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Discussion of Readers' Responses to 'American-Israeli Military Technology at War Against Genetics'

Thursday, 23 May 2002 12:00 AM

In the previous installment of this discussion, I quoted A.J. Bima's e-mail, in which he argued that Sharon's 60-ton tanks were not militarily superior to the West Bank resisters armed with rifles. As his ultimate argument, Mr. Bima defined me as a "brain damaged" Palestinian suicidal terrorist.

In Stalin's Russia, anyone who criticized Stalin was a Gestapo agent. To Mr. Bima, all who criticize Sharon (such as the majority of the Likud Party) are brain-damaged Palestinian terrorists.

This brings me to the question "Why do I write?" Indeed, why write in order to be called a brain-damaged Palestinian suicidal terrorist?

Saiful and Indira (is she from India?) Rimkeit sent me, on May 4, 2002, an e-mail in which they did not assert that I am a brain-damaged Palestinian terrorist, but asked me sarcastically, "You get paid for writing this?" That is, the writings that are not paid for are worthless, unless they are both worthless and harmful, if I am a brain-damaged Palestinian agent, since I criticized Sharon.

Well, in Soviet Russia I was writing a book, which I smuggled out to the West in 1972. I was not paid for writing it. On the contrary, had I been caught writing or smuggling it out, I would have been confined to a psychiatric asylum or imprisoned and, under Stalin, shot. As an American espionage agent, for example.

But this does not mean that my book was less valuable than American pulp novels for which their authors have been getting millions of dollars as advances or than any other mountain of printed trash.

Instead of making $2,000 a day in the United States as probably the world's fastest translator from Russian into English, I was writing and speaking about the Soviet danger, and in particular the Soviet rulers' development of post-nuclear superweapons, for which I might have been assassinated by the KGB.

Commercially, my writing was a losing proposition, as is my writing about the Chinese rulers' development of such weapons.

In 1992, I began to publish in the major periodicals of the ex-Soviet Russia. My purpose was to prevent the return of totalitarianism to Russia. The rent for an apartment that is $2,000 a month in New York today was $18 in Moscow in a rent-controlled building. For a Russian periodical to pay me $18 per column or article was to fork out an enormous sum by Russian standards.

Well, I declined this princely remuneration, almost meaningless in New York, and worked for many years, yes, dear Saiful and Indira, without getting a cent for hundreds of published columns and articles.

After one of them, written against the now-forgotten anti-Semite Nazi Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who menaced to take power (fortunately, his father was found to have been Jewish), I was told that he and his henchmen were preparing to assassinate me in New York, and the FBI offered us a safety apartment.

Evidently, Zhirinovsky and his ilk did not believe, as do Saiful and Indira, that if I was not paid for my articles, they were of no importance. No, they were important enough to assassinate

Saiful and Indira's by no means original approach, according to which everything is measured by money, dooms the West – and India (if Indira is from India).

So why do I write? Here is the e-mail, also of May 4, 2002, explaining it:

I read your article "A war against terrorism instead of law enforcement" [the second installment of "American-Israeli Military Technology at War Against Genetics"]. It brought tears to my eyes that there were still men of intelligence, men with a sense of greatness, men who have eyes. The objectivity of your essay is uncommon.

We live in a sea of little men, blind men, with guns and big mouths. They overflow our political and governmental apparatuses; they are the death of the world – our only hope is their obsolescence, their marginalization to dust heaps. We live in the times of the reign of the little man and his fascist collectivist fantasies whose abysmal ignorance of the elementary givens of human psychology is stunning and can only be likened to a plague.

What other essays have you written and how else are you contributing with your intelligence to dissolve the epidemic of colossal stupidity that pollutes our air from Jerusalem to Washington, from Tokyo to London?

While Mr. Bima argues that I am a brain-damaged Palestinian warrior (a suicidal Palestinian terrorist at large) and hence I assert by way of suicidal Palestinian terrorism that the West Bank was a militarily defenseless territory against Sharon's 60-ton tanks, J. Karski e-mailed to me his no less resolute argument that my perfidious goal is, on the contrary, "to arouse sympathy for jews" (Mr. Karski spells "Jews" with the lower-case "j").

It would be more correct in the future if you did not refer to German jews. There are no German jews, Polish jews, or Russian jews. There are only jews from Germany, Russia, or Poland.

Of course, some of those readers of my NewsMax excerpts and articles who believe that they speak on behalf of the G-d of the Torah – that is, that G-d speaks through their mouths – are, on the contrary, infinitely optimistic. Thus, on May 5 "Rick" sent me an e-mail of four sentences, each like G-d's triumphant thunder:

But as a historian of Russia, I may say that the "USSR" "was destroyed" after it had been subjugating for 10 years the Moslems of Afghanistan. So a mullah can invoke Allah in this case more persuasively than Rick invokes the G-d of the Torah, though the real causes of the end of the Soviet dictatorship are different, and one of them is Gorbachev's failure to develop Superweapon No. 3, able to destroy the West without the possibility of Western retaliation with nuclear weapons.

Rick's second clap of thunder, "Israel is the chosen people of God," is equally just hot air. I believe that the Jews are the chosen people of G-d, in the sense of having an extraordinary number of intelligent and gifted men and women, to say nothing of those like Moses, Christ and his apostles, Spinoza, Heine, Mendelssohn, Einstein, Pasternak and Mandelshtam.

