cranks up its apology machine for the Mullah of Marin.

The Olympics are a few weeks away and I really have the urge to hit the slopes. Does anyone know anyone in the Vail/Beaver Creek area with DSL and ISDN service? I can do the show out there from 7:00 to 11:00 and have five hours left to hit the back bowls.

Do you know that homelessness increased throughout the Clinton years? Sure did. But did you see a series of newspaper articles whining about the homeless? Nope ... sure didn't. Now that Clinton is gone and a Republican is in the White House, those stories are back. Odd, isn't it?

OK ... just thinking ahead here. If O.J. has done it again ... and if there's another trial ... they ought to make those idiot jurors from Los Angeles watch. They turned a murderer loose.

Hitlary wants U.S. taxpayers to compensate the families of illegal aliens who died in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Hey, they weren't supposed to be here anyway ... we owe them NOTHING.

Johnny Taliban is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder. Don't give me that "innocent until proven guilty" nonsense. That's for the jury. He's guilty.

WorldNetDaily is reporting that Yasser Arafat is preparing for the final battle with Israel. The report says that he plans to bring out all of his hidden caches of weapons (including rockets), arm his people to the teeth and go all out against Israeli population centers.

Saddam Hussein might decide to help out, too. When a full-scale war is in place, he will call for the international community to step in to save the Palestinian people. He sees that move as a checkmate against the Israelis.

Alarmist? Perhaps so. But … what if?

A bedwetter named Matt Bivens wrote a story last Friday for The Nation's website. He was desperate to achieve the leftist dream of directly tying George W. Bush to the Enron scandal (oh, how the Dems keep trying). Initially, he wrote the following:

The Texas Rangers' stadium has no corporate sponsor. It's just called "The Ballpark at Arlington." Oh, and another thing ... Bush sold his share of the team a year before Enron made the deal with the Astros.

The Bivens unsuccessful hack job is now nowhere to be found on the site. As John Adams said, facts are stubborn things.

As a public service to all my listeners and readers out there, I'm going to give you a great piece of advice. When you're on a Scandinavian Airlines flight, always stand up before flushing.

An American woman flying back to the U.S. failed to do that and the ensuing flush created a vacuum seal that kept her trapped on the john for the remainder of the flight. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, ground technicians were needed in order to free her once the plane had landed.

Naturally, she has filed a complaint with the airlines. Here's an idea for a solution. Feed her chili. LOTS of chili.

The late William Patrick of Long Island, N.Y., had a secret. The London Telegraph reports his real name was William Patrick Hitler and he was the nephew of Adolf Hitler.

He was born in England, but later moved to the U.S. He even fought with the Allies during World War II as a sailor. His widow is still alive, as are three of his four sons, the oldest of whom is named Alexander Adolf Hitler. There is no explanation for why William Patrick chose to name his son after an uncle he claimed to hate.

But in a very strange twist, the remaining sons made a pact years ago to never have children, so that the genes of Uncle Adolf will end with them. This is a strange one. I've included the link for you.


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I've been warning you for a few years now that the leftists have developed a surefire plan for permanent control of the Imperial Federal Government of the United States … and that they're implementing that plan to perfection. The plan is simple.Using tax increases on the...
Tuesday, 22 January 2002 12:00 AM
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