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Elected Leaders of the Endangered West

Thursday, 28 September 2006 12:00 AM

Rudyard Kipling, an English poet and novelist born in India in 1865, wrote:

This idyll of West dominating East, the twain never meeting otherwise, lasted till 1914, when (Kipling was 49) something supernatural happened: Germany, that is, West, having machine guns, was at world war with the rest of West, also having machine guns.

Later, a British intelligence agent who named himself Kim became a spy – no, not a British spy in India, but a Soviet spy within the British Intelligence Service. When there was danger that he would be exposed, he re-emerged in Soviet Russia, where he lived safely and happily ever after, and died in 1988 at the age of 76.

As for India, when I received (after my articles in defense of Taiwan) the Indian government's invitation to participate in the anniversary of today's India, I noticed that Britain was not even mentioned, as though it had never existed.

When Alexis de Tocqueville published his "Democracy in America" in the mid-19th century, the title was a sensation – in America every adult could vote unless he was diagnosed insane! In Britain, democracy (universal suffrage) came early in the 20th century. Before, Britain had been a constitutional monarchy only.

It is curious that mental regression, which John Stuart Mill predicted 150 years ago for "the democratic West," is such that the word "democratic" is used when "constitutional" is meant.

In the 19th century, England was a "constitutional monarchy," that is, free (protected against tyranny), but not "democratic" (only a political elite voted). Inversely, in democratic Germany (universal suffrage!), more Germans voted for Hitler's party than for any other party in the Reichstag in 1932 and thus brought Hitler to power.

A country having impeccable universal suffrage – being impeccably "democratic" – may be the worst tyranny (as in post-Taliban Afghanistan, where the intention of a Moslem to become a Christian was punishable by death).

Albert Einstein used to say that he was understood by seven people on earth. Incidentally, by his letter of 1939 to President Roosevelt, Einstein helped to convince Roosevelt (with great difficulty) to launch the development of nuclear weapons, which was begun in all earnest only after Hitler declared war on the United States in 1941 and Roosevelt's insane procrastination had to stop. The more numerous a group of people is, the lower the probability of it containing a political Einstein and those who understand him.

However, in contrast to a scientific elite or a musical elite, a political elite came to be thought to be politically unfair in England as well. Suppose someone is not an Einstein in geostrategy. Indeed, suppose he is illiterate in it. Does this mean that he should be deprived of the right to vote and hence to be ruled without his consent?

The U.S. president who was elected in 2000 and his Democrat opponent in 2004 did not even mention in their "debate" China as a threat, as a result of which the future generations of Westerners, if they survive, will consider the two candidates as a single Republican-Democrat idiot.

Curiously, in 2006, the approval rating of the president elected in 2000 and 2004 began to slip to 30 percent. After gasoline prices went down (a corporate oil stratagem?), the approval rating tended up. So, what had the elections of 2000 and 2004 indicated? Nothing.

It was simply that the Republican-Democrat "majority of the American people" still believed in 2004 that Iraq would become a friendly "democracy." In accordance with Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, the money for the corporate Iraqi oil would pour into the bank accounts of American oil shareholders in the presidential administration, for which purpose it was Iraq, and not any other country, that was invaded with great fanfare.

But in 2006 a certain segment of the Republican-Democrat "majority of the American people" has discovered the existence of guerrilla war in human history. So, the president elected in 2000 and 2004 was not the right person to elect: he knew nothing about the existence of guerrilla war. What, then, did he know? The slogans written for him by his ghostwriters and recited by him as in school theatricals?

Before 1914, when Kipling was not yet 49, the mediocrity of most elected leaders of the West was not its fatal tragedy. In the 19th century, the elected English leaders waged two wars in China to force its government to permit the sale of British merchants' opium in China. Can you think of anything more idiotic? But with advanced weapons on the British side, this idiocy did not matter. The British won and British merchants' opium was on sale in China, contrary to the will of the Chinese government.