But as with other nations, the Jews also include a certain percentage of smug fools, self-congratulatory nonentities, totalitarian nationalists no better than German Nazis, and monsters no better than the German named Heinrich Himmler. One such monster was a Jew named Heinrich Yagoda, who was in the Soviet secret police since 1920 and its head in the 1930s up to 1936, whereupon he was given the same medicine he had been giving to millions of his victims since 1920; namely, he was himself tortured and shot.

The "Soviet state" this Jewish Himmler helped to create did not destroy only him. Stalin was preparing his "Final Solution." Hundreds of thousands of Jews, including my mother, a professor of medicine, were fired, and only Stalin's death saved the Jews of Russia.

What about the Jews of Germany? Hitler came to power because Goebbels had been showing Soviet newsreels in Germany about how the Soviet secret police made short shrift of Russian farmers and urban "petty bourgeois." Those were "Jewish atrocities": Goebbels predictably showed on the screens the Jew Heinrich Yagoda. The German middle class was horrified. What if the Red Army invaded Germany and brought Yagoda to Germany?

To say that this Jewish Himmler belonged to the chosen people of G-d is an equivalent of the Nazi assertion that Himmler was one from among the best, greatest and noblest human race of Aryans.

Rick's third clap of thunder – "If anyone is against his people God will take the power from the culprit and give it to someone else" – is also hollow. Who is for and who is against "his people"? The participants of the huge rally in Tel Aviv on May 11 said and implied that Sharon has been doing harm to "his people," while an overwhelming majority of the Likud, his own party, voted against him on the next day.

But self-appointed Hebrew prophets like Rick hinted as of May 5 that those Jews who are against Sharon are against "their people" and will be deprived of their power. On May 12 it began to seem that Sharon would be deprived of

Finally, Rick's fourth thunderclap, "God always is with his people," flouts the fact that Jews in Europe were annihilated in the first half of the 1940s. I have never shared Rick's thunderous optimism, which presupposes that he, Rick, is G-d, and hence everything has been and will be exactly as Rick wishes, to the best of his imagination.

As for Mr. Karski's declaration that what "happened to the jews" in Nazi Germany in the 1940s "is much deserved," not every Jew was or is a Heinrich Yagoda, just as not every German was or is a Heinrich Himmler, and not every American was or is an Al Capone.

On my shelves there is a legal-size-page box, about two inches deep, with this inscription on the back: "Lev Navrozov's New York City Tribune columns in defense of Israel." I also collected money for Israel, under the auspices of an Israeli Embassy spokesman, by delivering lectures to donors at lunches and dinners, after which they declared how much each of them would contribute. Why did I not do the same for Moslems? I explained it in my columns.

I have never missed a chance to extol the erstwhile efflorescence of Arab culture. Hugh McInnish from Huntsville, Ala., e-mailed an interesting amplification of my reference to the importance of Arabic numerals:

All this is taken so much for granted that it's hard for us to realize the pivotal importance of such a discovery – and very few do. The fact is modern science and technology could not be anything like it is today if we still computed in Roman numerals.

In the past 10 years or so, Islamic suicidal terrorism has been aimed not only against tiny Israel, but also at giants like the United States. I have never doubted that miniscule Israel is endangered by a gigantic Islamic world, consisting of separate entities today, but possibly finally united and thus infinitely more dangerous.

This is why I have been "arousing sympathy" for Israel and have been helping to collect money for it.

In one of my New York City Tribune columns I said that if the Islamic tyrannies were like Israel and Israel were a Jewish tyranny like those Islamic tyrannies, my sympathy would be with these Islamic countries, not with Israel. The daily published a letter from a Moslem reader who said that I was the most cunning, sophisticated and dangerous Jewish Israeli propagandist and foe of Moslems he had ever read or met.

As for Mr. Karski's contention that "whatever has happened to the jews" is "much deserved," let me say again that whatever happens to a nation is often the guilt of some members of it and can thus be said to be deserved by them, but certainly not by all members of it. Germany sustained terrible losses in World War II and might have been annihilated by American nuclear bombs. Who was to blame and who deserved this? Certainly not

An Israeli friend told me that in the Six-Day and Yom Kippur wars even one person's evasion of military service was unthinkable. Now, at the risk of imprisonment, 500 Israelis openly refused to serve in the Israeli army during Sharon's devastation of the West Bank, and signed a public declaration to this effect. Surely they cannot be blamed for Sharon's "invitation to the destruction of Israel."

Nor is Mr. Karski correct, asserting that "there are only jews," but not Russian or German Jews. The German Jew Einstein combined a unique Jewish mind of genius with great German mathematics and physics. The two greatest Russian poets of the 20th century (Pasternak and Mandelshtam) were Jews by birth. I gave a lecture at a Jewish cultural center in New York to explain how Jewishness and Russianness combined in their poetry. The literary Russianness in Pasternak's Nobel Prize-winning novel "Doctor Zhivago" is obvious.

PUBLISHERS: Should you be considering the publication of Lev Navrozov's book in progress, "Out of Moscow and Into New York: A Life in the Geostrategically Lobotomized West in the Age of Terrorism and Post-nuclear Superweapons" (please bear in mind that substantial advance is expected), the 27-page Proposal and the first 106-page section of the book can be mailed to you if you apply to me (


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In the previous installment of this discussion, I quoted A.J. Bima's e-mail, in which he argued that Sharon's 60-ton tanks were not militarily superior to the West Bank resisters armed with rifles. As his ultimate argument, Mr. Bima defined me as a "brain damaged"...
Thursday, 23 May 2002 12:00 AM
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