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Disinformation About the Threat From China

Friday, 09 December 2005 12:00 AM

On Jan. 21, 1979, the weekly newspaper Human Events reprinted (as did more than 500 periodicals all over the West) my eight-page Commentary magazine article demonstrating that the CIA virtually did not exist. I exposed the fact that CIA officials, ensconced in their comfortable offices, copied Soviet (and Chinese) propaganda and passed it along as intelligence/espionage data. In other words, the CIA was engaged in insolent, primitive, naive, yet dangerous disinformation.

I subsequently met in New York with Ronald Reagan at his request, and on the basis of my "input," he stated publicly that the "evil empire" was developing post-nuclear superweapons. (Yeltsin confirmed this in 1992 by opening to international inspection the huge former Soviet archipelago, which had been developing such weapons in order to destroy the Western means of retaliation and thus circumvent Mutual Assured Destruction.)

In 1992, the CIA had to accept Yeltsin's disclosure. But before then, the CIA had declared that President Reagan was mentally suffering from "evil-empirism." So the reprinting of my Commentary analysis of the CIA by Human Events and over 500 other periodicals was highly appropriate: The CIA proved to be not only useless but also aggressively harmful – the CIA denied the Soviet development of post-nuclear superweapons even when President Reagan had announced it publicly. If the Soviet dictatorship had not collapsed in 1991, the West could have been annihilated – thanks to the CIA.

The e-mail message of Nov. 29, 2005, from Thomas Winter, editor-in-chief of Human Events, addresses me as "Dear Fellow Conservative." When a quarter of a century ago Thomas Bolan invited me to become a member of the Advisory Board of his East Side Conservative Club, I accepted his invitation, but warned him:

"Tom, many Western politicians choose a certain political color for themselves, to be voted for by Westerners of the same political color. But I am not a politician, nor am I a university professor or a government official. I belong to a species now almost extinct in the West: I am an independent political thinker, trying to ensure the survival of the democratic West against post-nuclear superweapons.

"I do not care how colored politically were the directors of Central Intelligence in the 1970s and 1980s, or Human Events and over 500 other periodicals that published my Commentary article, or Ronald Reagan, who made my 'input' public. All I knew then and know now is that the directors of Central Intelligence could have called themselves conservatives, but they would have the democratic West annihilated, while those more than 500 periodicals and Ronald Reagan made attempts to prevent the annihilation."

In Thomas Winter's message to me I learn that apart from "fellow conservatives," there are nonconservatives, who have been disinforming the majority of the American people (consisting of our fellow conservatives) that no WMDs have been found in Iraq. Disinformation! WMDs have been found in Iraq – the top item is "1.7 metric tons of enriched uranium"!

You see? Saddam Hussein could use the uranium (almost two tons!) to manufacture a bomb (all he needed was his Iraqi "Manhattan Project") and drop it on New York or Washington, D.C. (all he needed was a bomber able to fly from Iraq to the United States without being downed or a suicidal terrorist able to carry it to the United States, though the 19 terrorists of 9/11 carried nothing; they used U.S. airliners as bombs or missiles).

A more globally dangerous country than Saddam's Iraq it is difficult even to imagine, according to these conservatives. But between 1964 and 1978 China ran 25 tests of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. The thermonuclear bomb tested on Nov. 17, 1976, was equivalent to 4 MT, that is, 4 million conventional one-ton bombs. As for the Russian nuclear arsenal, it matched its U.S. counterpart 35 years ago. However, nuclear and thermonuclear weapons became obsolete as offensive weapons due to Mutual Assured Destruction. So, launched in 1970 in Russia, and in 1986 in China, was the development of post-nuclear superweapons, able to circumvent Mutual Assured Destruction.

Yet Thomas Winter's eight-page message does not even mention China, today in alliance with Putin's Russia.

Certain Americans, calling themselves conservatives, still believe that Iraq, and not China in alliance with Putin's Russia, has been endangering the United States, and all Sunni guerrillas should be killed off, no matter how long, and how many American lives, to say nothing of billions of dollars, this will take. As for the danger of China in alliance with Putin's Russia, it should not be noticed.