Universal suffrage has been accompanied by "equalization" in other fields, leading to further mental and cultural regression.

No one claims that every American can sing or understand classical opera and music as well as any other American. Hence the classical Metropolitan Opera, many of whose patrons regard the non-classical "musicals" and "pop music" of the "majority of the American people" as savagery.

Just as there still exists in the United States a musical elite, there existed in the West political elites. John Stuart Mill, possibly the greatest political thinker of the post-Roman West, never went to school, let alone university. How did he survive financially? The political elite bought his books just as the musical elite buy tickets to go to the opera at the Met even though those operas may be heard on radio and television.

Indeed, the elected political leaders have assumed the role of political thinkers. They recite what is often just idiotic nonsense, concocted by their ghostwriters, and the media transmit this idiotic nonsense nationally and internationally as almost sacred wisdom.

As for university professors, here is an example. When my son went to Yale, his first assignment was "Hegel as a Great Theorist of Freedom According to his ‘Phenomenology of Mind'." My son opened Hegel's book. Hegel explained how serfs should be beaten as ruthlessly as possible. The professor refused to give my son's essay even the lowest grade. My son's fellow students laughed at him. "Why did you mess with that Hegel book? The essays are copied from the previous year's essays, which explain what a great theorist of freedom Hegel was according to his ‘Phenomenology'."

In 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland, Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who had made "a peace in our time" with Hitler, came to be regarded as a dangerous idiot, and Churchill was called up. Why? Just as there are anti-Semites, hating Jews as Jews, Churchill was a Teutonophobe who hated Germans as Germans. That trait of his, no more attesting to his intelligence than would be anti-Semitism, made him the leader of the war against "the Teutons."

His loss of France was comically inept, but luckily for him the war moved into Stalin's Russia. Churchill described Stalin as a charming man. Churchill and Roosevelt (whose wife, Eleanor, was an ardent Stalinist) agreed with Stalin on which territories in Eastern Europe Stalin's troops would occupy. It was inevitably noticed that while occupying these countries Stalin was establishing in them his own puppet tyrannies. Hence there were critical voices in the House of Commons.

But Prime Minister Churchill rose and said:

Still, Churchill said that whatever had been happening in Eastern Europe was not Stalin's fault, but his subordinates' mischief, which they concealed from Stalin. So, what do we find in Britain's greatest statesman of the 20th century? Ignorance and/or stupidity.

The Cold War? An ignorant and/or stupid post-1945 fantasy about how Stalin was going to attack the West. Even after we arrived in New York in 1972, we saw a TV film about how the Soviet army marched through the United States and shot all members of Congress with machine guns.

Actually, between 1945 and 1949, the United States could have made Stalin surrender unconditionally, as it made Japan surrender. Later, a Soviet nuclear attack would have been responded to by a U.S. nuclear retaliation (Mutual Assured Destruction).

Indeed, after Stalin received nuclear weapons in 1949, he plunged into the development of post-nuclear superweapons whereby he could annihilate the United States (or the West in general), circumventing their nuclear retaliation. But no Western intelligence service even conjectured the Soviet development of such superweapons until Yeltsin opened some of them in 1992 to international inspection.

In 1972, as the development of Soviet superweapons was at its height, Richard Nixon met with the Soviet dictator to "end the Cold War." To a Russian, Nixon looked and spoke like the manager of a store in a Soviet provincial town, but he was sure that the Soviet dictator could not resist his charm and would change the "Cold War" into U.S.-Soviet friendship.

In the past six years the worries of the U.S. president and most members of the U.S. Congress have been not that giant dictatorship, China, in cooperation with Russia, but instead midgets like the terrorist group (19 terrorists) of 9/11 and Iraq with its Sunni guerrilla war.

