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Easter -Time to Denigrate Jesus

Tuesday, 11 April 2006 12:00 AM

A Political Look at Hollywood

Headlines (Scroll down for complete stories):
1. Easter – Time to Denigrate Jesus
2. 'Brokeback Mountain' Shown to Prison Inmates
3. 'Dobie Gillis' Actress Pushes for Mandatory Gay History
4. Steven Spielberg and Robert De Niro Enter Reality TV Zone
5. 'United 93' Is a Must-See

It never fails. Along with the Easter season comes the elites' holiday bashing of Jesus.

Doron Nof, a professor at the University of Florida, has just released a study "explaining" how Jesus appeared to walk on water.

According to Nof, Christ merely took a stroll across a layer of ice.

In another Easter treat, NBC's "Dateline" recently did a feature on author Michael Baigent's book, which claims among other things that a married Jesus survived crucifixion and escaped to Egypt.

Baigent, one of the authors who unsuccessfully sued over alleged copyright infringement involving Dan Brown's book "The Da Vinci Code," lacks the evidence to support his assertions.

Baigent insists, though, that his book is backed up by some ancient texts he saw. But in a variation of "my dog ate my homework" he claims he lost the authenticating materials. The National Geographic Channel added to this year's Easter festivities with its airing of a highly publicized special, which unveiled a manuscript of what was called "The Gospel of Judas."

In a press release, National Geographic referred to the document as one that "has been authenticated as a genuine work of ancient Christian apocryphal literature" as late as the fifth century but was not actually written by Judas.

The Left Coast Report believes somewhere in all of this lies an Oliver Stone movie.

A correctional officer recently showed the film "Brokeback Mountain" to inmates at a prison in Norfolk, Massachusetts.

Even in liberal Massachusetts one would think authorities could figure out that showing explicit gay sex scenes to incarcerated male inmates is not a good idea.

Apparently, someone did. The officer responsible is being disciplined.

Still, the Massachusetts Department of Correction is trying to shape its rhetoric and come up with a politically correct explanation for the disciplinary action.

Carefully avoiding the obvious, that the movie is gay-themed, spokeswoman Diane Wiffin told Reuters that in no way was the action related to the film's plot.

"It was not the subject matter, Wiffin insisted. "It was the graphic nature of sexually explicit scenes."

The Left Coast Report hears that inmates support the disciplinary action but for a different reason - the gay cowboy flick bites.

At a time when illegal aliens are marching in the streets, terrorism is rampant the world over and entitlement spending is through the roof, the California legislature has pinpointed a more important issue – gay history is not yet mandatory in our schools.

Sheila Kuehl, quirky co-star of the classic TV show "The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis" and current California Democrat state senator, has written a bill that would make it mandatory for California's schools to provide instruction regarding the positive historical impact of homosexuals in America.

SB 1437 has made it out of California's Senate Judiciary Committee with a 3-1 vote, 3 Democrats voting in lockstep.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may have to decide in the upcoming weeks whether to sign or veto the law.

Because California is the largest buyer of school textbooks in the United States, the bill would set the trend for school curricula across the nation.

The Left Coast Report understands that the producers of the musical "1776" are excited about the possible passage of the gay history bill.

Steven Spielberg is teaming up with reality TV guru Mark Burnett to create "On the Lot," an "American Idol"-type show for filmmakers.

The program will allow budding filmmakers to compete for the prize of making a feature film for DreamWorks.

"All through my career I've done what I can to discover new talent and give them a start. This opportunity ... allows all of us to reach out directly to open a much wider door," Spielberg says.

Meanwhile, Robert De Niro is moving into the realm of reality TV in a bit more clandestine manner. De Niro will be the executive producer of a currently untitled NBC show.

Although details are being kept hush-hush, De Niro's partner, RJ Cutler, tells Variety, "It's a very simple idea... a simple concept. Amazingly, nobody's ever done it before."

The Left Coast Report wonders if in the works there's a reality show where the winner gets to produce a reality show.

There's no doubt that Universal Pictures has hit a nerve – on the left, that is.

There's been a lot of whining about the trailer of the new Universal film "United 93." One theater in Manhattan even pulled it because of complaints.

The phrase about this film that keeps popping up on liberal Web sites is "too soon." The strange thing is when the trailer aired at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood the identical phrase was echoed.

After seeing the movie I have quite a different take. My phrase – what took so long?

I am grateful to Paul Greengrass for using his hand-held camera to create this starkly real tribute. Reenacted in the film is the remarkable bravery of the passengers aboard the Boeing 757, which was headed for San Francisco on Sept. 11, 2001 only to crash in a Pennsylvania field as citizen soldiers stepped forward to thwart the fourth would-be missile attack in the 9/11 terror scheme.

Greengrass, who in the movie "Bloody Sunday" dealt with the terrorism of Northern Ireland and who directed "The Bourne Supremacy," has written, produced and directed "United 93." 

The film is a necessary jolt to a nation that on the terrorism front now seems to have its eyes half-closed and is on the verge of falling into a coma.

Immediately after 9/11, there was a lot of talk about the event being a "wake-up call" for the nation. But the reaction of many of our leaders is to hit the proverbial snooze alarm.

The tragic story of "United 93" is, of course, part and parcel of the larger story about the most serious attack on our continental soil to ever occur. The movie is painful to watch. But so is "Saving Private Ryan," "We Were Soldiers" and the countless other films that explore the depth of tragedy and the breadth of self-sacrifice.

The film recreates in real time how everyday Americans confronted the unthinkable situation. Greengrass poses the question in the film's production notes: "Who among us doesn't think about that day and wonder how it must have been and how we might have reacted?"

The objectivity and accuracy of the movie is exemplary. In an era when Hollywood is sanitizing and/or artificially altering its depiction of terrorists, "United 93" shows the individuals who perpetrated the acts on 9/11 in full demented depravity.

In keeping with the stark realism that Greengrass was seeking, the casting was accomplished by bringing together an ensemble comprised of eminently gifted actors but without typically recognizable big names. Actors were selected primarily from New York City, with calls going out not only for those who resembled the actual people aboard the flight but also for any performers who may have flight-related experience that could be germane to the characters.

We know how the story ends. Our fellow citizens were unable to save themselves. They likely knew they were going to die but acted with hope that supplants fear, and courage that harvests heroes.

Greengrass says that the passengers of Flight 93 "could see exactly what they were dealing with – and were faced with a dreadful choice. Do we sit here and do nothing and hope for the best, hope it turns out all right? Or do we do something about it? And if so, what can we do?"

He adds, "It seems to me that those are the two choices that face us today and have faced us ever since that day."

The Left Coast Report sees "United 93" as a phenomenal film that will serve as a dramatic archive and provide for future generations a glimpse into the nation's soul.


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THE LEFT COAST REPORT A Political Look at HollywoodHeadlines (Scroll down for complete stories):1. Easter - Time to Denigrate Jesus2. 'Brokeback Mountain' Shown to Prison Inmates3. 'Dobie Gillis' Actress Pushes for Mandatory Gay History 4. Steven Spielberg and Robert De...
Tuesday, 11 April 2006 12:00 AM
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