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Europe Wants Documentary Evidence

Tuesday, 07 May 2002 12:00 AM

Excuse me, but just who in the hell decided that Europe gets to decide when America can and can't take action to defend itself? In my reading efforts last night I ran across a few stories detailing how much of Europe wants some sort of "documentary evidence" that Saddam Hussein (a) was directly involved with the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, and/or (b) is actually building a nuclear bomb.

The fear among the Euroweenies seems to be that it would be them, not the United States, that would be in the range of Hussein's missiles if a hot war erupts. Well, if that's the case, wouldn't it be better to join with the United States in eliminating this menace than it would be to tremble and cower under the range of Saddam's missiles?

You may have seen this bit in yesterday's column:

He made a model of a mythical dirigible and named it the Hindenburg. He stuffed the model with cotton soaked in kerosene, hung it over a table-top model of an airport and set it on fire. Folks at movie theatres watching the short subject actually thought they were watching a newsreel … and the myth of the Hindenburg was launched.

That whole thing, in fact, came out of a National Lampoon magazine about 20 years ago. See … I told you never to believe what you read here unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true.

Well … as absurd as the story was, you might be interested in knowing that we got no fewer than about 50 e-mail messages from folks telling me that I was (a) wrong and (b) a moron to boot.

Ahhh … another story about political correctness. You do know, don't you, that it is the mantra of the politically correct left that one's free speech rights certainly do not give a person license to say things that others might find "offensive." Listeners of my show know for an absolute fact that I don't subscribe to this concept.

Now ... here's a great example of the absurd limits to which this "that's offensive" nonsense can go. Muslims are upset about a rally in London earlier this week. About 30,000 or so Brits gathered in Trafalgar Square to demonstrate their support of Israel. Muslim groups are saying that they found the demonstration "offensive."

We have someone named Massoud Shadjareh. He's the chairman of the Islamic Human Rights Commission. I know, I know. Muslims having a human rights commission is rather like the KKK having a diversity committee.

Anyway, good ole' Massoud says that "We feel that in light of the recent massacres in Jenin it's extremely insensitive to organize a rally and blatantly say they support Israel. It's extremely offensive, not just to one community, but to all of us who believe in certain absolute values."

Is there anyone out there with an ounce of sense who is treating Massound's remarks with anything other than disbelief and laughter?

Then there's Kumar Mashid. He's the chairman of the London Muslim Coalition. He says the rally couldn't have come at a more insensitive time. Golly! I just can't tell you how sorry I am for Kumar. Poor sap! I'm sure he just cried himself to sleep.

There are about 140 shooting conflicts going on across the world right now. Muslims are involved in about 136 of them. Who gives a damn about whether or not they're offended.

Earlier this week we told you that an Arizona FBI agent sent a letter to the FBI last year suggesting that questions might be asked about Arabs taking flying lessons around the country. Evidently nothing was done. If the FBI had conducted a survey, it might have had some interesting questions as to just why so many Arabs were wanting to learn just how to steer an airplane! The Middle East, after all, isn't what you would call a hotbed of general aviation.

Now we have an article in the New York Times by Mickey Kaus. He is suggesting that the reason the FBI didn't investigate Arabs taking flight lessons was – now I hope you're sitting down – "F.B.I. officials said there was reluctance at the time to mount such a major review because of a concern that the bureau would be criticized for ethnic profiling of foreigners."

There you go. Profiling. Political correctness. I've said time and time again that our idiotic adherence to the concepts of political correctness was going to eventually cost human lives. These fancy federal airport security screeners are specifically told that they cannot use ethnic profiling in their attempts to make air travel safer.

Well, it looks like I'm behind the curve on this one. Maybe leftist political correctness has already cost us lives. Maybe 2,800 lives – in New York City.

Protect constitutional rights? No problem. Protect feelings? Screw that. Let's crank up the profiling and dump the PC nonsense. American lives are at stake.

Speaking of our wonderful "professionalized," soon-to-be federal-employee, federal-union member airport security screeners … you did hear that some man got through the security screening station in New Orleans with not one but TWO loaded handguns in his carry-on bag, didn't you?

They caught him at a random check before he boarded the airplane. Two semiautomatic handguns. He's been charged. He says that he needs the guns for protection.

You have been keeping up with the chain of events with the federalization of our airport security screeners, haven't you? First they told us there would be 30,000 federal employee screeners. Now that number is at 60,000 and growing. The Transportation Security Agency will be larger than NASA plus the Departments of Education, Health and Housing COMBINED!

Now ... another shoe has dropped. The Transportation Security agency is saying that it may have to double the security fee on airline tickets. It will go from $2.50 per leg to $5.00. This is just the beginning, folks. More to come.

It's Tuesday morning. Isn't that the weekday that disgraced former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell does his community spokesman bit on Atlanta's urban (that means music with no melody) radio station? Here's an idea! While Campbell is trying to make himself look good, why doesn't he address that $72 million loan Atlanta just had to take out to pay bills? It's all part of that incredible $82 million deficit discovered after Campbell left office.

Now the Palestinians say that they were just filming a movie. The Hollywood left will probably try to give them a Special Achievement Award for this one.

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Excuse me, but just who in the hell decided that Europe gets to decide when America can and can't take action to defend itself?In my reading efforts last night I ran across a few stories detailing how much of Europe wants some sort of documentary evidence that Saddam...
Tuesday, 07 May 2002 12:00 AM
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