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Discussion of Readers' Responses to 'American-Israeli Military Technology at War Against Genetics'

Monday, 27 May 2002 12:00 AM

Three interesting e-mails were responses to my contention that most suicides are caused by the genetic inclination to suicide, acquiring different spurious explanations, or "ideations," which seem beautiful in different cultures, such as unrequited love, which began to seem beautiful in Goethe's Europe, or the holy (terrorist) war in the cause of Islam, which seems beautiful in the Islamic world today.

Of course, for my book-in-progress and for my articles I could have quoted numerous physicians emphasizing the role of "genetic factors" in "suicidal behavior." Their method is clinical, as in the 655-page study, "Depression and Mania." The authors studied 713 suicide cases and found (p. 207) that the "familial history" of these men and women contained an unusually high number of suicides.

"Genetic factors" in "suicidal behavior" have been proved clinically beyond doubt. I did not quote such studies (there are hundreds of them) so as not to convert my article into a doctoral thesis. But it is obvious that these studies disprove the opinion of "Will," in his e-mail of April 30, that "if genetics were truly the cause [of suicides], then I find it surprising that thousands of years of evolution has not eliminated the suicidal genes from the human genome."

Of course, the clinical physicians could not find what percentage of suicides is genetic (what if a suicide is an orphan and has no siblings, or any "familial history"?), but they have proved that many of them are.

Now, what about evolution? The key message of Darwin's theory is not only wrong, but absurd – indeed, the opposite of reality. The "survival of the fittest" (the phrase Darwin had picked from the now-forgotten Spencer) is especially effective in some lowest organisms, such as certain spores, able to survive even global nuclear or post-nuclear war, for example. Some primates are endangered species. But the most endangered species is man. Nuclear weapons can destroy all mankind many times over.

What about post-nuclear weapons? This is something that Darwin and Spencer could not imagine, because the British Empire was conquering those "races" that were considered inferior, while certainly nothing endangered the proud British conqueror, who was the fittest for survival, as was demonstrated by the size of the British Empire (at its peak, 90 times larger than Britain itself).

I proceeded from generally known and undeniable facts, not from Darwin's or anyone else's theories. Men's suicide rate is much higher than women's. In his e-mail (incidentally, very friendly, gentlemanly, complimentary, and by no means "absolutely sure") "Will" suggests that this difference between men and women "does support" my conclusion, "though it does not prove it because men and women live different lives."

They do! And the lives of women even in the United States (to say nothing of Ayatollah Khomeini's Iran, where women were slaves, cattle, men's property) is worse than men's and offers more social, environmental and existential causes for suicide. But since the suicide rate for men is, on the contrary, much higher than that of women, the causes are mostly genetic.

Will's argument seems to me like the contention that men, and not women, grow beards because "men and women live different lives," and women had no time to attend to their appearances and to grow nice, well-groomed beards.

Tom Stoneburner asked in his e-mail of April 30: "Could the overall 'suicide genetics' of the male population increase by approximately 66% in a few short years or decades?"

I draw conclusions from facts. This increase is a fact. The causes may be either genetic or environmental. They are not environmental. The world environment of men has improved, not deteriorated, since 1950: There are fewer environmental causes for men's suicide today than at the mid-century. Hence, the causes are mostly genetic. The male genome must contain a certain genetic mechanism that increases the suicide rate of men, whose far smaller number is biologically sufficient for procreation.

This is the thesis of Rand Williams in his e-mail of May 1, and I agree. Suicidal terrorism is conducted by individuals genetically inclined to suicide, though Western governments ascribe Islamic suicidal terrorism to the governments of militarily defenseless or weak countries in order to wage "brilliant wars" against such countries and thus show on TV screens how "brilliantly" they "fight terrorism."

Actually, a modern, and hence militarily powerful, country launching an aggressive war may inflict infinitely greater damage than do suicidal individuals. What if Nazi Germany had developed nuclear weapons ahead of the United States? What if Soviet Russia had developed Superweapon No. 3? What if China or Putin's Russia develops it?

An aggressive modern, and hence militarily powerful, country is a million-times terrorist, a terrorist gang or cell of millions of members, a terrorist Leviathan. The plea that a state aims at military objectives while an individual terrorist aims at civilians was invalidated by the World Wars, when the mutual bombing of cities became an acceptable practice.

Here is an interesting e-mail from Henry Penna:

I have always enjoyed your articles, this latest one on NewsMax.com being no exception. ... When I read Hitler's biography, it stated that his family was very poor when he was growing up. A local doctor used to treat the young Hitler and his siblings gratis. The doctor was Jewish. I was stunned by the irony. Now his race theory comes from someone with a Jewish sounding name? I must know the details. The more I learn from history, its drama and irony can outmatch any fiction any time. By the way, put me down for one of your books as soon as it comes out!

The trouble is that we do not have single psychologically objective authentic biography or profile of Hitler – or of Churchill, for that matter. I hope such profiles will be found in my book.

Henry Penna is quite right about the Jewish doctor to whom Hitler was nice even after he came to power in 1933 and annexed Austria in 1938, where the Jewish doctor was still living. This is part of the documentary evidence, which I adduce in my book, and which proves beyond doubt that Hitler liked Jews.