Anyone (the reasoning goes) who deviates from this suicidal insanity is not a conservative – that is, he or she is a liberal or leftist, that is, a scoundrel, a liar, a traitor, etc., a priori and by definition.

Logic has existed for at least 25 centuries, and one of the mistakes in logic is arguing "ad hominem." In recent years, the political discourse in the United States has been becoming a single vast logical mistake "ad hominem." If you are a fellow conservative, you must accept ad hominem our "conservative" suicidal insanity as the ultimate truth. But if you are not a fellow conservative, then everything you say is ad hominem villainous, absurd, treasonous, etc.

When the invasion of Iraq began to be planned at the beginning of 2001, about nine months before 9/11/01, I wrote that the intention was geostrategically insane even if all its planners, including the director of Central Intelligence, called themselves conservatives. Why on earth Iraq?

The United States has not overthrown Castro, though he installed Soviet nuclear missiles and can buy or receive nuclear missiles from China. Certainly it is easier to launch them at the United States or deliver them via terrorists from Cuba than from Iraq. Why should the global introduction of "freedom and democracy" start from Iraq and not from Cuba? Or from Vietnam, whose tyranny of the North seized the South with Soviet and Chinese help and still holds it?

In terms of population, Iraq equals 1 percent of China plus the Islamic world, the latter consisting, with the exception of Turkey, of theocracies, some of them more oppressive than was Saddam Hussein's secular Sunni oligarchy. Every theocratic tyranny can buy "WMDs" from China. How can 1 percent, even if all Sunni guerrillas have been killed off, bring "freedom and democracy" to 99 percent? Are the Shia for Western democracy? Or do most of them want the majoritarian Islamic theocracy to dominate, if not exterminate, the Sunni minority?

When the "mission" in Iraq seemed in 2003 to have been "accomplished," a reader of mine informed me in his e-mail that by winning in Iraq the United States surrounds Iran and China. This is at least logical even if lacking in a knowledge of geography. On the other hand, it is not clear how the "victory in Iraq" can bring "freedom and democracy" to the Islamic world (population: 1.4 billion) and to China (population: 1.3 billion).

In the Islamic world, the war in Iraq is likely to increase the sublimation of genetic suicides into the holy war, with those dead going to the Islamic paradise to deflower eternal virgins, an especially attractive prospect for the poor, who cannot get married since the rich have up to four wives.

As for China, the war in Iraq was a godsend for the dictators of China, for it has totally diverted U.S. attention from the mortal danger of being annihilated by post-nuclear superweapons of China, now in alliance with Putin's Russia.

The more deeply the United States sinks into the weird morass of the Islamic world, to bring it "freedom and democracy," the easier it will be for the dictator of China to shashou jian (stun, "crown," incapacitate with "the assassin's mace") the United States, to make it surrender unconditionally in order to avoid annihilation.

Thomas Winter recommends a book entitled "Disinformation." This is a fitting title. Not to notice the mortal danger of the dictatorship of China, now in alliance with Putin's Russia! Not to anticipate the growth of Islamic suicidal holy war as a result of the "pre-emptive invasion" of Iraq! And to represent the Sunni of Iraq as THE danger to the democratic West and the killing-off of the Sunni guerrillas as the beginning of "freedom and democracy," in particular, in the Islamic world, if not in China, now in alliance with Putin's Russia!

Yes, this is the most dangerous disinformation for the United States. The fact that the author of "Disinformation" considers himself a vintage conservative and hence believes, ad hominem, that his mortally dangerous disinformation is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, for all except scoundrels, liars, traitors, and other "leftists" and "liberals," merely proves that such self-admiring "vintage conservatives" are not familiar with logic even as it existed 25 centuries ago.

The link to my book online is www.levnavrozov.com.


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On Jan. 21, 1979, the weekly newspaper Human Events reprinted (as did more than 500 periodicals all over the West) my eight-page Commentary magazine article demonstrating that the CIA virtually did not exist. I exposed the fact that CIA officials, ensconced in their...
Friday, 09 December 2005 12:00 AM
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