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Ever Wonder Where Leftist Journalists Come From?

Thursday, 10 January 2002 12:00 AM

It is clear to me that the mainstream New York and Washington press corps carries a decidedly liberal bias. It's just this simple … do a comprehensive search of news stories, commentaries and editorials and see how many times you see the term "religious right" used. Then look for "religious left."

Try the same with "right-wing extremist" and "left-wing extremist." If you just listened to the news on ABC, CBS, and NBC and only read the Boston Herald, the New York Times and the Washington Post, you would come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the "religious left" or a "left-wing extremist."

Callers continually ask me just why so many of these journalists are so tilted to the left? There's a variety of explanations. One is that this is just the accepted media culture. To feel included – to have a sense of belonging – you simply must adhere to the leftist dogma.

Another explanation would be ... journalism schools.

I got lucky yesterday. I logged on to the Drudge website and saw a story by someone from the Columbia University journalism school about how the media was leaving George W. Bush alone out of patriotic concerns.

The Columbia University School of Journalism is to journalism what Harvard Law School is to the legal profession. It is commonly accepted to be at the top of the journalism school heap – and a heap it is.

The article I refer to was by someone named Joan Konner. She is a professor at Columbia and is the dean emerita (the feminization of the word "emeritus") of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Konner seems to be a little upset that there is so much patriotism in the country today, and that this patriotism is driving news coverage.

Let me just share a few of Konner's thoughts with you:

So, there you have it! This woman is teaching the journalists of tomorrow. She is influencing the young men and women who will one day be writing the editorials, columns and news stories and who will be spending no small amount of time arguing against the notion that there is a left-wing bias in our mainstream media.

By the way, Matt Drudge did something else interesting yesterday. He researched the political contributions made by Joan Conner. Going back to 1992 we see multiple donations to EMILY's List. EMILY's List, in case you don't know, is a campaign fund for liberal Democrat females.

She also donated to the Women's Campaign Fund, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Bill Bradley. All of her donations are to leftist Democrats. Go figure.

You folks contributing to the political dreams of Gov. Roy Barnes … do you have any idea whether you're contributing to a re-election campaign for governor or a presidential campaign?

Take a look at the owner's manual for your car. Those small orange lights on the front end. What are they called? "Parking lights" or "Lights you should use on the road when it's not quite dark enough for headlights lights"?

I really don't care how hard it is to raise a family on minimum wage. Fact is, if you're not bright enough to earn more than the minimum wage, you're damned sure not smart enough to be having children.

At the H. Rap Yadda Yadda Brown Al Boogedie Amin trial in Atlanta they're asking prospective jurors what kind of bumper stickers they have on their cars. This is going to be a long trial.

If you are in the jury pool and you want out, tell them that your bumper sticker reads "Boortz Said It. I Believe It. That Settles It." Yes, those bumper stickers do exist.

Why do people leave those automobile dealer stickers and tags on the trunks of their cars? It's a small thing, I know … but it just bugs the hell out of me.

It's a term used by the United Nations. "Unfair tax competition" occurs when one nation taxes its citizens and businesses at a lower rate than another nation. The nation with the lower taxes thus has an "unfair" advantage over the higher-tax nations because it can manufacture products and provide services for a lower price. This lower price brings the customers. It's all so "unfair," you see.

Now … what does the United Nations propose to do about this? Is the U.N. going to embark on a program to show nations how to increase the vitality of their business and manufacturing sectors through more economic liberty and lower tax structures?


Actually, just the opposite is true. There's going to be a meeting in March in Mexico. It's called the International Conference on Financing for Development. One of the goals of this meeting is to work toward the creation of some sort of an international tax authority or organization under the U.N.

Some proponents of this organization want it to have the authority to force low-tax countries to raise tax rates so they won't be unfairly competing with high-tax countries.

Yes … the U.N. considers the United States to be a low-tax country.

Just thought you should know.

So, today we find out just what the local authorities are going to do with Mr. Michael "To hell with you, I'm gone!" Shane Lasseter. You'll remember this jerk as the man who shut down Hartsfield for three hours about a month or so ago so he wouldn't miss a Georgia football game.

The Clayton County solicitor is charging Lasseter with two misdemeanor counts. The maximum penalty with a conviction on both counts would be two years in jail and a few thousand in fines. (The FAA has already levied a $3,000 fine against Wrong-Way Lasseter.)

The reality? Lasseter's attorneys will strike a deal. The last thing they want is a trial where their client will surely show his hind quarters. They'll bargain … and he'll pay some cash and get some probation.

It's just not enough. At a minimum he should be forking over about $50,000 for the inconvenience that his arrogance caused.

It was just days ago that Tom Daschle made his much-ballyhooed speech crediting the Bush tax cuts with worsening the current recession. It was also just hours later that Democrats by the score left him hanging high and dry and flapping in the breeze.

