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Enough Is Enough: End Judicial Tyranny Now

Monday, 11 April 2005 12:00 AM

Pray Without Ceasing: Pray that all acts will be made in humility and devotion. A public prayer can be pious or political. Is the intent to worship briefly in public prayer at the risk of government persecution or prideful prayer to force a political point?

Search our hearts for the spirit of our protests and the exercise of our freedoms and our political action for good. Let's be righteous about our Rights without self-righteousness.

Educate The People: Encourage daily Bible reading as well as study of the Federal and State Constitutions.

The worldview of Bible believers wrote every Constitution. The judges must impose the worldview of the Liberal Puritans, the sect fronting for Liberal Human Secular Totalitarianism, to rule as tyrants over peasants.

The People have to understand that there are immutable, absolute ideas that reign as timeless, eternal truths. Christians and Jews understand God-given Rights. The Bible teaches what is perfect and what is corruptible. Liberal Puritans think man is perfectible with situational ethics, like Nazi and Communist Human Secularists, if elites rule.

Fix the Constitutions: Amend the Constitutions – Federal and State - for the Sanctity of Marriage and Life. Call it individual ‘Family Rights'.

Judges see no ‘compelling' reasons in the Constitutions as actually written to protect the oldest, greatest institution in American Civilization – marriage. Judges can't distinguish between a medical procedure to save the life of the mother and murdering a full-term, healthy baby in partial-birth abortion.

Judges say the rulings they just make up are the ‘law of the land'. That changes with a fix to the Constitutions.

Limit judges' jurisdiction to review issues concerning the most helpless humans, unborn babies, the second weakest, the ill and elderly, and the most fundamental building block of the American Nation - the family. Nothing less will stop Judges from seizing the power of the legislature and executive branches.

Pick the Right Fights: Proceed from the majority view on selected issues and egregious tyrants where the majority right to rule doesn't destroy the true rights of individuals of any minority.

For example, freedom of religion says, explicitly, the ‘free exercise of' religion, not ‘freedom from' religion. Christians praying in public doesn't deny anyone their rights. Others can pray out loud too. (Please do, because Christians are anxious to compete in the open marketplace of ideas.)

Likewise, a Christmas crèche, the historical monument to the Ten Commandments, and voluntary prayer in public buildings denies no person her Judeo-Christian God-given Rights as an American.

Fire Weak, Wrong Officials: Fire the judges who are tyrants at every level. Begin with the worst examples of seizing, abusing power and arrogance. If the elected legislators are too weak to do their job to impeach, re-organize, or limit jurisdiction, then find a candidate who will.

Refuse to vote for weaklings as the lesser of two evils. The same goes for Executives from Governor down to City or County government. If they fail to use the power, we The People, gave them, then get someone who will. If no man or woman will stand up, then vote an empty ballot.

Disobey Tyranny: What if Americans took copies of the Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments to every local, state and federal court house every single work day? Post them on bulletin boards, tape them to the door, leave them on counters. Maybe add a picture of Terry Schiavo.

These buildings belong to The People, not the judges. The judges are our employees.

What if citizens voluntarily pray before a high school game or graduation and close prayer in the name of Jesus, no matter what a pompous judge ‘orders'? Will you be arrested for ‘exercising free speech'? What crime? What penalty?

What did Rosa Parks do about illegal, immoral laws of segregation? She went to jail and got the Medal of Freedom. The judges' ordered ‘laws' of Judeo-Christian suppression are no less illegal and immoral.

Rosa Parks II where are you?


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Pray Without Ceasing:Pray that all acts will be made in humility and devotion.A public prayer can be pious or political.Is the intent to worship briefly in public prayer at the risk of government persecution or prideful prayer to force a political point? Search our hearts...
Monday, 11 April 2005 12:00 AM
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