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Election, Post-Election Nightmare

Tuesday, 19 October 2004 12:00 AM

TV stations hold back reporting on the chicanery going on, bearing in mind that a Kerry adviser had said of Sinclair Broadcasting, which had broadcast an anti-Kerry documentary: “I think they’re going to regret this. They better hope we don’t win.”

Just when you pick up the phone and hear a threat of harm to you or your family, that’s when you wake up with a start, take a few seconds to realize it was all a bad dream, and you heave a sigh of relief.

Dreams of this kind are wild fantasies. Or are they?

There is something about the culture and temperament of the American people that has kept our electoral process reasonably civil most of the time, perhaps not in rhetoric, but at least in avoiding banana republic behavior. (Some say we came dangerously close in Florida in 2000, but in the end the constitutional process played itself out.)

That stability may reach its breaking point.

If you liked the uncertainty of the Florida battle four years ago, you will love what appears to be a buildup for disaster in 2004.

Let’s start with the issue of fraud. So-called “provisional” balloting is mandated for anyone who shows up – registered or not, eligible or not. That’s the law, enacted in reaction to Florida 2000.

As Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association (NRA), has pointed out, these “provisional” voters might be felons, fugitives or frauds.

Marshall Lewin of America’s First Freedom recently said in an article reprinted by NewsMax that in March of this year, 93 percent of the “provisional” ballots in a Chicago election were disqualified.

Just within the last few days, a Democratic judge in Ohio has ruled that voters who show up at the wrong polling place on Election Day can cast ballots as long as they’re in the county where they are registered. As NewsMax’s =Inside Cover= observed, “Let’s see, how many precincts does Cuyahoga County have?”

In Fairfax, Va., election officials have ruled out allowing police officers to be at polling places for security reasons. Having uniformed policeman on hand, these officials argue, could be “intimidating.”

Who could possibly be intimidated by the presence of a police officer other than someone who intends to break the law? In an interview with NewsMax.com, Richard Lessner, executive director of the American Conservative Union (ACU), says there are efforts to get convicted felons and illegal aliens to cast ballots in clear violation of the law.

A few days ago, NewsMax reported that the Kerry-Edwards campaign and its allies had laid the groundwork with pre-emptive strikes aimed at intimidating anyone who dares to challenge voter fraud.

Bingo! Now comes a leaked 66-page memo from the Democratic National Committee that says “If no signs of intimidation [of one whose eligibility to vote is questionable] have emerged yet, launch a pre-emptive strike.”

“The Republican Party had better have poll watchers at every polling place in America to make sure there isn’t fraud, that there isn’t abuse,” Lessner warned.

He adds the Republicans “had better be ready for the post-election attacks because it’s going to be coming. That means there are going to be regiments of Democrats, flown in to contest the election in every state where it’s close.”

Violence has broken out in three Florida cities – Orlando, Miami and Tampa – where thugs stormed offices and headquarters of the Bush-Cheney campaign, causing considerable damage and at least one injury.

Similar attacks took place in Kansas City and Independence, Mo.; West Allis, Wisc.; and Dearborn, Mich.

John Fund of the Wall Street Journal reports the AFL-CIO has taken credit for these disruptions. Gunfire shattered the window of Bush-Cheney offices in Knoxville, Tenn., and GOP offices in Seattle were burglarized Watergate-style, with their computer files stolen.

NewsMax's Phil Brennan has compared this to the thuggery of Adolf Hitler’s Brownshirts in the '30s, who beat up critics and intimidated those who opposed Hitler's rise to power. Just so.

The AFL-CIO says it will send thousands of poll-watchers all over the country to watch for any hint of trouble. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has been quoted as saying the unions are back: “Get in our way, and we’ll knock you flat on your ass.”

Now, about those foreign monitors who will be here to pass judgment on our voting:

Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center (APC) reports that the president of the international organization sending the monitors is none other than Rep. Alcee Hastings, D-Fla.

Hastings was a federal judge who, the APC recalls, “was impeached by a Democrat-controlled Congress which voted 413-3 to oust him [from the bench].”

The case resulted from an action by federal authorities in which Hastings – again quoting the APC – “was caught in an FBI sting in the 1980’s for trying to take a $150,000 bribe.”

As the new president of the Vienna-based Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Parliamentary Assembly, Hastings is the man who “actually appoints and assigns the group’s election monitors,” according to DeWeese. An OSCE spokesman has said the group’s purpose in the election is to “apply political pressure.”

The Washington Times wrote that the “monitors” include communists from France and Russia.

“The world has nothing to teach the United States of America about staging free and fair elections,” ACU’s Lessner told me. “This is all part of a larger Democratic strategy to cast doubt on the legitimacy of our electoral process. This was conjured up by Jimmy Carter and the globalist claque within the Democratic Party.”

Putting all these things together, Lessner sees “an attempt to depict our election process today as being something out of the 1920s and 1930s when all across the South, Democratic governors, Democratic sheriffs and Democratic Power Structures denied African-Americans the right to vote. And they used Bull Connor tactics to keep blacks from voting.”

For the record, the ACU leader recalls that “every study that was done after the 2000 election showed that there was no police intimidation. No one who was legally registered and eligible to vote was denied the right to vote.”

Indeed, one could make the case that if anything we are overly generous with our voting in America, to the point where – as Lessner puts it – “as we saw in Colorado, thousands of felons, who were not allowed to vote in [that state] under the law, were illegally registered to vote. All over the Southwest, illegal aliens ... go into voting places and vote.”

That gets us back to the question we raised at the outset: Is the political stability that this nation has enjoyed for over two centuries about to snap and fall apart?

Lessner sees that danger because “they’re beginning to erode confidence in our ability to elect our leaders by having this sort of permanent campaign attitude that nothing’s ever final.

"[Historically],if you have an election, we count the votes and move on. That is not in their playbook anymore. Now you count the votes, then you file lawsuits, then you challenge the votes, then you question the legitimacy of everyone who won.”

That is very dangerous to our system of self-government. In 1968, the late Allen Drury (best known for “Advise and Consent”) wrote novel titled “Preserve and Protect,” wherein American stability snapped and fell apart.

The book’s inside flap said, “This is one step beyond – to the day perhaps all too close, when rioting becomes an arm of politics and violence is dedicated to the cause of a Presidential candidate.”

Sure, it’s fiction. But Drury’s fiction has a track record for being prophetic. In 1966 he wrote the novel “Capable of Honor,” whose plot involved rioting at a major party convention. Two years later, the Democratic Convention in Chicago was marred by rioting Marxists and the counterculture left.

As has been said many times, truth is often stranger than fiction. Honest poll watchers should be prepared to prevent operatives of the left from stealing the election as they attempted to do in Florida in 2000. They should also be prepared for anything. Anything!


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TV stations hold back reporting on the chicanery going on, bearing in mind that a Kerry adviser had said of Sinclair Broadcasting, which had broadcast an anti-Kerry documentary: "I think they're going to regret this. They better hope we don't win." Just when you pick up...
Tuesday, 19 October 2004 12:00 AM
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