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Exclusive: Buchanan Tells How to Fight America's Decline

Thursday, 10 January 2002 12:00 AM

WASHINGTON – As leftists pound the Bush administration for so-called "racial profiling,” author Patrick J. Buchanan is asking the Justice Department why it took so long to seek to deport about 6,000 Middle Eastern men who have overstayed their visas or are believed to constitute a potential threat.

Buchanan’s new book, "

He noted that many of the 6,000 Arabs came here illegally.

In an exclusive Wednesday interview with NewsMax.com, the longtime author added: "They had criminal records. They’d been ordered deported but disappeared into the population. They come from countries that harbor terrorists and harbor al-Qaeda.

"My objection to the administration policy is why was it not announced on September 12th, rather than January 8th? They should have been out of here long, long ago,” said the author, whose tome on the invasion of America reportedly is heading for the New York Times' best-seller list a week from Sunday.

Buchanan also sharply criticized ex-President Bill Clinton for hinting in a speech at Georgetown University that Sept. 11 could somehow be traced to America’s sins and the sins of Christianity dating back to a massacre in Jerusalem circa 1099.

"It was a complete absurdity,” the author told NewsMax. "It reflects the Clinton mind-set, which is that the West and the United States in particular have a great deal to apologize to the world for.”

The exact opposite is true, he asserted.

"I believe that the United States and Western civilization are the greatest boon and benefit to mankind in all of human history.”

Obviously, the Clinton speech had been delivered after Buchanan’s book had gone to print. Otherwise, "The Death of the West” undoubtedly would have cited the speech as a prime example of the "Blame America first” rhetoric that has become part and parcel of the concerted effort to change America and shame Americans into denying their culture and their heritage.

After all, NewsMax reminded Buchanan, Clinton himself is a product of the 1960s countercultural revolution, which his book says has carried on the anti-American crusade where Lenin’s failed revolution left off.

"Clinton is the product and the paragon of the Woodstock generation,” Buchanan agreed. "He is the representative of all the values and beliefs, and I think the fallacies and nonsense of the counterculture, and … which has become such a disaster for American education and … a general disaster for this country.”

A byproduct of that counterculture, which the author believes to be "almost anti-Christian or post-Christian,” is that "Western peoples are dying to the degree that they abide it.”

The ideology of Bill and Hillary Clinton is "a carcinogenic for a nation and her people,” he added.

As "The Death of the West” clearly points out, the decline of the West is largely attributable to a decline in the birthrate. That is the exact opposite of the mountains of propaganda that inundated Western nations in the 1970s and '80s to the effect that we were overpopulating our country, running out of land and resources and driving ourselves into the poorhouse.

Surely, NewsMax.com suggested, such off-the-mark false propaganda cannot be laid entirely at the foot of honest ignorance or stupidity, can it?

Buchanan’s answer: "I think that there is a clear hostility on the part of our intellectual elite toward the American nation, people and our civilization.”

As (white) leftist intellectual Susan Sontag once said, "The white race is the cancer of human history.”

Buchanan cited the longshoreman philosopher Eric Hoffer, who said, "Nowhere in the world is there such a hatred of their own country as among the American elites, how they hate America.”

The zero-population idea "was nonsense to begin with in this country,” because after all, the Baby Boom ended in 1964, the former White House speechwriter recalled.

Actually, he said, "we have had a birth dearth for the last 25 years. And native-born Americans are beginning to slowly fade away. [Native populations are] fading away much more rapidly in Europe and Japan. But it’s happening here too.”

"The Death of the West” is stirring widespread interest in North America. But it has caused a firestorm inside Russia because of its prediction that barring a quick and radical change, Russia by the end of the 21st century will be pushed back over the Urals and to its European borders. Russia's Asian segment will be taken over by others.

Buchanan had a long interview with Pravda wherein he pointed out that according to U.N. statistics, the Russian population would fall from 145 million to 114 million in 2050 and that the death rate in the Asian sector of Russia is the highest.

"There are very few Russians who live out there,” the "Death of the West” author told NewsMax. "So what I predicted to Pravda is that the Russians are going to lose the old Soviet Far East, the Siberian maritime province of Vladivostok and these areas to Chinese mass immigration.”

Thus, looking off to the other side of the Bering Straits of Alaska, Americans may see young Chinese pioneers instead of elderly Russians.

The discussion with Buchanan also focused on some of his ideas as to what can be done to reverse "The Death of the West.”

One idea is to allow employers to pay more money to parents than to single people. Even if offered tax incentives, would that not encourage employers to hire more single people than parents?

"There is that possibility,” he allowed, but he’s not suggesting it be mandated. "And so employers, if they wish, can do that. But I think they need to have the freedom because to me, far more important than that the economy is growing at 5 percent is whether the population is dying or not.” That makes it worth trying and Buchanan also favors higher pay for single mothers.

Single mothers "rather than single women should be paid more,” Buchanan stated, "and the government should encourage employers to pay more because of the burdens they are carrying and the benefits they are indirectly providing to all of us.”

Raising the tax credit for children to $3,000 is another Buchanan prescription to counteract the birth dearth. It would be very expensive, he concedes. But raising the tariff on foreign imports would be one way to ease that cost.

Buchanan would end the corporate tax on small farms and businesses, and "let the Fortune 500 do the collecting.”

But why not acknowledge that the corporate tax is nothing but a government scam to pick our pockets through the back door? Why not just abolish the corporate tax altogether? After all, millions of widows and other pensioners have meager portfolios that are tied to the success of the Fortune 500.