What? How could he, if he persecuted Jews since 1933 and annihilated 6 million of them from 1941 to 1945? The question is childish. Even a common criminal murders a taxi driver not because the murderer hates him like poison (on the contrary, the murderer may like him), but "for financial reasons," that is, to rob him.

Alfred Rosenberg (a Russian German) persuaded Hitler in 1918 that the persecution of Jews was necessary for Hitler's seizure and maintenance of power.

The vast-scale annihilation of the Jews began early in 1942, after Hitler had been routed at Moscow and justly feared to be betrayed by his subordinates to the Allies. His annihilation of 6 million Jews was a Blutkitt, a gang leader's involvement of all members of his gang in such a crime, after which they can expect only the death sentence and hence will not betray him in order to save their own skins.

I wrote of Hitler as a "lover of Nietzsche and Wagner" to show that Hitler, a heinous mega-criminal, was not an illiterate vulgarian but a man of modern Western culture in the world's most cultured country. Michael Tompkins e-mailed to me on May 5:

As for Nietzsche and Wagner, Mr. Tompkins e-mailed that

A reading of Walter Kaufmann's "Nietzsche, Philosopher, Psychologist, Anti-Christ," and Nietzsche's own "The Case of Wagner" should make the position sufficiently clear that Nietzsche's philosophy was in fact distorted and conveniently appropriated in portions by those who were willing to manipulate the already obfuscated opus of Nietzsche's works by his own sister, after he had lost his sanity. History shows that in the end, the Nazis decided to abandon the project of making Nietzsche the premier Reich philosopher because quite simply, he was not an anti-semite – his writings bear this out.

Perhaps a reading of some of Karl Jaspers' works would also assist in clearing up the confusion, spawned so long ago by the propaganda campaigns of the Allies in both the First and Second World Wars. Finally, there is much to be gleaned from Nietzsche. Though as another of my professors has pointed out, Nietzsche's major error was in over-valuing "will," and under-valuing consciousness.

Thanks very much once again for your thought-provoking article.

Before 1918, Hitler also appreciated Wagner's music "despite the blatant anti-Semitism of Wagner." After 1918, Wagner's anti-Semitism served Hitler's political purpose as enunciated by Rosenberg. Hitler also took from Wagner his romantic view of the barbarians, which enabled Hitler to discard the pre- and post-barbarian history of Europe, and pose as the new Gothic leader, conquering the old world to the strains of Wagner's music.

I read all of Nietzsche (his collected works) as a young man and did not find a single trace of anti-Semitism. In my book-in-progress I attack Walter Kaufmann for his refusal to see even today that Nietzsche's glorification of ruthless, aggressive war is basic to Hitlerism, which is Nietzsche plus Rosenberg plus Wagner and plus Haushofer.

Owing to professors like Kaufmann, the democratic West did not understand the danger of Hitler until 1939.

There is a special kind of ignoramus who is fond of teaching everyone what to think and what to write, never bothering to understand or even to read what he or she thinks or writes. Thus, Jon B. Wilder excoriates me for "greed" because I ask for a substantial advance for my book-in-progress, though I explain the reason in great detail: A publisher often fails to promote a book if the advance is small, for the book may then simply be forgotten.

Similarly, Dan Slater e-mailed on May 3 his wrathful reprimand:

Besides, Israel is endangered not by regular armies armed with the latest weapons, as were Czechoslovakia, Poland and France in the 1930s, but by suicidal terrorists that may come into Israel from all over the Islamic world, numbering 1.3 billion Moslems, committing about 400,000 suicides every year. Even if Sharon had occupied successfully the entire Islamic world and installed everywhere all the governments to his liking, suicidal terrorists do not obey or fear any government, for they seek death.

In Germany, the Weimar Republic preceded Hitler's power. No such republic preceded the present Islamic tyrants. Remove them (as the Shah was removed in Iran over 20 years ago), and far worse tyrannies may set in (as in Iran today).

On May 27, yet another Islamic terrorist suicide took place in Israel. No one can be certain that the intensity of the new attacks will not surpass that of the time before Sharon's invasion of the West Bank in April.

It is noteworthy that Israeli troops were entereing Palestinian towns over the weekend, as the suicidal terrorist attack took place on Monday!

A "safety zone" between Israel and its Islamic neighbors should have been installed 20 years ago, while invasions intensify Islamic suicidal terrorism.

I received an e-mail from Professor Bertil Huggman, director of the Center for Research on Geopolitics, Sweden, requesting that I send him what I send to publishers: the Proposal, the Introduction and Chapter 1 of my book-in-progress. The causes of his interest are obvious.

And here is an e-mail from California:

PUBLISHERS: Should you be considering the publication of Lev Navrozov's book in progress, "Out of Moscow and Into New York: A Life in the Geostrategically Lobotomized West in the Age of Terrorism and Post-nuclear Superweapons" (please bear in mind that substantial advance is expected), the 27-page Proposal and the first 106-page section of the book can be mailed to you if you apply to me (

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Three interesting e-mails were responses to my contention that most suicides are caused by the genetic inclination to suicide, acquiring different spurious explanations, or ideations, which seem beautiful in different cultures, such as unrequited love, which began to seem...
Monday, 27 May 2002 12:00 AM
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