To listen to most elected U.S. leaders, the fact that no other terrorists have since demolished the White House or the Empire State Building is explained by the U.S. government's "war on terror" – in Iraq! Actually, millions of Islamic suicidal terrorists have unlimited opportunities to enter the United States and live here as illegal aliens (waiting for legalization). The fact that they do not do so is really explained by there being, in the past five years, no other 19 Moslems ready to kill themselves in order to kill 150 times as many Americans.

Bin Laden, while speaking of mass killings of infidels, let his al-Qaida in Afghanistan be captured by the invaders, while himself slipped to safety. Nor had he anything to do with 9/11 or with Saddam Hussein, no matter what lies are being spun by bin Laden himself, elected U.S. leaders, and the mainstream media.

Elected U.S. leaders never call the guerrilla war in Iraq a guerrilla war, though the phrase "guerrilla war" does not necessarily imply something just, noble, and heroic. In Russia, the guerrilla war against Napoleon was conducted by Russian slaves, euphemistically called serfs. There was a chance that Napoleon would abolish slavery, and yet slaves fought as guerrillas against him.

But elected U.S. leaders call their war against the Iraqi guerrillas the "war on terror" to suggest that this magic war will eliminate all guerrilla wars as well as attacks like 9/11. There are hundreds of terrorist organizations. Guerrilla war seems to have begun in Afghanistan again. But while any military activity against the United States is "terror," led by bin Laden, every U.S. military activity is the "war on terror."

Well, the United States has been waging "war on crime" for over 200 years, but in the number of crimes per capita the United States is still very near the international top. In the Islamic world, numbering about a billion inhabitants, there may occur in the next five years as many suicidal terrorists as there are suicidal and non-suicidal American murderers. And if the United States has failed to prevent murders perpetrated by Americans, how will the United States be able to prevent Islamic suicidal murders?

The fairy tale spread by elected U.S. leaders and their yes-men in the media is that the Sunni guerrilla war in Iraq, the destruction of the World Trade Center towers by 19 suicidal Moslems, and any other hostile military action are parts of the global terror machine of Osama bin Laden (eager to spread super-terrorist myths about himself). So, the West will win the "war on terror" against bin Laden, and blessed world peace will ensue.

But what about the giant dictatorship of China in cooperation with Putin's Russia? Sh-sh-sh …

Those elected U.S. leaders who coveted and covet Iraqi oil for their own private enrichment induced the CIA to invent the story, in consonance with Tony Blair's British Intelligence Service, that Saddam Hussein was dangerous to the world. Why, he may even produce a nuclear bomb! That Stalin's Russia produced it in 1949, and the dictatorship of China in 1964, has been irrelevant.

So Iraq was invaded, and with Saddam Hussein safely in the dock, elected U.S. leaders and their yes-men in the media still fearlessly repeat how he used WMDs against Kurds, though Kurds rebelled during Saddam's war against Iran and the United States was in that war on Iraq's side. Also, Saddam bought those WMDs, which he later destroyed, from U.S. firms in the United States. But while Saddam is cursed when he is in the dock, Hu Jintao is received in state as a dear guest.

Watch and listen to elected U.S. leaders and their nominees. Most of them personify not only smug mediocrity, ignorance, and/or stupidity, but also cowardice. They fib out of fear – to survive personally. Soon they will crawl on their knees before Hu Jintao – to avoid torture and save their lives. Should Hu's ironclad boot hit their faces, it would be better than torture and death.

They have been surrendering the United States (and the West as a whole) to China while making bellicose noises about Saddam Hussein in the dock and about the Sunni guerrilla war in his small Third World oil country. They expect that Hu Jintao will appreciate their role in the surrender of the United States (and the West in general) to China, and if the United States surrenders unconditionally, they may be appointed minor colonial "leiters," kowtowing to the omniscient Chinese owners of the world.

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Rudyard Kipling, an English poet and novelist born in India in 1865, wrote: This idyll of West dominating East, the twain never meeting otherwise, lasted till 1914, when (Kipling was 49) something supernatural happened:Germany, that is, West, having machine guns, was at...
Thursday, 28 September 2006 12:00 AM
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