He wants death taxes abolished immediately for estates under $5 million. But some larger estates were built up over a lifetime by hardworking people who are not particularly wealthy.

Buchanan has no trouble on either of the caveats the interview raised. He recalls that Ronald Reagan, for whom he worked in the White House, once said: "Corporations don’t pay taxes. People do.”

The longtime TV commentator says the economy would boom if all corporate taxes were abolished, "but if you’re going to provide a generous tax credit for children, I think you’re going to have to find the revenues elsewhere, unless you want to cut back government dramatically which I would not be opposed to.”

He thinks eliminating the death taxes altogether would be doable as well. In fact, the Bush tax cut plan is on track to phase it out by 2010, after which it would be reinstated unless Congress affirmatively decides otherwise.

But his main concern is to relieve "the heavy tax burden on families with children.”

Buchanan favors consumption taxes rather than taxes on incomes, "but again, in terms of practicality, putting a tax on consumption” would run into objections from those in Congress who say that because the working class and the poor consume more of their earnings, the tax would fall disproportionately on them. "And you would probably have to, in some states, exempt food, medicine and other necessities of life.”

The erstwhile presidential hopeful wants to cut legal immigration to 250,000, opposes amnesty of illegal aliens, deport all illegals and make English the official language. These proposals would probably be approved by a majority. But what is to be done when President Bush’s closest political advisers think the future of the GOP rests with Hispanics?

Answer: "If the Republican Party thinks that the Hispanic vote is going to save the Republican Party, I think it is, as John Stuart Mill said [of the Tories], the stupid party.”

As NewsMax noted in its last installment and as the author reiterated to us, "Hispanics who come into this country are overwhelmingly poor, uneducated, they have a higher crime rate and have a greater need for government resources and services, schools, and hospitals and free services. And the taxes they pay do not remotely cover the cost of providing these services.”

First-time Hispanic voters went 15 to 1 for Bill Clinton, he noted.

"If the Republican Party is going to import this constituency in the tens of millions,” Buchanan warned, "it is going to import its own suicide."

Republicans have deluded and deceived themselves, with more than a little help from the media, and this plays no small part in "The Death of the West,” as the author sees it.

"The only way they’re going to win the Hispanic vote is to go out and outbid the Democrats for it, which means bigger government, more taxes and less conservatism.”

Those who tell President Bush that the Reagan Democrats are dying off anyway and that their average age is 59 leave Buchanan unimpressed.

"To say the Reagan Democrats are dying off is one thing,” he told NewsMax, "but to say you can replace them with a population, two thirds of which voted Democratic, and nine tenths of which votes Democratic in its first vote is an absurdity.”

Buchanan believes that many international organizations have nudged the U.S. into a surrender of much of its sovereignty and in fact have contributed to "The Death of the West.”

For that reason, he applauds President Bush’s rejection of the anti-U.S. economy-wrecking Kyoto "global warming” treaty.

"I think he did an outstanding thing in telling the world that the United States is not going to enter into a treaty which would cause a depression in the United States, and does not even apply to India and China, two of the greatest polluters on earth. I think the president did the right thing. I commend him. I commend him every time he takes a stand for an independent American foreign policy.”

Because "The Death of the West” takes a dim view of U.S. involvement in many international entanglements, why not (as many conservatives have long advocated) get the U.S. out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of the U.S.?

Buchanan would certainly get the U.N. out of the U.S. But for now, "I think we should retain our position in the Security Council.”

As for groups such as the World Trade Organization, he thinks, "We should do what Ronald Reagan did with UNESCO, which was write our last check and get up and say: 'OK, fellas. The asylum is all yours.’”

To stand up for traditional morality can lead one to be branded as "a hater” by cultural revolutionaries and by those who presume to speak for homosexuals, Buchanan noted. NewsMax reminded him that his own speech to the GOP convention in 1992 was well received in overnight polls. But 48 hours later, after the media had gone to work on the public, those polls had been reversed.

Is there enough money in the world to mount a campaign to counter the dominant propaganda apparatus?

Buchanan recalled this was overcome when he wrote Spiro Agnew’s famous speech on media bias in 1969 and that Nixon and Agnew went on to win 49 states, as did Ronald Reagan later.

Syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts in a Wednesday column opined that "Mr. Buchanan’s optimism seems contrary to his facts, and perhaps, is an expression of his fighting spirit.”

"I didn’t say we were going to win,” Buchanan responded in our interview. "What I said was the cultural Marxists, when they get into power, will lose and be overthrown. But what comes after them is not necessarily going to be us.”

If the internationalists succeed in destroying American sovereignty, "I don’t think anyone will fight for it. No one will die for it. No one will give love, allegiance or loyalty to it. … I just don’t think it captures the hearts and minds of people at all. … So I don’t know that it has a long endurance.”

Not a hopeful note on which to end an enlightening interview. But Buchanan did point out that the leftist establishment has also encountered opposition that is stronger today than it was just a few years ago. Talk radio, the Internet, the multiple cable channels. He notes there is still ammunition in the pro-Western arsenal.

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WASHINGTON - As leftists pound the Bush administration for so-called racial profiling," author Patrick J. Buchanan is asking the Justice Department why it took so long to seek to deport about 6,000 Middle Eastern men who have overstayed their visas or are believed to...
Thursday, 10 January 2002 12:00 AM
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