If you notice, Daschle has been laying very low ever since (having said that, look for him to start testing the waters again in the next few days ... he can't afford to drop out of sight for very long).

Democrats from Dianne Feinstein on the left to Zell Miller on the "right" were quick to distance themselves from the Daschle Doctrine.

Hitlary Clinton was the only one to call for the actual repeal of the Bush tax cuts. Even Daschle himself wasn't fool enough to do that.

And this is very good news for the Republicans. It forces Daschle back to the drawing board AND it shows Hitlary to be the socialist that she is.

And what is George Bush doing while the Dems are trying to set up battle lines? Why, he is out singing the praises of Ted Kennedy and looking like the ultimate bipartisan ... leaving Daschle and the gang looking like the Grinch that stole not just Christmas but Easter, July 4th, Halloween and Arbor Day, too.

Amazingly, Bush is currently steering the boat, politically. Unfortunately, there is plenty of time for the Dems to regroup before the midterm elections. I only wish it was the end of October right now.

While Daschle's support in the Senate is slim to none (and Slim just left town, to quote Darrell Hammond), the vice chair of the Democratic Leadership Council, Rep. Ellen Tauscher of California, wrote an Op/Ed piece in the Washington Post yesterday entitled "Tax Cuts Only When We Can Afford Them."

In it, she says that while she voted for the tax cuts last spring, she now thinks that Congress should revisit them and implement a "trigger" into the cuts (something that was suggested at the time by several Dems).

On the surface, her idea makes sense. The tax cuts will remain IF there is a surplus. If not, or if the surplus is lower than expected, they can be adjusted accordingly. Well, that seems rational, right?

BUZZZZZZZ!!!! Ohhhhhh, I'm sorry, you're wrong ... but thanks for playing our game and I hope you enjoy your Rice-A-Roni.

All the Democrats have to do to kick in the trigger is to spend – something they do far too well. If they outspend the budget, then that results in a deficit, and that results in the trigger halting the tax cuts. And the opposite of a tax cut is a tax INCREASE – and that is not the thing to do in a sluggish economy.

But then again, the last thing the Democrats want in an election year is an economic recovery. Think about it.

Well, At Least Whoopi Can Enlist Now

The last time the Army updated its dress code was 10 years ago (let's hope it was to outlaw parachute pants and leg warmers). But now it is preparing to release new regulations that will allow braids and cornrows, among other updates.

Shaved heads for men is okay (the standard military cut is almost shaved anyway), but dreadlocks are not. The new code allows fingernail polish, but not flashy colors like fire engine red, purple, black, white or blue. And listen, men, don't even bother with the low tones ... you can't wear polish at all, darn the luck. Oddly enough, khaki and camouflage nail polish are also verboten (aren't those military colors?).

There's also a new code regarding electronics. You can have a cell phone or a pager on your belt ... but not both. And they must be black and no bigger than 4 x 2 x 1 inches and carried only for official duty.

And finally, they can wear a radio headset ... but only if it's tuned to AM and "The Neal Boortz Show."

Okay, I made up that last part.

Dozens of former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders have joined a lawsuit against all NFL teams (except the Jaguars and the Eagles) claiming that the visiting teams spied on them as they showered and dressed. They say that the visiting teams peeped through holes, cracks (pardon the term) and altered windows to watch them as they prepared to cheer on the home team, and after the games as well.

The suit claims that the invasion of their privacy took place from 1983 to 2001. So ... I have two questions for both parties concerned.

To the Eagles: Why in the hell did you set up the visitors' locker room directly next to the cheerleaders with what appears to be a minimal barrier between the two? Was that considered a "perk"? Or maybe a distraction for the visiting team?

To the cheerleaders: How is it you were unaware of the problem for 18 years? Nuff said.

It sounds like there's enough blame here to go around for everyone involved.

FedEx is now in the hot seat regarding a package it shipped from Paris to New Orleans last week. The box was so radioactively "hot" that the receiver of the package has yet to be able to measure it directly!

FedEx has tried to downplay the situation by pointing out that both the sender and receiver were well-known clients that regularly sent radioactive materials. (WELL!!! Isn't that special ... if I was a terrorist, I'd definitely ship my nukes through that company!)

The problem is that the package was not measured for leaking radioactivity in the trip between Paris and New Orleans.

Six months ago that wouldn't be a big deal. Today it is.

Wait a minute ... Paris? New Orleans? Hey!!! If both parties were French, then there's no problem. Hell, ship it on to Quebec!

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It is clear to me that the mainstream New York and Washington press corps carries a decidedly liberal bias.It's just this simple … do a comprehensive search of news stories, commentaries and editorials and see how many times you see the term religious right ...
Thursday, 10 January 2002 12:00 AM
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