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Failure to Control Borders Causes 'Death of the West'

Tuesday, 08 January 2002 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON – "In America, the places prepared for the forty million unborn lost since Roe v. Wade have been filled by the grateful poor of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.”

That flat statement by Patrick J. Buchanan in his new book "

Moreover, this is the trend throughout the Western industrialized world.

"As Europeans forgo children, the places for them, too, will be occupied by strangers,” the author adds.

These are facts, easily verifiable by the Census Bureau and U.N. population agencies (Buchanan’s sources). That is what will drive leftists to distraction. They can jump up and down and rant and rave on and on about "nativism,” "bigotry,” and "a woman’s right to choose,” but they cannot erase stubborn intractable facts.

There are collateral problems Buchanan expects from these trends.

Example: "With the number of children falling faster than those of working age, who will mow the lawns, clean the buildings, wash the dishes, prepare and serve the food in the restaurants of Europe?”

Or consider this: "With a working population 25 percent smaller and an elderly population 90 percent larger, where will the new nurses and doctors come from to care for these seniors?”

In 2000, England received a record number of illegal aliens, 185,000. In 1999, a half million illegals slipped into the European Union.

Assimilation problems in Europe are even more severe than in the United States. Unlike the U.S., Europe’s nations have no history of welcoming strangers or assimilating immigrants.

Buchanan observes that in the 19th century, "Europe invaded and colonized Africa. In the 21st Century, Africa invades and colonizes Europe.”

These reels of history began to roll in reverse, according to the author, with the collapse of Europe’s empires after World War II. Today, that process has accelerated to the point where one section of "The Death of the West” is titled "Europe — Dead Man Walking.”

But what about the United States?

The numbers pouring into this country from Mexico "are larger than any wave from any other country in so short a time.” Millions of them are here illegally. Unlike the immigrants earlier in this century who bade farewell forever to their native lands, for Mexicans, their native land is right next door. Millions have no desire to learn English and wish to remain proud Mexicans.

Moreover, the "last superpower” lacks the fortitude to defend its borders "and to demand, without apology that immigrants assimilate into society.”

The end result is to put us on the path to "internal strife and disunion.”

Secessionist movements have broken apart the Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, and Czechoslovakia and "are beavering away in France, Spain and Italy.” Germany celebrates old Prussia. In England, the Union Jack is being replaced on taxicabs and soccer games by the Cross of St. George.

Mexico’s President Vicente Fox has advocated completely open borders between Canada, Mexico and the United States. Let people and goods cross with no hindrance, he says. But the income gap between the U.S. and Mexico is the largest between any two neighboring countries.

Two years ago, the Texas border town of El Cenizo made Spanish its official language.

Opponents of efforts to rename the state of New Mexico "Nuevo Mexico” are accused of racism.

The Latino student organization

The president of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) has predicted: "California will be a Mexican state. We are going to control all the institutions. If people don’t like it, they should leave.”

Americans who thought LULAC was simply a "civil rights"/equal rights group because they saw on TV that then-President Bill Clinton awarded the group’s president the Medal of Freedom might want to reconsider their perception of "Latino rights.”

Author Buchanan visited 82-year old Theresa Murray at her ranch house in the southern Arizona town of Douglas where she grew up. He found this widow and grandmother a prisoner in her own home.

"Her ranch house was surrounded by a seven-foot chain-link fence that was topped with coils of razor wire. Every door and window had bars on it and was wired to an alarm. Mrs. Murray sleeps with a .32 caliber pistol on her head table, because she has been burglarized thirty times. Her guard dogs are dead; they bled to death when someone tossed meat containing chopped glass over her fence.”

As Buchanan summarizes it, "Theresa Murray is living out her life inside a maximum security prison in her own home, in her own country because her government lacks the moral courage to do its duty and defend the borders of the United States of America.”

The politics of this leads to a simple explanation. In 1965, following the Lyndon Johnson landslide, the lopsidedly liberal Democrat Congress that was whisked into office on his coattails scuttled the McCarran-Walter Immigration law that had been generous with immigration quotas while at the same time protecting our borders and maintaining our nationhood. For several years, according to congressional inquiries, communist front organizations had been formed for the express purpose of repealing the McCarran-Walter Law.

In its place, the lawmakers enacted the Kennedy-Rodino bill, which opened our borders to fewer and fewer Europeans and more and more to Africans, Asians and Latin Americans.

Eventually that broke up the Reagan coalition, which had assured a Republican lock on the White House from 1968 to 1992, interrupted only by Jimmy Carter's disastrous four-year term after Watergate.

Poor, newly-arriving immigrants almost always gravitate to the party of big government. The Democrats have benefited thereby. The new citizens may start converting to Republicanism after they have begun to move into the middle class. But that is likely to take a couple of generations.

Buchanan fears that "if the GOP does not do something about mass immigration, mass immigration will do something about the GOP.” As the ethnic character of America changes, he warns, politics change. Mass immigration "naturally shifts politics and power to the left.”

While many of the new arrivals are merely seeking a better life, a political agenda is being guided by those who know exactly what they are doing.

Several years ago, one Latino activist was quoted as vowing "to take back America, block by block.”

"The Death of the West” sounds a wakeup call to Americans by suggesting they give thought to the question, "What is a Nation?”

The book quotes the liberal historian Arthur Schlesinger in his book "The Disuniting of America” wherein he says that "our values are not matters of whim and happenstance. History has given them to us. They are anchored in our national experience, in our great national documents, in our national heroes, in our folkways, our traditions, and standards. [Our values] work for us; and for that reason, we live and die by them.”

Patrick Buchanan fears that value or that definition of us as a nation is fading. He laments that "Americans no longer agree on values, history or heroes.”

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WASHINGTON - In America, the places prepared for the forty million unborn lost since Roe v. Wade have been filled by the grateful poor of Asia, Africa, and Latin America." That flat statement by Patrick J. Buchanan in his new book Moreover, this is the trend...
Tuesday, 08 January 2002 12:00 AM
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